• Live photo
    • Whew! What a race! Join us again in two weeks time for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

    • Ricciardo couldn't quite get there in time and finishes second, Hamilton third!


      Lap 61
    • Final lap! Gap is just under two seconds...Ricciardo throwing the kitchen sink at Rosberg.

      Lap 61
    • Hamilton also looks set to keep P3.

      Lap 60
    • Looks like Rosberg will comfortably finish P1.

      Lap 59
    • Ricciardo lapping slower now, doesn't look like he will catch Rosberg now.

      Lap 58
    • Five laps to go!

      Lap 57
    • This is race is going down to the wire now!

      Lap 56
    • Ricciardo now just eight seconds behind Rosberg!

      Lap 55
    • Verstappen overtakes Alonso. The Spaniard had no chance.

      Lap 55
    • Verstappen now eyeing Alonso for P6.

      Lap 54
    • The gap is now down to only 15 seconds! 9 laps to go and Ricciardo is cutting into his time.

      Lap 53
    • Looks like we have a race on our hands here....can Ricciardo finish the job?

      Lap 52
    • Red Bull tells Ricciardo that Rosberg will come out behind Raikkonen if he pits.

      Lap 51
    • Kvyat vs Verstappen round 2! The Dutchman takes the Russian on the inside...

      Lap 49
    • Rosberg's lead is around 30 seconds, he is told to push by the team!

      Lap 48
    • Raikkonen pits after questioning the garage! Hamilton gets the undercut and goes ahead of him.

      Lap 47
    • Hamilton pits and rejoins further down from Raikkonen, will the Finn pit though?

      Lap 46
    • Button retires!

      Lap 45
    • The battle for third heating up now as Hamilton gets ready to attack to Raikkonen.

      Lap 44
    • Vettel in the pits and puts on ultras!

      Lap 43
    • Vettel is P5 after starting the race last place, solid drive.

      Lap 43
    • The top four all quite close to each other.

      Lap 42
    • 20 laps left! Rosberg continues to lead from pole, Ricciardo chasing him and Raikkonen clawed his way above Hamilton for P3.

      Lap 41
    • Hamilton sets fastest time.

      Lap 40
    • Verstappen takes his fellow Renault engine user Kevin Magnussen...

      Lap 39
    • Bottas retires!

      Lap 38
    • Rosberg with a solid five-second lead on Ricciardo....can the Red Bull driver get anything out his RB12 to catch him?

      Lap 37
    • Raikkonen loves a P3 in Singapore....

      Lap 36
    • Hamilton into the pits now from the lead....he comes out just behind Kimi

      Lap 35
    • Rosberg and Raikkonen comes into the pits! Hamilton leading the race now!

      Lap 34
    • Raikkonen rolls back the years and overtakes Hamilton! Fantastic move!

      Lap 33
    • Ricciardo pulls in! The Aussie puts on softs...

      Lap 33
    • Gutierrez, Verstappen and Perez in a three way battle for ninth!

      Lap 32
    • Vettel sets fastest lap, the defending Singapore Champion motoring at the moment!

      Lap 31
    • Hamilton asks if Rosberg also has a brake problem....the teams confirms it.

      Lap 30
    • Raikkonen says he's 'OK' on his current tyres!

      Lap 29
    • Verstappen in the pits again and goes onto another set of supersofts...

      Lap 28
    • Can Raikkonen get close enough to Hamilton to pull off a move?

      Lap 27
    • Perez comes into the pits and goes onto softs again!

      Lap 27
    • Raikkonen eating into Hamilton's lap times. The Brit under pressure now.

      Lap 26
    • Vettel pulls in and goes onto Ultras!

      Lap 25
    • Perez an Vettel both running on softs.....should be in for a pit stop soon.

      Lap 23
    • Perez up to P5! Amazing stuff here from the Mexican. Vettel also up there in P6.

      Lap 22
    • WIth spat going on between Kvyat and Verstappen, Massa has taken the opportunity to catch up to them!

      Lap 21
    • 20 laps gone and Rosberg still leading!

      Lap 20
    • Verstappen goes over the kerb after attacking the Russian again! Neither drivers giving up here!

      Lap 19
    • Kvyat and Verstappen going at it track! Brilliant racing from the two! Kvyat keeps his position though.

      Lap 19
    • Raikkonen now pulls in after a short stint at the front...

      Lap 18
    • Raikkonen now leading the race!

      Lap 17
    • Rosberg also puts on the soft tyre.

      Lap 17
    • Hamilton goes on to the soft compound, Merc planning to do a long stint here.

      Lap 17
    • Hamilton asking for a strategy from Mercedes!

      Lap 16
    • Alonso pulls into the pits from P5...

      Lap 15
    • Verstappen gets things going again with his first stop, despite starting on the harder supersoft compared to Mercedes' ultras.

      Lap 14
    • Flurry of pits now, interesting to see who will stay out or come in...

      Lap 13
    • Ocon handed five second penalty for overtaking under yellow flags!

      Lap 12
    • Raikkonen not too far from Hamilton, only two seconds behind him. Alonso sticking in there though! The Spaniard in the thick of things with his fifth position.

      Lap 11
    • Rosberg told to manage his brakes, the German noticeably doing slower times now.

      Lap 10
    • Will Ricciardo's supersofts be a factor compared to Merc's ultras.

      Lap 9
    • Sainz comes into the pits and changes his tyres while also removing the hanging debris that he got flagged for.

      Lap 8
    • Ocon under investigation for overtaking under yellow flags.

      Lap 8
    • Kvyat showing a strong performance here so far.

      Lap 7
    • Black and orange flag for Sainz. He has damage on the side of his car.

      Lap 7
    • Rosberg's gap is now two seconds on Ricciardo. Hamilton lapping faster than both though!

      Lap 6
    • Perez changed to softs during the safety car and is now P13.

      Lap 6
    • Hamilton eases up on Ricciardo while Raikkonen closes in on both...

      Lap 5
    • Vettel now up to P17 after starting last on the grid!

      Lap 5
    • Kvyat managed to get the edge on his team-mate and is now running P, while Sainz is P7.

      Lap 4
    • Hamilton hounding Ricciardo for P2, the Aussie driver fending him off well though.

      Lap 3
    • Safety car called in, we're racing again!

      Lap 3
    • The top three all keep their position.

      Lap 2
    • Alonso benefited the most from the crash. He is now running P5.

      Lap 2
    • Bottas reporting puncture.

      Lap 1
    • Hulkenberg sandwiched between the two Toro Rosso's and went flying into the wall during start. Toro Rosso's have no damage to their car luckily.

      Lap 1
    • Rosberg gets a good start and pulls away! Massive accident from Nico Hulkenberg! Safety is out now.

    • Grosjean out!! He didn't start the formation lap. His car never left the garage.

    • Formation lap is a go...Rosberg leads the pack.

    • Drivers in their cars now revving their engines!

    • Formation lap to get underway soon.

    • Will Mercedes continue their dominance or will Ferrari or Red Bull have something to say about it....

    • Hamilton looking very relaxed on the track...

    • Drivers currently on the grid getting prepped for the race...

    • Singapore is quite a spectacle at night! It really is a beautiful sight to see racing under lights.

    • We're underway in 20 minutes, get ready!

    • Spanish Grand Prix Max Verstappen is considered a dark horse today, the youngster qualified P4 yesterday.

    • Interestingly, Sergio Perez placed third on two street circuits this season. But since his eight-place grid penalty, the Mexican will start P18. Can he do something amazing today?

    • Red Bull and Ferrari are the most successful teams on the grid in Singapore, with three wins a piece.

    • Toro Rosso duo Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kvyat surprisingly qualified in the top ten.

    • Can Hamilton maintain his two-point lead?

    • Most of the winners in the modern era have won from pole, so Rosberg will have the upper hand.

    • Vettel is also the most successful driver in Singapore, having won four Grands Prix in the past.

    • Daniel Ricciardo split the two Mercedes cars, with Lewis Hamilton qualifying P3.

    • Nico Rosberg claimed pole position yesterday, while Sebastian Vettel will start the Grand Prix in last place.

    • Welcome to the Marina Bay Street Circuit for the Singapore Grand Prix! Remember, all times are local.