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    • We hope you enjoyed our coverage of what was a thrilling Belgian Grand Prix and we will be back in two weeks time for the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

    • Ricciardo claims the chequered flag to record back-to-back races, his third of the season. Rosberg finished in second place, 3.3s behind. Bottas got 3rd, his fourth podium of the podium, with Raikkonen in 4th in what was his best race since re-joining Ferrari. Vettel, Magnussen, Button, Alonso, Perez and Kvyat rounds out the top 10.

    • Final lap and it looks as if Ricciardo has done enough. the battle for 5th-8th continues to provide the best action on the track at the moment and Vettel now passes Magnussen for P5.

      Lap 44
    • Alonso tried to take Magnussen around the hairpin, like the previous lap, but the Dane squeezes him off the track and Vettel gets past the Spaniard as well.

      Lap 43
    • Bianchi retires with a gearbox problem. Meanwhile, a titanic battle between Magnussen, Alonso, Button and Vettel going toe to toe, with Button getting ahead of Alonso and Vettel for a moment, before losing P6 to the multiple World Champions behind him.

      Lap 42
    • With 4 laps to go, the gap between the leaders is 10s after Rosberg took another 2.5s out of the lead. Ricciardo arguably favourite to just hang on at this stage.

      Lap 41
    • The straight line speed of the Williams is too much for the slower Ferrari and gets past the Ferrari in the DRS zone to all but secure another podium for the young Finn.

      Lap 40
    • Hamilton told to call it quits and retire his Merc. Raikkonen, meanwhile, is forced to go defensive with Bottas right on his tail at Les Combes.

      Lap 39
    • Bottas has now closed the gap to Raikkonen, as Rosberg continues to catch Ricciardo rapidly.

      Lap 38
    • Rosberg is absolutely flying and took 3s out of Ricciardo's lead. Will the Red Bull be able to hang on or should he have stopped for fresh boots too? Down the road, Alonso is peeved after Magnussen closes the door abrubtly

      Lap 37
    • Rosberg has maintained position right behind Bottas and regains the position shortly thereafter, steaming past the Finn on the inside behind making the corner easily. Raikkonen, too, has no answer to the Merc's pace and power and the German is back up to second in a flash.

      Lap 36
    • Grosjean told to retire the car in what has been another awful weekend for the Enstone team. Rosberg forced to pit again and rejoins behind ahead of Bottas, who gets the position in the next corner. Vettel, too, pits again.

      Lap 35
    • The battles for the lead and the final podium position have reached something of a standoff, with the drivers posting almost identical times, albeit the leading 2 almost a second faster than the pair behind.

      Lap 34
    • Hamilton, meanwhile, pits yet again and is in 16th place still, as the Brit continues to moan about lack of downforce.

      Lap 33
    • Bottas is took almost a second out of Raikkonen's advantage and is now only 2.5s behind his compatriot in the final podium position. At the front, Ricciardo still leads by 3s from Rosberg.

      Lap 32
    • Bottas, on fresher tyres, has latched onto the back of Vettel and must be favourite to claim the final podium ahead of Vettel and Raikkonen. On the back straight in the DRS, Bottas then passes the German after out-breaking him in the corner to claim P4.

      Lap 31
    • Button now has pitted for the second time as well as rejoins in 10th place, ahead of his team-mate last year, Perez.

      Lap 30
    • Bottas, meanwhile, has come out just ahead of Button to claim fifth spot behind Vettel.

      Lap 29
    • Bottas pits which releases Ricciardo again, the gap to Rosberg in second is just 3.5s now.

      Lap 28
    • Magnussen, meanwhile, takes Perez for seventh place as Ricciardo makes his second stop.

      Lap 27
    • Alonso promptly pits, releasing his team-mate. Rosberg, meanwhile, has leapfrogged Vettel and Raikkonen during the pit stops. Ricciardo and Bottas, who are yet to stop again, still leads...

      Lap 26
    • Rosberg makes his way past Button and Raikkonen follows suit shortly after. A couple of corners later, racing for position, the German also passes Alonso, who is yet to stop a secondtime.

      Lap 25
    • Replays show Button going past Rosberg as if he wasnt there, but manages to keep Raikkonen behind him for the time being.

      Lap 24
    • Raikkonen and Vettel rejoin just behind Magnussen and Alonso, who are having an all mighty scrap for position.

      Lap 23
    • Rosberg likes his new rubber and takes another 4 tenths off the fastest lap, as Raikkonen and Vettel dive into the pits.

      Lap 22
    • Raikkonen has managed to eek out a gap of almost 4s to Vettel, but the Finn has no answer to the race leader, who now leads by just about 8s. Rosberg, meanwhile, rejoined in ninth behind Perez.

      Lap 21
    • Ricciardo's lead is now over 6s. Rosberg is complaining about vibration and dives back to the pits for some fresh rubber. Hamilton, meanwhile, has set another fastest lap, 3 tenths faster than the Red Bull driver's best time so far.

      Lap 19
    • Vettel is told to respect the track limits around Turn 15, as Hamilton pits from 16th and will return in 19th, the damage to his Mercedes' floor clearly visible.

      Lap 18
    • Rosberg almost takes Vettel through the final chicane, but cant make the move stick and nearly lost out to Bottas. The German keeps the Finn behind him, but on the back straight, Bottas has the position and passes the Merc driver with ease. Ricciardo running his own race at the front at the moment.

      Lap 17
    • Ricciardo is putting the hammer down now, posting a new fastest lap to extend his lead over Raikkonen to 3.5s. The Finn is in second, about 3s ahead of Vettel, who has Rosberg and Bottas for company just behind him.

      Lap 16
    • Rosberg told to push hard now, since he is on the opposite tyres as the trio in front of him. He is on the harder tyre, but is consistently losing a couple of tenths to the trio in front of him.

      Lap 15
    • So after the first round of stops, its Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Vettel, Rosberg and Bottas in the top 5.

      Lap 14
    • Alonso, who has a 5-second penalty applied to his stop, and Bottas dive into the its now. The SPaniard comes out behind Perez in 10th, but takes the Mexican around turn 9.

      Lap 13
    • Ricciardo pits to give Bottas the lead. The Aussie comes out just in front of Raikkonen. That early pitstop has worked out well for Kimi, who is up to 5th... Rosberg, meanwhile, is shown to be struggling with some debris which has which has gotten stuck to his Mercedes' aerial.

      Lap 12
    • Vettel comes out just behind Verge, but takes him in the slipstream to lie behind Raikkonen in 6th, who just set the fastest lap in his Ferrari.

      Lap 11
    • Rosberg is told by the team radio to get past Raikkonen asap. Lots of action in the pits now, though, as Massa, Perez and Vettel all pit

      Lap 10
    • Raikkonen pits too but crucially comes out ahead of the Rosberg. The German comes out in P15, still about 30s ahead of Hamilton in 19th.

      Lap 8
    • In the DRS zone, Alonso is unable to defend against the Finn, who dives past him without incident. Raikkonen has closed the gap to his team-mate. Rosberg dives into the pits for a front wing change!

      Lap 8
    • Rosberg too has some problems and both the Red Bulls behind him is catching him by a tenth or two per lap. Alonso, meanwhile, is continued to be pressured by Bottas for 4th.

      Lap 7
    • Ricciardo now sets the fastest lap and makes his way past Vettel for second. At the back of the track, Hamilton posts a lap 0.5s faster than the one the Aussie just posted. Replays show that Vettel ran wide which allowed his team-mate through.

      Lap 6
    • Bottas sets the fastest lap and the Finn is now up to 5th. right behind Alonso, ahead of his compatriot Raiikonen in 6th. Kimi is just about hanging on the the leading group, which has opened up a bit of a lead over Magnussen in 7th. Button, Massa, Perez rounds out the top 10.

      Lap 5
    • A couple of retirements as Lotterer and Maldonado park their cars, disappointingly. Meanwhile, Ricciardo takes Alonso for now 3rd.

      Lap 4
    • Alonso given a 5-second penalty for the incident during the start as Hamilton reaches the pits. The incident between the 2 Merc drivers seemed like pure racing incident as Rosberg tried to pass around the outside.

      Lap 3
    • Alonso has taken the position back again, but at the front of the grid the top 2 have made contact with eachother, with Rosberg's nose seemingly puncturing the left rear of his team-mate. AS a result, the Brit goes off the track and is dropping down the field on the way to the pits.

      Lap 2
    • Go Go GOOO! Hamilton starts the better and takes Rosberg into the first corner, with Vettel steaming past the German too. In the next corner, Vettel nearly takes Hamilton too, but isnt able to make the corner and drops back down to 3rd. Ricciardo in 4th after getting past Alonso during the start.

      Lap 1
    • Magnussen reports fine rain during his warm-up lap. Everyone has made their way round and we are moments away from the start.

    • Nearly disaster for Alonso, who couldnt get his car started, but managed to get away JUST before the final cars passed him for the start of the formation lap and the Spaniard should be allowed to start in 4th.

    • Everyone apart from Sutil on the soft Pirellis. The Sauber driver being the only one on the mediums.

    • Typical Spa, with some really dark clouds on the one section of the track, while bright sunshine is still visible elsewhere...

    • That shower mentioned earlier has reached the pitlane from the west and a few specks of rain is visible with the formation lap just a few minutes away.

    • There are 2 DRS zones at Spa - the first on the Kemmel straight and the second after the final chicane, but the stewards may decide not to open them if the race ends up being a wet one.

    • Spa is infamous for its changing weather, so it comes as no surprise that some rain has been spotted on the radar not too far from the circuit. One to keep an eye on.

    • A bit of news before the action starts on the track: Vettel will have a new race engineer at Red Bull next season. Who exactly that will be remains to be seen, however. More on that later, though...

    • The pit lane is now open...

    • On Saturday, qualies started in the wet following heavy rain and hail storms, but there's few clouds in the sky around Spa at the moment with glorious sunshine around most of the circuit.

    • Row 10 sees Max Chilton (Marussia) start ahead of Esteban Gutierrez (Sauber), while the Caterhams of Andre Lotterer and Marcus Ericsson bring up the rear.

    • Lotus driver Romain Grosjean has Jules Bianchi (Marussia) for company on Row 8, with the second Lotus of Pastor Maldonado and Nico Hulkenberg in the sister Force India on Row 9.

    • The Toro Rossos of Daniil Kvyat and Jean-Eric Vergne lock out Row 6, while Sergio Perez (Force India) and Adrian Sutil (Sauber) complete Row 7.

    • The top 10 is rounded out by Felipe Massa and Jenson Button, in the Williams and McLaren respectively.

    • Kevin Magnussen in the lead McLaren starts in 7th and the Dane is joined by Kimi Raikkonen in the sister Ferrari on Row 4.

    • Vettel's Red Bull team-mate Daniel Ricciardo starts from 5th, while Valtteri Bottas joins the Aussie on the third row as the leading Williams driver.

    • On the second row, six World Championships are split, with Sebastian Vettel starting just in front of Fernando Alonso - both drivers also seemed quite pleased with their performances during qualy.

    • The Mercedes duo of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton once again dominated Saturday's qualifying to lock out the front row - the German starting on pole in Belgium for the first time in his career. Hamilton, though, was quite pleased with his second place, saying that "second is the best place to start" at Spa.

    • Greetings and welcome to our live coverage of the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa.