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    • That's that from us for this weekend. Congrats Rosberg. We'll see you again in a fortnight for the final race of 2015. Cheers until then.

    • After the top 10 you have, Maldonado, Ricciardo, Perez, Nasr, Button, Alonso, Ericsson, Stevens and Rossi.

    • Well done Rosberg. It wasn't the most riveting race of the season, but the German produced a flawless display.

    • Raikkonen is P4 and he is followed by Bottas, Hulkenberg, Kvyat, Massa, Grosjean and Verstappen.

    • Rosberg wins the Brazilian GP for the second year in a row. It's his fifth victory of the season. Hamilton comes home in second place with Vettel taking the final podium place.

    • Rosberg is on his final lap and he is heading for his second win in a row as Hamilton's wait for his first win in Brazil continues.

      Lap 71
    • Rosberg will clinch second place in the standings with victory here.

      Lap 70
    • The race is over at the front as Hamilton is now five seconds adrift of Rosberg. He has told the team 'my front tyres have gone off'.

      Lap 69
    • Verstappen is in the slipstream on the start-finish straight and he completes the job at Turn 1.

      Lap 68
    • Button has told the team that 'he can smell the brakes', but he has been told that it could be Nasr's ahead of him. Perez and Ricciardo scrapping over P12 and the Australian gets the job done.

      Lap 67
    • Verstappen is now on the back of Maldonado and they are battling over P10.

      Lap 66
    • Alonso is told 'let's make sure we bring it home'. The Spaniard is P16 while Button is P15.

      Lap 66
    • Kvyat has caught up with Hulkenberg and he has been told to 'keep it clean'.

      Lap 65
    • The cars up to Hulkenberg, who is P6, have been lapped.

      Lap 64
    • It looks like Rosberg has this race wrapped up.

      Lap 63
    • Raikkonen is the first driver on a two-stop strategy. He's currently P4, 23s behind Vettel and 24s ahead of Bottas in P5.

      Lap 62
    • Ricciardo is the latest to pass Nasr as the Australian moves up to P13.

      Lap 61
    • Rosberg still has a 1.9s lead over Hamilton while Vettel is 13s behind now. The Ferrari driver has asked the team about the weather, but he has been told no rain expected during the race.

      Lap 61
    • Nasr has lost another place as Perez has also passed the Sauber driver.

      Lap 60
    • Verstappen goes on the outside of Nasr at Turn 1 and he is up to P11. Meanwhile Grosjean also goes on the outside of Maldonado and he is up to P9.

      Lap 60
    • Verstappen is now putting pressure on Nasr for P11. The Sauber driver had a lock-up and went wide, leaving a gap, but he closed it pretty quickly.

      Lap 59
    • Rosberg tells his engineer 'don't talk to me anymore'. Hamilton has been told that his floor appears to be okay following that earlier kerb incident.

      Lap 58
    • Maldonado goes on the inside of Nasr at Turn 1 and this time he completes the job.

      Lap 57
    • Hamilton tells the team 'I think I damaged by floor' during that Grosjean incident. Nasr is doing all he can to hold Maldonado behind him.

      Lap 56
    • It's getting quite dark at the track and Hulkenberg asks about possible showers. Big, big lock-up from Hamilton a few moments ago while he lapped Grosjean.

      Lap 56
    • Verstappen pits from P10 and he takes on a set of softs.

      Lap 55
    • Maldonado is once again behind a Sauber. He is lining up Nasr for P11.

      Lap 54
    • Rosberg passes Verstappen and now Hamilton is stuck behind the STR. Meanwhile, Button is getting frustrated by his race engineer giving him instructions at difficult corners instead of the straights.

      Lap 53
    • Now a fastest lap of 1:14.832 from Rosberg, but he had a slight lock-up. They both have some traffic.

      Lap 52
    • Rosberg responds with a 1:15.149. The German asks the team 'has he stopped?' The reply is 'yes, he has'.

      Lap 51
    • Fastest lap of the race from Vettel of 1:15.294.

      Lap 50
    • Hamilton has also been told to pit. He was stationary for 2.4s for his switch to the medium tyres. It's once again a case of as you were.

      Lap 49
    • Rosberg is to stop as he is told 'box, box, box'. It's a third set of medium tyres for the German. Ricciardo finally ducks on the inside of Perez and he is up to P11. The Mexican tried to hit back immediately, but he couldn't pull it off.

      Lap 49
    • Interesting as Vettel is told 'box Sebastian, box'. He has gone medium, soft and now medium again.

      Lap 48
    • Raikkonen pits for a second time and he takes on another set of medium tyres. Ricciardo is still stuck behind Perez.

      Lap 47
    • Big lap from Hamilton and the gap is back down to 2.1s.

      Lap 47
    • Massa passes Maldonado for P8 and the Lotus driver pits not long after.

      Lap 46
    • Rosberg is still 3.2s ahead of Hamilton, but they are not shaking off Vettel as the Ferrari man is still just six seconds behind.

      Lap 45
    • Ricciardo is putting pressure on Perez and there's a big lock-up from the Force India driver. The Australian is not close enough though to take advantage.

      Lap 44
    • Bottas pits from P5 and he takes on another set of medium tyres. He's back out in Kvyat moves up to P7 after an easy move on Maldonado.

      Lap 43
    • Sainz remains the only retirement so far.

      Lap 42
    • Nicely done Grosjean as the Frenchman passes Verstappen for P10. The Toro Rosso driver got a bit too defensive.

      Lap 41
    • Maldonado has received a five-second penalty for the incident with Ericsson.

      Lap 41
    • Massa and the Williams crew will have to appear before the stewards after the race due to a tyre pressure issue at the start.

      Lap 40
    • Rosberg is now keeping the lead over Hamilton to three seconds. Vettel is back up to P3 as the Finn allows his team-mate to go through.

      Lap 39
    • Maldonado is up against another Sauber and this time he is putting pressure on Nasr for P9. The Lotus driver does the job in the DRS zone on the start-finish straight.

      Lap 38
    • Fastest lap of 1:15.350 from Hamilton and the gap is now three seconds to Rosberg.

      Lap 37
    • Rosberg is told 'we are going Plan B'. The incident between Maldonado and Ericsson will be investigated by the stewards.

      Lap 36
    • Hamilton also has traffic, but Alonso gets underway and then he overtakes Raikkonen a few corners later. Replays show there was contact between Maldonado and Ericsson.

      Lap 36
    • Hamilton actually has traffic coming up so he is unlikely to be able to push too hard. He's told to 'box, box'. His stop was 2.4s and is back out in P3, behind Raikkonen.

      Lap 35
    • Hamilton is told 'it's Hammertime'.

      Lap 34
    • Race leader Rosberg pits and this time he stopped for just 2.7s. He's back out in P2 after taking on another set of mediums.

      Lap 34
    • Vettel pits and he goes onto the soft tyres. He's back out in P4, ahead of Bottas.

      Lap 33
    • Okay Verstappen is in the slipstream at the start-finish straight and he tries to do it at Turn 1, and he completes the job to move up to P9. Perez loses two places in the space of a couple of corners as Grosjean also pounces.

      Lap 33
    • Grosjean is told 'keep Verstappen under pressure if you can'.

      Lap 32
    • Still no way through for Verstappen on Perez while Grosjean is also not close enough to overtake the Toro Rosso man.

      Lap 32
    • Hamilton has dropped 2.9s off Rosberg while Vettel is six seconds adrift in third place. Raikkonen is 10s off his Ferrari team-mate while Bottas is another 16s behind.

      Lap 31
    • Ricciardo pits for a second time and he puts on a second set of mediums. Meanwhile, Ericsson is up to P14 after an easy move on Alonso.

      Lap 30
    • Vettel remains just six seconds behind Hamilton, who has now dropped to over a second off Rosberg's pace.

      Lap 29
    • Hamilton asks the team 'can you get me on a different strategy somehow?' adding 'I'm faster but it's impossible to overtake'.

      Lap 28
    • Perez continues to hold off Verstappen and Grosjean. They are battling over P9.

      Lap 27
    • Maldonado has lost another couple of places as Perez, Verstappen and Grosjean overtake him. He finally pits.

      Lap 27
    • Hamilton is in the slipstream of Rosberg and he tries in the second DRS zone, but he's not quite close enough. He tells the team that it's 'difficult to follow at this track'.

      Lap 26
    • Nasr goes on the inside of Button to move up to P14. Hamilton is told that 'degradation levels are looking very low on all cars'.

      Lap 25
    • Hamilton is still stuck behind Rosberg and it's not helping his tyre situation.

      Lap 24
    • Kvyat managed to get ahead of Maldonado and now Massa also passes the Lotus driver for P8.

      Lap 23
    • Vettel is six seconds adrift of the Mercedes battle while Raikkonen is another eight seconds behind.

      Lap 23
    • Some anxious faces on the Mercedes pit wall. Hamilton complains that his 'tyres are not going to last at this rate'.

      Lap 22
    • Kvyat has now also caught up with Maldonado, who is going backwards on his older medium rubber.

      Lap 21
    • Hamilton is within DRS range of Rosberg. He had a little chance on the start-finish straight and Turn 1, but no way through.

      Lap 20
    • The gap at the front is half a second as Hamilton has made up a quite a bit of time on Rosberg. The German is told 'Lewis is trying quite hard'.

      Lap 19
    • Verstappen is putting pressure on Perez while Hulkenberg catches Maldonado. Scrap that as Hulkenberg is now up to P6 after an easy pass on the Lotus driver, who didn't put up much of a fight. The Force India driver went on the outside in the DRS zone.

      Lap 18
    • Stevens has just pitted. Rosberg is going up another gear as he posts a new fastest lap of 1:16.025.

      Lap 17
    • Maldonado and Stevens are the only drivers who are yet to stop.

      Lap 17
    • Hamilton's tyres are now up to speed and the gap is less than one second while Vettel is more than three seconds adrift in third place.

      Lap 16
    • Hamilton is in the pits and it was a 3.6s stop. He will rejoin behind Rosberg. The gap is stil 1.5s.

      Lap 15
    • Rosberg is told to box from the lead. Slow stop of 4.4s from Rosberg and he rejoins behind Hamilton. Vettel was also in and that might be why Rosberg was held back a bit.

      Lap 14
    • The Ferrari crew are out and it's for Raikkonen. The Finn rejoins in fifth place, just behind Nasr, who is yet to pit.

      Lap 13
    • Clean stop from Bottas and he rejoins ahead of Hulkenberg. Verstappen also pits and he comes out ahead of Grosjean.

      Lap 12
    • Hulkenberg is ahead of Kvyat on the track following their pit stops. Great work from the Force India crew as he managed to use the undercut well. Ricciardo has also passed the second Manor of Rossi.

      Lap 12
    • Hulkenberg took on a set of medium tyres and rejoined ahead of Ricciardo. Massa is told to 'box this lap'. He is currently P8. Kvyat, Perez and Grosjean are also in.

      Lap 11
    • Hulkenberg is another driver who has decided to make an early stop. Ricciardo finally gets the job done on the start-finish straight.

      Lap 11
    • The Perez, Verstappen and Grosjean battle is the closest on the track. Ricciardo has been given the hurry-up as he tries to pass Stevens.

      Lap 10
    • Rosberg is maintaining a lead of about 1.5s with Hamilton 2.7s ahead of Vettel.

      Lap 9
    • Ricciardo is still running in last place following his early stop. Meanwhile, Button and Alonso are P13 and P14 respectively.

      Lap 8
    • Verstappen is putting pressure on Perez for P9, but the Toro Rosso rookie is also having to fend off Grosjean. Big lock-up from the Lotus driver though. That will have hurt his tyres.

      Lap 7
    • Bottas is told 'this is looking great' and he has to keep pulling away. Rosberg has opened a 1.2s lead over Hamilton after a fastest lap of 1:16.080.

      Lap 6
    • Ego boost for Grosjean as he is told 'well done, keep pushing'. Next up for the Frenchman is Verstappen in P10.

      Lap 6
    • Nasr is under pressure from Grosjean for P11. About 0.3s beteween them. Grosjean does the job in the DRS zone.

      Lap 5
    • Fastest lap from Hamilton of 1:16.361. Ricciardo is the first man to pit this afternoon and puts on the medium tyres.

      Lap 5
    • Ricciardo has already gained several places as he is up to P14 having started P19. Alonso is P16 after starting from the back. The Spaniard ran wide as well on the opening lap.

      Lap 4
    • Rosberg is not really getting away from Hamilton while Vettel is 0.9s off the second Mercedes. However, Bottas is getting dropped.

      Lap 3
    • Yellow flags are out as Sainz has stopped on the track in Sector 2.

      Lap 2
    • Great start from Bottas as he is already back up to P5 followed by Kvyat, Hulkenberg and Massa. Alonso is back on the track after going off.

      Lap 1
    • The lights go out and Rosberg gets away cleanly. Solid start from Hamilton as well, but Rosberg is in front. They are almost wheel to wheel as they go downhill, but no contact and Hamilton settles for P2 while Vettel is P3 and Raikkonen P4. Alonso is off somewhere.

      Lap 1
    • Sainz is now sat in the Toro Rosso garage. He's still in the car.

    • The clock strikes 14:00 local time and Rosberg leads the pack on the formation lap. Looks like they are all away.

    • Sainz's engine keeps cutting out so who knows if he will actually start the race.

    • Sainz and Maldonado are the only drivers who are starting with the medium tyres.

    • Sainz is set to start from the pitlane.

    • The drivers are now suiting up and getting ready for action. Vettel is already strapped into his car. A massive Ferrari flag has been unveiled. Well, they are usually at every track.

    • Time for the weather. It is currently 28 degrees Celsius with the track already up to 48 degrees. There is a 35 percent chance of rain today.

    • Brazilian anthem time. Massa and Nasr signing with gusto.

    • Time for the minute's silence and it's now to honour the victims of both the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims and the Paris attacks.

    • And now some Hamilton news. Merc apparently have concerns over his gearbox after a small fire caused some damage.

    • They have towed Sainz's car back to the Toro Rosso garage.

    • Sainz came to a halt at the pit exit on his lap to the grid. 'The car went off by itself, I don't know what happened.'

    • Aaand Carlos Sainz already has a problem.

    • Raikkonen has switched to an older engine, turbo and MGU-H, but he won't incur any penalties. Not been a good couple of weeks for the Finn.

    • It's pretty hot and humid in Sao Paulo as per usual, but no rain at the moment. This is also not your official weather update. That'll come a bit later.

    • We trust you are aware by now that social media had plenty of fun after Alonso's sunbathing incident in quali. It led to #PlacesAlonsoWouldRatherBe and there are some pretty hilarious ones out there so go check it out for yourself.

    • The drivers also had a French flag on their truck during the drivers' parade.

    • Just a note away from the actual racing, the drivers will be wearing black armbands as a mark of respect to those killed in the Paris attacks. This comes after the FIA confirmed that the minute's silence that will be held on the grid today will be to honour World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. There was initially suggestions that the minute's silence will be honour of the Paris victims.

    • Now for the penalties, Bottas drops from P4 to P7 as he received a three-place penalty for overtaking under red flags in practice. Ricciardo slumps to P19 on the back of a 10-place penalty for changing his engine. Nasr drops to P13 for impeding during quali while Alonso received a massive 35-place penalty for yet more engine changes, but luckily for him he can't go any further than 20th.

    • Felipe Nasr, Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez, Marcus Ericsson and Romain Grosjean were the ones knocked in Q2 yesterday while Pastor Maldonado, Jenson Button, Alexander Rossi, Will Stevens and Fernando Alonso failed to make it out of Q1.

    • In case you missed it, Rosberg made it five poles in a row as he edged Hamilton in qualifying with Seb Vettel third and Valtteri Bottas fourth. Bottas, though, is one of four drivers who will drop due to grid penalties. More on that later. Kimi Raikkonen and Nico Hulkenberg were next best with Daniil Kvyat, Felipe Massa, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen completing the top 10.

    • Will Nico Rosberg make it back-to-back Brazilian wins? Or will Lewis Hamilton finally claim his first victory at Interlagos? All will be revealed in about three hours.

    • Greetings and welcome to our live coverage of the 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix from Sao Paulo.