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    • That's it ladies and gentleman! What a year! What a season! Until next year, Cheers!

    • Nico Rosberg is a Formula 1 World Championship!!

    • After an intense final lap, where Hamilton slowed down the pace, Rosberg has made P2 stick and has won the World Championship!

      Lap 55
    • We're on the final lap! Rosberg is about to win the World Championship!

      Lap 55
    • "Right now, I'm losing the world championship, so I'm not bothered if I'm going to lose the race," says Hamilton.

      Lap 54
    • Just two laps left now!

      Lap 54
    • Rosberg's wife enters the garage as she is about to be the spouse of a World Champion as things stand!

      Lap 53
    • Mercedes again asks Hamilton to up the pace and refuses! He wants Vettel and Verstappen to overtake Rosberg!

      Lap 52
    • Verstappen is now 1 second behind Rosberg! Vettel has a sight on Verstappen! Vettel takes the youngster!

      Lap 51
    • Five laps to go! Can Rosberg make it stick?

      Lap 50
    • It appears that Hamilton is slowing the traffic down for Vettel and Verstappen can catch up to Rosberg!

      Lap 49
    • Verstappen releases some power and is putting in some solid lap times.

      Lap 48
    • Rosberg asks Mercedes to let him, Hamilton answers by saying 'Let's just race.'

      Lap 47
    • Vettel takes Ricciardo, Verstappen up next for him.

      Lap 46
    • "Ok Lewis, we really need to pick up the pace," Mercedes tells Hamilton as Vettel continues to tear down the track.

      Lap 45
    • Vettel is told that he is on course to win the race.

      Lap 44
    • Sainz joins his team-mate Daniil Kvyat in the garage! Double retirement for Toro Rosso.

      Lap 44
    • A rare occasion where Vettel doesn't have to shout blue flags on the radio.

      Lap 43
    • Luckily, nothing serious comes out of it and the race continues.

      Lap 42
    • Sainz and Palmer collide and the two go off track!

      Lap 42
    • Vettel catches up to Raikkonen and passes him with ease. Vettel catching up to the rest.

      Lap 41
    • Vettel is absolutely motoring around the Yas Marina Circuit, can he catch Mercedes and Red Bull?

      Lap 40
    • Sebastian Vettel has cut three seconds out of Raikkonen's time....

      Lap 39
    • Vettel pits and comes out behind fifth place Raikkonen.

      Lap 38
    • Nasr gets his wing clipped off.

      Lap 37
    • Rosberg voices his concern: ""Pace is very slow again - not great for a late safety car." He wants Hamilton to pick up the pace.

      Lap 36
    • Vettel currently boasting a six second lead at the front.

      Lap 35
    • Alonso is now up to P8.

      Lap 34
    • Mercedes tell Hamilton to up the pace! They reckon Vettel could gain from it.

      Lap 33
    • Ricciardo is lapping the fastest times though of the front runners.

      Lap 32
    • Rosberg continues to eat into Hamilton's time.

      Lap 31
    • Hamilton and Rosberg come out ahead of the two Red Bulls, while Vettel leads the race!

      Lap 30
    • Rosberg goes into the pits and the team executes the tyre change with perfection before releasing him.

      Lap 29
    • Hamilton goes into the pits for his last one of the season, Rosberg expected in next.

      Lap 29
    • With Bottas' retirement, Force India have confirmed fourth on the Constructors' Championship.

      Lap 28
    • Mass running P8, will he finish in the points in his last ever Grand Prix?

      Lap 27
    • Verstappen manages to get ahead of Raikkonen after the Finn pits! Brilliant strategy from Red Bull.

      Lap 26
    • Button: "I had a failure on the front right and for us as a team that's one thing we pride ourselves on we don't have failures. It's so unusual. It's unlucky, but to be fair I don't really care."

      Lap 25
    • Rosberg posts back-to-back fastest times! He wants that P1!

      Lap 24
    • The night has fallen in Abu Dhabi! We're night racing now!

      Lap 23
    • Rosberg is warned that Verstappen going to the end on his tyres...Mercedes will wonder whether they need another pit stop or not.

      Lap 22
    • Verstappen pits and puts on softs.

      Lap 22
    • Rosberg is just under five seconds behind Hamilton now.

      Lap 21
    • Rosberg overtakes Verstappen before they almost touch! Rosberg is told to hunt Hamilton now.

      Lap 20
    • Ricciardo finally gets Raikkonen on the inside but goes wide and Raikkonen reclaims his P4. Vettel also pounced on the opportunity but Ricciardo defends.

      Lap 19
    • Hamilton gaining some time on Verstappen now... Verstappen is, however, holding up Rosberg.

      Lap 18
    • Alonso takes Grosjean for P10.

      Lap 18
    • "I'm starting to lose the rear tyres a bit," says Verstappen.

      Lap 17
    • The Russian speedster has been suffering with tyre problems all weekend.

      Lap 16
    • Kvyat retires!

      Lap 16
    • Raikkonen keeping up with the front runners, doing a good job.

      Lap 15
    • Verstappen told by Red Bull: "Ok Max, this is all we need at the moment, this is all we need. Great job, keep it clean."

      Lap 15
    • Plenty of hugs and emotional scenes for Button in the McLaren-Honda garage.

      Lap 14
    • Huge cheers for Jenson Button goes around the Yas Marina Circuit! The 2009 World Champion is done.

      Lap 13
    • Button goes off track! Button out! Jenson Button bows out of Formula 1 with a retirement!

      Lap 12
    • Verstappen continues to do a brilliant job to keep up with the two Silver Arrows, Raikkonen as well refuses to let Rosberg out of his sights.

      Lap 12
    • Rosberg is told to look after his right front tyre!

      Lap 11
    • Everyone is on the softs now expect Verstappen, who is on the supersofts.

      Lap 10
    • Mercedes tells Rosberg to take Verstappen, but his attempt fails.

      Lap 10
    • Ricciardo has a look at Raikkonen but fails to overtake!

      Lap 9
    • Raikkonen fails to undercut Rosberg! Rosberg goes behind Verstappen now.

      Lap 9
    • Hamilton comes out infront of Verstappen...Rosberg is now in the pits.

      Lap 8
    • Hamilton pits and goes onto the softs, Raikkonen also goes into the pits...

      Lap 8
    • Bottas retires!: "Something wrong with the rear damper or something...the car's bouncing a lot,"

      Lap 7
    • Verstappen already up to P12.

      Lap 6
    • Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas are having an on-track battle for the last time!

      Lap 6
    • Hamilton is leading the race quite comfortably, Rosberg is running second and Raikkonen third.

      Lap 5
    • Verstappen hit Hulkenberg in the opening lap which caused him to spin.

      Lap 4
    • Verstappen is already eating through the grid after his spin...

      Lap 4
    • However, Hamilton still sets the fastest time with the clean air.

      Lap 3
    • Ferrari are going faster than Mercedes and Red Bull with the DRS opened....

      Lap 2
    • Magnussen already in the pits with a problem.

      Lap 2
    • Raikkonen now moves up to P3 and overtakes Ricciardo!

      Lap 1
    • Green light is lit! The title fight is on! Hamilton and Rosberg getaway cleanly! Verstappen spins! Yellow flags were raised but nothing serious!

    • They're all lined up now for the last time in 2016!

    • Drivers doing their formation lap now...

    • We're almost underway!

    • Rosberg wins his first ever title if: He finishes in the top three, regardless of what Hamilton does. He finishes fourth, fifth or sixth and Hamilton doesn't win. He finishes seventh or eighth and Hamilton isn't in the top two. He finishes ninth or 10th and Hamilton isn't in the top three. Hamilton isn't in the top three Hamilton wins his fourth World title if: He wins and Rosberg is outside the top three. He is second and Rosberg is outside the top six. He is third and Rosberg is outside the top eight

    • Fernando Alonso gives his friend Felipe Massa a hug on the starting grid.

    • Drivers are now getting suited up for the last race of 2016!

    • Abu Dhabi National Anthem being sung around the Yas Marina circuit now...

    • Alain Prost also seen in the paddock walking around the circuit.

    • The Abu Dhabi crowd look excited for the last race of the season! Cheering for drivers during the bus parade...

    • In their last Grand Prix, Jenson Button will start P12 and Felipe Massa will line up P10.

    • Kimi Raikkonen will start the Grand Prix starting fourth, while his team-mate Sebastian Vettel starts fifth.

    • Hamilton needs to finish on the podium to have any chance of defending his World title.

    • With Hamilton and Rosberg starting P1 and P2 respectively , Daniel Ricciardo will start P3 on the grid with a pair of supersofts.

    • Interestingly, every driver who has won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is still racing in Formula 1 today.

    • Hamilton is the second most successful, claiming two victories in 2011 and 2014.

    • Sebastian Vettel is the most successful driver in Abu Dhabi, picking three wins.

    • Lewis Hamilton will start todays title showdown with the advantage on the track, if not in the points, after beating Nico Rosberg to pole position in Abu Dhabi yesterday.

    • Welcome to the Yas Marina Circuit for the last race of 2016!