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    • Thank you for your company today and do join us again next week for the Hungarian GP.

    • Congratulations Rosberg, he had a race on his own, but it was an exciting race with plenty of scraps. Hamilton came from P20 to finish third while Magnussen was also last at one stage and he finished ninth.

    • Raikkonen finished just outside the top 10 as he was P11.

    • Bottas' P2 is Williams' 300th podium in F1. Vettel crosses the line in fourth place. Alonso is struggling, but he holds off Ricciardo with Hulkenberg, Button, Magnussen and Perez completing the top 10.

    • Rosberg wins the German Grand Prix by 20.7s. Bottas has managed to hold off Hamilton to claim his second P2 in F1.

    • We are on the final lap and Bottas is holding firm against Hamilton. Rosberg is well on his way to victory at his home race.

      Lap 67
    • There's some traffic coming up for Bottas and Hamilton. Kobayashi gets out of the way and next up is Bianchi. No problems for the two front-runners. Hamilton is told 'you have DRS'.

      Lap 66
    • Raikkonen is told there could be a few spots of rain in a minute, but it will be very light. The Finn is currently out of the points in P11.

      Lap 65
    • Further up the track and Hamilton is still stuck behind Bottas. The Finn is told to 'tyres are looking good so let's try and protect from Hamilton'.

      Lap 64
    • Button pits from P8. Alonso finally ducks on the inside of Ricciardo at the hairpin. Again Ricciardo tries to get the place back immediately, but this time Alonso gets away.

      Lap 63
    • Alonso has another couple of takes, but no way through just yet. Hamilton has caught up with Bottas, but he's not close enough just yet.

      Lap 62
    • Alonso uses his DRS and fresh set of supersofts to go on the inside of Ricciardo, but the Australian fights back and retakes P5. Alonso tries again, but the Red Bull man fends him off.

      Lap 61
    • Bottas is warned that 'we need to get the car to the end'. That's simply to tell him not to fight Hamilton too much.

      Lap 60
    • Hamilton is now less than five seconds behind Bottas. He is taking out more than one second per lap on the Williams and should get past the Finn before the end of the race.

      Lap 59
    • Ricciardo ducks on the inside of Button and he is up to fifth. Next up is his Red Bull team-mate with Vettel 8s further down. Alonso is the latest to overtake Button and the McLaren man drops to P7.

      Lap 58
    • Alonso is forced to put for supersofts and he rejoins in P7, behind Button and Ricciardo. Button's tyres are also shot and he's under pressure from Ricciardo.

      Lap 57
    • Alonso is in trouble as his tyres look shot. First Gutierrez unlaps himself and then Hamilton gets past quite easily.

      Lap 56
    • Magnussen and Raikkonen are the latest to pit. They return in P10 and P11 respectively. Raikkonen loses another spot as he is overtaken by Perez.

      Lap 55
    • Bottas is told to manage his pace until the end. Ricciardo is up to P7 after passing Hulkenberg. The German fights back, but Ricciardo is having none of it.

      Lap 54
    • Back to the action and Rosberg leads by 17s with Bottas 4.7s ahead of Alonso. The Spaniard, meanwhile, has a 9.4s lead over Hamilton, who has a fresh set of rubber on his car.

      Lap 53
    • The marshals have finally made their way to Sutil's car and they push it off the track. Gutierrez has made a pit stop.

      Lap 52
    • Doesn't look like there will be a Safety Car. Hamilton is in for a third pit stop and he rejoins fourth, ahead of Vettel.

      Lap 51
    • Sutil has spun his car on the final corner. He tries to restart the car, but it's dead. Will there be a Safety Car?

      Lap 50
    • Hamilton is now less than second behind Alonso and he goes on the outside of the Ferrari to move up to P3. The Mercedes driver still has another pit stop to go though. Vettel also coasts pasts Button to move up to P5.

      Lap 49
    • Rosberg is told 'we are not expecting any rain before the end of the rain'. Boohoo. Hamilton is making plenty of time up on Alonso. The gap is now less than two seconds. Alonso, in turn, is 2.3s behind Bottas.

      Lap 48
    • No Safety Car for the Kvyat incident. Ricciardo pits and he rejoins in P8, behind Hulkenberg.

      Lap 47
    • Vettel pits from P4 - his third stop of the afternoon - and puts on more softs. Kvyat's car is on fire. He gets out of the car very quickly and the marshals are quick on the scene to put out the fire.

      Lap 46
    • Rosberg's lead over Bottas is 12s while Alonso and Vettel are not too far behind the Williams driver. Fastest lap from Hamilton with a 1:20.724.

      Lap 45
    • Ricciardo tries to go on the inside of Button, but the experience of the McLaren driver tells as he closes the door.

      Lap 44
    • Hamilton is told to 'box, box, push as much as you can'. He takes on a set of supersofts and comes out fifth, ahead of Ricciardo and Button. It's unlikely that this set of tyres will last him until the end.

      Lap 43
    • Race leader Rosberg pits and takes on a set soft tyres. He rejoins in first place and that should take him to the end. Perez and Sutil have made contact, but the damage is not too big.

      Lap 42
    • Bottas pits from P2 for more soft tyres and rejoins in third place. Hamilton also reports that his front left is not going to last.

      Lap 41
    • Rosberg reports that he is really struggling with the left-front tyre. Hulkenberg pits for another set of soft tyres.

      Lap 41
    • Hamilton is told that they won't change his wing when he stops as they will lose too much time. Maldonado has stopped from P10 and that will drop him down the order.

      Lap 40
    • Alonso and Vettel are now right behind Hulkenberg. Alonso goes past the Force India first and then Vettel follows suit at the hairpin.

      Lap 39
    • Rosberg has a lead of 14.9s over Bottas at the front with Hamilton, who is yet to use the supersofts, third.

      Lap 38
    • Ricciardo makes a second stop and puts on a new set of supersoft tyres. He rejoins in P8.

      Lap 37
    • Hamilton sets a new fastest lap, but he quickly gets knocked off the top by Alonso, who posts a 1:21.212.

      Lap 36
    • Vettel also pits and he rejoins in P6, just ahead of Alonso. The Spaniard, though, overtakes the Red Bull to take the place. Raikkonen has also pitted.

      Lap 35
    • Alonso pits and rejoins in P7 after taking on another set of soft tyres. Raikkonen tells the team 'we have to stop as we have a problem on supersofts'.

      Lap 33
    • Hamilton, who has told his team he has lost some downforce after that accident with Button, is now on the tail of Hulkenberg's Force India. He goes on the inside of Hulkenberg to move up to P5.

      Lap 32
    • Button pits from seventh and he rejoins in P9 after taking on another set of soft tyres.

      Lap 32
    • Hamilton finally gets the better of Button at the hairpin and moves up to P6.

      Lap 31
    • Here's the top 10: Rosberg, Bottas, Vettel, Alonso, Hulkenberg, Button, Hamilton, Ricciardo, Raikkonen and Vergne. Hamilton has a go at Button as he tries to go on the inside, but Button cut back in and they made contact. A piece of his front wing came off.

      Lap 30
    • Vergne has received a five-second stop/go penalty for exceeding track limits. Hulkenberg has told told 'chassis switch 2'. His steering wheel is telling him '10' whatever that means. Hamilton gets the better of Ricciardo and he is up to P7.

      Lap 29
    • Grosjean has reported a loss of power and he's told 'scenario 11'. We assume that means park your car as he's stopped at Turn 2. Hulkenberg is also having problems with his engine. It's 'not running good anymore'.

      Lap 28
    • Raikkonen goes past past Vergne and then Magnussen. Vettel and Alonso are catching Hamilton as he is struggling with the tyres at the moment. Hamilton is told 'box, box'. He puts on more soft tyres and rejoins in P8.

      Lap 27
    • Grosjean pits so Hamilton is the only driver who is yet to stop. The Merc driver, though, is told about the 'menu magic position one', but he says he's never heard of that.

      Lap 26
    • Vergne and Grosjean are under investigation for gaining an unfair advantage after leaving the track at Turn 6. Raikkonen goes on the inside of Perez to move up to P11.

      Lap 25
    • Up front Rosberg has an 11s lead over Bottas, who is 2.4s ahead of Hamilton. Perez is told he is using too much fuel by his engineer. And then the little schoolboy is told 'this is the last time I am tell you this'.

      Lap 24
    • Raikkonen takes some candy from Sutil as he passes the Sauber for P13. Grosjean is his next target.

      Lap 23
    • Kvyat loses the back of his car and he is sliding all over the place. That opens the door for Maldonado, who moves up to P15. Perez, meanwhile, tries to go on the outside of Grosjean, but he goes off the track and loses momentum.

      Lap 23
    • Raikonen is no match for Hulkenberg as the Force India driver overtakes him. The Finn decides now is a good time to pit and puts on the supersofts. Ricciardo is up to P9 as he goes on the outside of Magnussen. Yes, the McLaren is back in the points.

      Lap 22
    • Bottas has made plenty of time up on Hamilton and the Finn goes on the outside of the McLaren to move up to P2.

      Lap 21
    • Bottas is reporting a few spots of rain, but his Williams team tells him they have nothing on the radar. If you care, Ericsson is in the pits, putting him 21st.

      Lap 20
    • Ricciardo has a problem in his car and has dropped to P12. He is told to make some changes to his steering wheel.

      Lap 19
    • Rosberg has also pitted, but he emerged safely in front of his team-mate and leads by 7.7s from Hamilton. They are followed by Bottas, Vettel, Alonso, Raikkonen, Hulkenberg, Maldonado and Sutil.

      Lap 18
    • Raikkonen is really in the wars as he got sandwiched between Vettel and Alonso and they both made contact with his car. Bottas has made his first stop and that moved Hamilton up to second. Rosberg leads by 13s.

      Lap 17
    • Button had a slow stop as they had to avoid Vergne in the pits. Ricciardo came out in the middle of the Raikkonen, Alonso scrap. Alonso tries to overtake both in one go, but Ricciardo is having none of it. The Australian gets ahead of Raikkonen while Alonso does likewise on his team-mate.

      Lap 16
    • Ricciardo has decided to put. Button and Vergne have also made their first pit stops. Remember Hamilton started on the harder tyres while the rest were all on the supersofts.

      Lap 15
    • Alonso is the first of the front-runners to pit and he takes on a set of harder tyres. Ricciardo has lost a bit of time and that's put Raikkonen and Hamilton on his tail. Hamilton muscles his way past Raikkonen and Ricciardo in one go, but there is contact and some debris went flying off someone's car. Looked like the Ferrari.

      Lap 14
    • That brilliant move from Ricciardo has given him a bit of breathing space as he goes chasing after Perez. Hamilton is still stuck behind Raikkonen.

      Lap 13
    • Perez and Raikkonen are next up for Ricciardo and Hamilton. Ricciardo catches Raikkonen on the inside and he's up to P8. Hamilton tried to muscle his way past Raikkonen, but there's no way through. That Ferrari engine is proving to be strong for the minute.

      Lap 12
    • Ricciardo and Hamilton have Vergne in their sights. Ricciardo gets past quite easily, but Hamilton has to have a second go. No problem though and the pair are now into the points.

      Lap 11
    • Kvyat looks to duck on the inside of Perez, but the Force India driver closes the door pretty quickly. He has another go on the outside, but again there was not enough space and they make contact. Kvyat comes off worse and he goes off the track, but he rejoins and heads to the pits.

      Lap 10
    • There will be no further action following the lap one incident between Massa and Magnussen. It is deemed a racing incident. Rosberg's lead is now five seconds. Can we get some rain please.

      Lap 9
    • Another fastest lap from Rosberg and he was seven tenths faster than Bottas on the previous lap. Ricciardo goes on the inside of Sutil and is up to P11. Hamilton also wants to have a go and he makes it stick. Looked like there was a bit of contact, but not much.

      Lap 8
    • The incident between Massa and Magnussen is under investigation. Hamilton complaining of understeer. Ricciardo is given the hurry-up by his team as Hamilton breathes down his neck (or his gearbox).

      Lap 7
    • Another one for Hamilton as he goes on the inside of Grosjean. Ricciardo is next up in P12. At the front Rosberg has a 2.5s lead over Bottas. A fastest lap from Rosberg as well with a 1:22.165.

      Lap 6
    • Button tries to go on the inside and then on the outside of Hulkenberg, but the Force India is always a difficult customer to pass. Hamilton moves up another place as he passes Gutierrez.

      Lap 5
    • Magnussen is told they 'still have a good chance in this race, but is 10s from the queue'. The Dane is in last place. Hamilton is up to P15 as he goes on the inside of Maldonado.

      Lap 4
    • Hamilton gets another spot as he passes Chilton. Hulkenberg is coming under pressure from Button, but the German is holding firm for now.

      Lap 4
    • Here's the top 10: Rosberg, Bottas, Vettel, Alonso, Hulkenberg, Button, Kvyat, Perez, Raikkonen and Sutil. Hamilton is P17. The Safety Car is back in and the race is underway again.

      Lap 3
    • That was a scary accident for Massa as he rolled and nearly collected Ricciardo in the process. The Australian had to go wide, but dropped to 15th.

      Lap 2
    • Right the Safety Car is out and Massa is walking away with his shoulders hung. Rosberg leads from Bottas and they are followed by Vetel, Alonso, Hulkenberg, Kvyat and Button. Magnussen is reporting minimal damage to the left tyre.

      Lap 1
    • The lights go out at Hockenheimring and Rosberg gets a good getaway with Bottas slotting in second. Magnussen gets a good run, but he hits Massa and the Brazilian's car was flipped over. The Safety Car is out.

      Lap 1
    • Rosberg gets us underway with the formation lap. They are all away without any problems.

    • Raikkonen, Grosjean and Hamilton are the only drivers on the soft tyres, the rest are using the supersofts.

    • We are nearly there. The drivers are all getting into their cars and getting their game face on.

    • Race control is now saying there is a 60 percent chance of rain during the race. Let's hope that changes to 100 percent in the next few minutes.

    • It's been a difficult season so far for Sauber as they have failed to pick up any points. If Adrian Sutil and Esteban Gutierrez fail to finish in the top 10 today then it will be their longest run without points.

    • Looks like we won't see a capacity crowd today with only 50,000 people expected. Not good for F1.

    • Just another note on the cooler conditions, it will be good news for tyre wear. We all saw during practice on Friday how quickly the tyres got damaged when the track temperatures reached 50.

    • The pitlane opened about five minutes ago and the cars are all making their way to the grid.

    • In case you were wondering about the celebs at Hockenheim, Lukas Podolski, he won the World Cup with Germany, is in the paddock today.

    • The current track temperature is 35 degrees Celsius and the air temp is 26.

    • Time for a weather update. It rained a bit earlier, but it has stopped. FIA forecasts say it will be dry for at least the next 30m, but not sure after that. The start of the race is still over 30m away.

    • Some breaking grid news for you, Marcus Ericsson will start the race from the pitlane after a bit of a mess up from the team. Caterham failed to cover and seal his car in line with regulations following qualifying. He also needs to take 10-second stop-and-go penalty within the first three laps. Double whammy. Ericsson was due to start P22, next to Max Chilton.

    • The two big disappointments on Saturday were Jenson Button and Kimi Raikkonen as they both failed to make it through to Q3 and will thus start P11 and P12 respectively. The two former World Champions are not having a great time of late, but will be looking for some decent points today. Jean-Eric Vergne and Romain Grosjean follow with Adrian Sutil and Esteban Gutierrez next.

    • The Red Bull duo of Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel are on the third row of the grid as the Australian once again got the better of his team-mate and then you have Fernando Alonso and Daniel Kvyat. Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez complete the top 10 in the Force Indias.

    • Back to those further ahead and it's Nico Rosberg who is in pole position as he beat the Williams cars of Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa to pole while Kevin Magnussen continued to impress with a P4.

    • It's an interesting one for Hamilton and Merc. A 'clean start' from the pitlane or P20? Well they have showed their hand. Also, Hamilton has changed his brakes to Carbon Industrie following his accident.

    • The big news this morning is that Lewis Hamilton will start P20 after Mercedes changed his gearbox following his heavy shunt in Q1. There was initially speculation that he could start from the pitlane, but the FIA agreed to a five-place penalty based on sporting regulations.

    • Greetings and welcome to our live coverage of the German Grand Prix, the 10th round of the 2014 World Championship, at Hockenheimring.