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    • That's it for tonight. Join us again tomorrow at 12:30GMT for FP3. Cheers

    • The chequered flag falls and Rosberg finishes P1, quickest of all. Hamilton pulls into the pits and into the weigh bridge. He will meet the stewards later to explain an incident with Raikkonen. Vettel and Perez also have a meeting with them in the coming hours.

    • Rosberg is told to "box" as there is something Mercedes do not like the look of on his car's telemetry.

    • The session is back on and Rosberg is immediately out on track. Bottas, Ricciardo and Massa join the action.

    • The red flags are out for marshals to clear up the debris from Vettel's wing.

    • Problems for Vettel as he is lapping with a damaged front wing. It's a slow trip back to the pits. Replays show Vettel's wing was damaged when he "had a brake failure and then Perez clipped by wing off."

    • Vettel is back into the pits after a nine-lap run which meant that set of tyres covered 20 laps.

    • Button's lap count is up to eight and he is out on the soft tyres. His engine does not sound great and he backs out of the lap after dicing with the Lotus of Grosjean.

    • Grosjean's Lotus is the latest car to shoot up sparks as he puts in another lap, a 1:44.2 for the Frenchman.

    • Raikkonen reports he is "really struggling out of Turn 2" which is a left-hander.

    • Ricciardo is reporting front tyre degradation while Alonso is told to "start fuel saving" as part of his programme.

    • A run down on the top ten: 1 Rosberg; 2 Hamilton; 3 Raikkonen; 4 Vettel; 5 Bottas; 6 Ricciardo; 7 Maldonado; 8 Nasr; 9 Kvyat; 10 Massa.

    • Button is on to lap number five but then heads into the pits.

    • Rosberg on the soft tyres is into the 1:40s with Hamilton, who is on the mediums, is half a second down. But, more notably, Raikkonen on the mediums is faster than Rosberg on the softs. But he had done fewer laps.

    • Good news is that Button is back out on track for what is his fourth lap of the night.

    • A flood of activity out on track as Ericsson, Sainz join the action along with Vettel, Maldonado and the two Mercedes drivers.

    • It is an "anomaly" in Button's engine data that caused his stoppage. McLaren noted the problem and asked him to stop the car.

    • Hamilton has just ventured out on the medium tyres and Rosberg will be following suit shortly but on the soft tyres. Mercedes are splitting strategies just to make sure they can cover the Ferraris if needed on Sunday.

    • Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Perez and Kvyat are the only drivers out on track at the moment.

    • And that's Bottas up to P5 and Massa to P8.

    • The Williams drivers have left the pits, pretty much in formation for their soft tyres runs. While they do that, Maldonado has jumped to fifth and Grosjean to 10th.

    • Alonso has leapt up the timesheets from P16 to P7 on his soft tyre run. The McLaren driver is 1.544s off the pace.

    • So a look at the timesheets after most qualy style run on the options: 1 Rosberg; 2 Hamilton; 3 Raikkonen; 4 Vettel; 5 Ericsson; 6 Sainz; 7 Hulkenberg; 8 Verstappen.

    • Rosberg tops that with a 1:34.647, a tenth up on the Brit's best.

    • And here comes Hamiton. He is flying through the first sector, up on the Ferraris, does a personal best in the second (while Rosberg goes quickest in the middle sector) and it is a 1:34.782 which puts him quickest.

    • Vettel's on another hot lap but he stays second, 0.103s slower than his team-mate.

    • This may come as a shock but there has been a positive comment coming from a Red Bull driver as Ricciardo - who is up to sixth - reports that "grip has improved."

    • Vettel is still up to second but is a tenth down on his Finnish team-mate. Raikkonen meanwhile upped his pace to a 1:35.174.

    • Vettel follows his team-mate's programme and it out on the soft tyres. He is up in the first sector only for Raikkonen to respond with a fastest middle sector time. But Vettel is now the quickest in the second sector. And he runs it wide at the final corner and blows that lap.

    • Raikkonen is back out on the track on the soft tyres, the first of the big boys to change over. And he's flying. He is two seconds up on his previous best and jumps to the top of the timesheets with a 1:35.512.

    • Verstappen is in the pits having covered just three laps. There is a lot of work happening on his side of the garage.

    • Great start to the session for Nasr, who is up to fourth place ahead of Raikkonen, while Massa is out for another run, sparking his way around the Sakhir circuit. What a great visual, especially at night!

    • Hamilton heads back into the pits with the P1 in his grasp. He is exactly a tenth quicker than Vettel while Rosberg improved to third on that run.

    • His team-mate Alonso is still lapping. He has covered six in this session and is P8, 1.5s off the pace.

    • More woes for Button. He has been around three times after his earlier woes and the car has again broken down. He has stopped at Turn 11. Not a happy chappy.

    • Rosberg is the latest driver to complete a hot lap and slots into fourth place. The German is a full second slower than his Mercedes team-mate.

    • Hamilton is now the driver to beat with a 1:36.795, which has put him 0.293s up on Vettel. Raikkonen is third.

    • Verstappen is not happy with his Toro Rosso and reports "not enough power". That's a problem Renault have been having a lot in the last 16 months.

    • Raikkonen is on a hot lap and he's up in the first sector, up in the second and it is a 1:37.537 for the Ferrari driver.

    • Drivers immediately into the action with Bottas quickest on a 1:38.540 while Massa is second. He is just 0.001s down on his team-mate. Yip, 0.001!

    • Track temperature is down to 36'C and the air is 30'C as the lights take full effect.

    • Night is falling, the flood lights have taken over and FP2 is underway at the Sakhir circuit.

    • Bad news for Jenson Button. His McLaren is still up on jacks in the garage as his mechanics work on the car.

    • Kimi Raikkonen set the pace in today's opening practice session ahead of Sebastian Vettel while the Mercedes drivers were down in 15th and 16th places. But with the temperature a lot cooler ahead of this session expect that to change.

    • Welcome back to the Sakhir circuit for the second of Friday's two 90-minute practice sessions. All times are local.