• Live photo
    • What a race! Plenty of action! Join us again for the Canadian Grand Prix!

    • Hulkenberg takes 6th from Rosberg at the last corner! Brilliant!

    • Ricciardo comes in at 2nd! Perez finishes in third! Vettel in fourth! Alonso in fifth!



    • Final lap is underway! The rain is falling but Ricciardo is now 6secs behind him.

    • Quite abit of rain falling down now! Hopefully there is no drama.

      Lap 77
    • Toro Rosso report rain.

      Lap 76
    • Two laps to go and Hamilton is about to win his first race of the season.

      Lap 76
    • Massa looks set to finish in the points.

      Lap 75
    • 4 laps left and Perez looks set for his first podium of the year.

      Lap 74
    • Hamilton and Ricciardo also just lapped two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso.

      Lap 73
    • Haryanto is 3 laps behind the race leaders.

      Lap 72
    • Hamilton needs to be perfect in these closing stages as one wrong mishap and Ricciardo pull eat him.

      Lap 71
    • 8 laps to go!

      Lap 70
    • VSC ends! And We're racing again! Hamilton pulls away again and Ricciaro struggling to even get close to him.

      Lap 69
    • VSC out! Debris on the track.

      Lap 68
    • No grid changes as of yet. Seems as if driver positions will stay the same till the end.

      Lap 68
    • Hamilton now 2.5secs ahead of Ricciardo.

      Lap 66
    • Alonso doing amazing here keeping championship leader Rosberg, Hulkenberg and Sainz behind him.

      Lap 66
    • That mistake cost him time on Perez.

      Lap 65
    • Vettel almost goes into the wall after a lock up!

      Lap 65
    • 10th placed Massa is about to get lapped by the race leaders.

      Lap 64
    • Hamilton's last victory in Monaco was also with wet weather and in that race he also started from P3.

      Lap 63
    • Hamilton still keep RIcciardo behind him. The Aussie will be pushing hard in these last 16 laps.

      Lap 63
    • Vettel sets fastest lap!

      Lap 62
    • McLaren reporting that a small shower expected in 8 laps.

      Lap 60
    • Rosberg cheats and goes over the chicane but yields for Alonso.

      Lap 60
    • Seven retirements now so far in Monaco.

      Lap 59
    • Luckily, the Haas driver keeps his P11.

      Lap 58
    • Gutierrez into the barrier!

      Lap 58
    • Vettel fails to gain any time on Perez

      Lap 57
    • Hamilton and Ricciardo going through some traffic now.

      Lap 56
    • Hulkenberg and Sainz are chasing Alonso and Rosberg.

      Lap 55
    • Alonso continues to hold off Rosberg.

      Lap 54
    • Hamilton just set fastest lap.

      Lap 54
    • Hamilton now opening up a serious gap on Ricciardo.

      Lap 53
    • Ricciardo gives Hamilton a scare! The Brit manages to keep his position. There might be a problem with Ricciardo's front left tyre.

      Lap 52
    • Nasr enters the pits again after reporting smoke in his car.

      Lap 52
    • Race is back underway!

      Lap 51
    • VSC out now because of the incident Bottas puts on Ultra softs.

      Lap 51
    • The Saubers hit each other! Nasr looks he suffered the most damage.

      Lap 50
    • Ericsson getting angry at Nasr as he refuses to move out the way.

      Lap 50
    • Vettel can't seem to catch Perez as we reach the last 30 laps of the race.

      Lap 48
    • Sergio Perez is now putting in some impressive speed and sets the fastest lap.

      Lap 47
    • Wehrlein suffers 10s time penalty.

      Lap 46
    • Hamilton cleared of any wrong doing after being investigated.

      Lap 46
    • Staying as it is, Hamilton will cut Rosberg's championship lead from 43 to 26 points.

      Lap 45
    • Ricciardo gets closer to Hamilton here.

      Lap 44
    • Perez losing pace here while Vettel picks it up again.

      Lap 43
    • Both Alonso and Button both running in 10th, very impressive from McLaren.

      Lap 42
    • Hamilton's chicane incident is under investigation.

      Lap 41
    • Vettel showing some pace now after he sets the fastest middle sector.

      Lap 40
    • Red Bull tell Ricciardo to step it up.

      Lap 39
    • Alonso ahead of Rosberg!

      Lap 39
    • Hamilon just set fastest lap.

      Lap 38
    • Hamilton opens up a gap on Ricciardo.

      Lap 38
    • Hamilton jumped the chicane! Ricciardo gets angry after the Brit refuses to yield.

      Lap 38
    • Race back underway VSC is pulled in. Ricciardo straight away attacks Hamilton again.

      Lap 37
    • Magnussen retires after losing his wing.

      Lap 36
    • Disappointing for the youngster as we having such a good race. He locked up on the turn and couldn't quite make the it stick.

      Lap 36
    • Verstappen goes into the barrier! Virtual safety car out now.

      Lap 35
    • Ricciardo has already caught up to Hamilton. Hamilton struggling to keep him behind.

      Lap 35
    • Rosberg in P6 is being hunted by Hulkenberg.

      Lap 34
    • Magnussen goes into the barrier and loses his front wing. Perez ahead in third now ahead of Vettel.

      Lap 34
    • Red Bull didn't have the tyres ready for Ricciardo, he went for supersofts.

      Lap 33
    • Ricciardo has a delayed pitstop! the Aussie comes out behind Hamilton!

      Lap 32
    • Rosberg drops behind Vettel after a slow pit.

      Lap 32
    • Rosberg, Vettel and Sainz all pit now. Verstappen joins them and puts on softs.

      Lap 32
    • Hamilton into the pits and puts on ultras!

      Lap 32
    • Plenty of drivers going on slicks now.

      Lap 31
    • Ericsson puts on Ultra softs!

      Lap 31
    • Verstappen still stuck behind the Mexican Haas driver.

      Lap 30
    • Slight contact between Ericsson and Bottas there.

      Lap 28
    • With Hamilton still out there on wets, suggestions say that Hamilton is waiting for the track to dry so he can put on softs.

      Lap 28
    • Verstappen now sets Haas driver Gutierrez in his sights. The Mexican refusing to give up his position though.

      Lap 27
    • Ricciardo sets fastest lap.

      Lap 26
    • Hamilton now the only driver in the top five still on wets.

      Lap 25
    • Verstappen claims Button for P11, incredible drive from the back for the youngster!

      Lap 24
    • Hamilton now the race leader and is yet to make a stop.

      Lap 24
    • Ricciardo into the pits and onto the inters.

      Lap 23
    • Vettel in P5 is sandwiched by two Force India's. Perez in P4 and Hulkenberg in P5.

      Lap 23
    • Kvyat nurses his car back to the pits and gets back out on the track. Magnussen also back out.

      Lap 22
    • Magnussen and Kvyat crash! Virtual safety car out now.

      Lap 21
    • Rosberg goes onto inters now.

      Lap 21
    • Verstappen has just taken Magnussen and Haryanto in one lap. Now up to P12. Scratch that up to P11 after Bottas yields for Haryanto who was behind Verstappen.

      Lap 20
    • No more rain expected.

      Lap 19
    • Verstappen smoothly takes Nasr on the inside before the chicane.

      Lap 19
    • Massa refuses to give Vettel any room and keeps his P6.

      Lap 18
    • Vettel lining up Massa, expect an overtake soon.

      Lap 18
    • Hamilton sets back-to-back fastest lap.

      Lap 17
    • Vettel goes over the chicane and yielded immediately for Massa.

      Lap 17
    • Hamilton just set fastest lap. Ricciardo will be looking in his review mirror.

      Lap 17
    • Hamilton completes an overtake on Rosberg and pulls away tremendously! Seems as if the German was given a team order to move out the way.

      Lap 16
    • There's a queue forming behind Rosberg now in P2, with his teammate Hamilton the closest behind him. Hulkenberg pits from P4.

      Lap 15
    • Alonso pits and goes onto inters. Vettel looking quick on the inters. Ricciardo opens up a 9 second lead on the two Mercedes.

      Lap 15
    • Ricciardo now way ahead of the pack.

      Lap 14
    • Vettel pits and goes onto inters! Race could be interesting now as he re-enters the race in P11.

      Lap 13
    • Verstappen also switches to inters now.

      Lap 13
    • Raikkonen the second retirement of the race after Palmer.

      Lap 13
    • Ricciardo now has a 7s gap on the two Mercedes. Vettel catching up while trying to hold off Hulkenberg.

      Lap 12
    • Raikkonen in the barrier! He takes his damaged front wing back to the pits. Yellow flags waved. Haas driver Romain Grosjean complains about it as he blocks him off.

      Lap 11
    • Hamilton is viciously attacking Rosberg.

      Lap 11
    • Hamilton is right up Rosberg's rear! Rosberg not letting up though as race leader Ricciardo pulls away from the battle 2nd.

      Lap 10
    • And we're underway again!

      Lap 10
    • Button and Nasr goes onto inters now.

      Lap 9
    • Virtual safety car is out after Palmer's car crashed when he tried to get off quick on the line.

      Lap 8
    • Palmer's horrible weekend continues as he crashes out!

      Lap 8
    • Magnussen goes onto inters straight away and goes into the pits.

      Lap 8
    • And we're off! Ricciardo keeps his P1!

      Lap 8
    • Race will commence on lap 8 as the safety car will come in.

      Lap 7
    • Despite Hamilton and Magnussen both saying that they want to get racing already, the safety car is still out there.

      Lap 7
    • Lap 6 out of 78, safety continues as drivers follow. Kvyat will start from the back.

      Lap 6
    • Lap 5 and the safety car is still deployed.

      Lap 5
    • Kvyat now back into the pits and goes passed his stop and straight back out.

      Lap 4
    • 4 laps in and the safety car is still out there on the track.

      Lap 4
    • Kvyat reports that he is still stuck in constant speed.

      Lap 3
    • Very long stop there from Kvyat.

      Lap 3
    • Drivers now trying to warm up their tyres as much as possible while Kvyat goes back into the pits and changed his steering wheel after reporting a problem.

      Lap 2
    • Safety car still out. Verstappen and Nasr released from the pit lane.

      Lap 1
    • Formation lap is underway behind the safety car.

    • Verstappen and Nasr starting from the pitlane.

    • The last French driver to win the Monaco Grand Prix also did it in wet weather.

    • We're about to get the 74th Monaco Grand Prix underway!

    • As expected! Wet blues on the track for all the drivers.

    • Breaking! Race will start behind a safety car.

    • World Champion Hamilton gearing up and getting into his car.

    • The National Anthem was just sung, time to get serious.

    • Despite the unfortunate rain that has been falling, the drivers and teams are sporting smiles and grins.

    • Plenty of umbrellas around the track!

    • Expect wet blue tyres across the grid today! Maybe a few intermediates could make an appearance.

    • With cars making their way to the grid, the rain seems to falling quite heavily now.

    • Keke and Nico Rosberg are the only father and son to ever win the Monaco Grand Prix.

    • 30 minutes to go till the green light! Who is your favourite to claim victory?

    • Since Verstappen is starting from P22 today, it will be an achievement for the youngster to finish in the top ten as the Monaco circuit is notorious for being one of the hardest tracks to complete an overtake.

    • Can Mercedes finally have an incident free race?

    • Ricciardo will be hoping to claim his fourth official race win here. The best chance he has had all season.

    • In wonderful effort yesterday, Force India duo Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez qualified in P5 and P8 respectively.

    • Interestingly, McLaren have the most constructor wins, with fifteen.

    • Of the current drivers on the grid, Mercedes driver Nico Robserg has the most race wins on this circuit, with three in total.

    • F1 legend Ayrton Senna has the most race wins in Monaco with six in total.

    • A little trivia, McLaren driver Fernando Alonso is the only driver to win the race two-times in a row with two different constructors.

    • The Circuit de Monaco is 78 laps long with a 3.337 km circuit length.

    • Despite qualifying in P6, Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen suffered a five-place grid penalty for a gear box change and will start the Monaco GP in P11.

    • Behind Ricciardo are the two Mercedes. Nico Rosberg in P2 and Lewis Hamilton in P3. Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel is starting in P4, something he was not happy about yesterday as he felt they should have done better.

    • Daniel Ricciardo will start on pole position today while his Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen will start in a lowly P22 after he crashed during Q1.

    • Heavy rain poured down in Monaco this morning. It has lightened up but the track is still very wet.

    • Welcome to the Circuit de Monaco! We're underway in one hours time!