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  • Unfortunately that is where we end our coverage. Thank you for your company and do join us again next week for the Russian GP.

  • Some more news on the Bianchi incident. He hit the recovery vehicle and the medical helicopter is on the track as well now.

  • Muted celebrations as Bianchi is still receiving treatment.

  • So then Hamilton wins and extends his gap over Rosberg in the standings to 10 points. Also impressive stuff from the Red Bulls today as they were the quickest car at several stages. Button fell away after a late stop while Vergne also claimed points despite his grid penalty.

  • The count back has been done to lap 44. Just some news about Sutil and Bianchi. Sauber said the German is fine, but Bianchi is at the medical centre.

  • Rosberg finished second and he was followed by Vettel, Ricciardo, Button, Bottas, Massa, Hulkenberg, Vergne and Perez.

  • The race will not be resumed, that means Lewis Hamilton wins the Japanese GP at Suzuka.

  • The cars have all made their way into the pits. Hulkenberg stopped in the pits before the red flag came out. he's stuck at the pitlane entry.

    Lap 46
  • The race has been red flagged. We have completed 75 percent of the race so it will be full points if we don't restart.

    Lap 46
  • Ricciardo says he is happy on the intermediates. Contrasting strategies emerging for the final few laps. There are reports that Bianchi has also crashed at Turn 7. The ambulance is now on the track.

    Lap 46
  • Vettel pits from third place and he takes on another set of inters. Raikkonen took on a full set of wets. Sutil is getting medical attention on the side of the track.

    Lap 45
  • Sutil is safely out of his car though. Drivers are starting to flock into the pitlane. Hulkenberg takes on intermediate tyres. Raikkonen is also coming in.

    Lap 45
  • No Safety Car after the Sutil crash, just yellow flags. Maldonado under investigating for speeding in the pitlane. Hamilton has a 14s lead, but that will reduce as the Safety Car is out. The medical car is also on track.

    Lap 44
  • Ricciardo goes on the inside of Button and this time he makes it stick. Sutil puts it in the barriers at the exit Dunlop. Button pits from P4 for full wets and he rejoins in fifth.

    Lap 43
  • We are now in full points range so naturally Hamilton starts telling the team that the rain is getting heavier. He has a comfortable 11s lead over Rosberg. The Caterhams are on full wets. Quite a few drivers are going into the pits.

    Lap 42
  • Kvyat and Ericsson both pit. It's getting a bit darker at Suzuka while the rain is also coming down quite a bit. DRS has been disabled.

    Lap 41
  • Another new fastest lap from Hamilton as he tells the team it's raining a bit harder. He's also told to be careful at Turn 1 as several cars have gone off there. Ricciardo is all over the back of Button. He goes on the inside of the McLaren driver at the hairpin, but Button retakes the place after cutting back on the outside.

    Lap 40
  • Vettel has had a 'let's drive on the grass moment' at the Esses. That's cost him quite a bit of time as Button has closed the gap to two seconds. Bottas pits from sixth and rejoins in seventh, just ahead of Massa.

    Lap 39
  • Magnussen and Vergne both go off at Turn 1. The kids are having fun. Massa pits and rejoins in P9, just ahead of Perez. Fastest lap from Hamilton with the 1:51.667 putting him 8.5s clear of Rosberg.

    Lap 39
  • Rosberg is six seconds behind Hamilton and he's having to make his way through the traffic. Here's the top 10: Hamilton, Rosberg, Vettel, Button, Ricciardo, Bottas, Massa, Hulkenberg, Kvyat and Perez.

    Lap 38
  • Ricciardo pits from the lead and that sets Hamilton free with Rosberg second, Vettel third and Button fourth. Ricciardo rejoined in fifth.

    Lap 37
  • Ricciardo is told that it is coming down quite a bit in the pitlane at the moment. If it buckets down now then Ricciardo is in the driving seat as everyone will have to stop again. Rosberg is told that Ricciardo could go to the end and he might have to chase him.

    Lap 37
  • Mercedes finally reacts as Hamilton pits for a new set of intermediates. He rejoins in second place behind Ricciardo, who still has to stop. Magnussen, Gutierrez, Raikkonen and Grosjean have also stopped.

    Lap 36
  • Button puts the fastest lap to good use as he produces a new fastest lap. Big spin from Magnussen. He did a 360 and then continued with the race as if nothing happened. Meanwhile, Maldonado goes off at Turn 13. Hamilton is 18s ahead of Ricciardo, but he's doing 1:54s while the Red Bull man is doing a 1:52.

    Lap 35
  • Another fastest lap from Vettel as he does a 1:51.915. He's 18s behind Ricciardo, but he has stopped already. Rosberg is told 'box, box, box'. New set of intermediates and he rejoins in third place, behind Ricciardo.

    Lap 34
  • There goes Button's podium. Vettel is the fastest man on the track as he just did a 1:52.191. Maldonado goes on the inside of Sutil at Turn 1 and he's up to P16.

    Lap 33
  • Hamilton is now 4.8s ahead of Rosberg while Button is just 12s behind the German. Red Bull are still the fastest team on the track as Ricciardo is doing a 1:52. Button pits from third place and also takes on a new set of intermediates. Slow stop of 6.9s after a steering wheel change. Vettel has managed to get ahead of Button.

    Lap 32
  • Awww, Gutierrez is out of the points as Perez passes him.

    Lap 31
  • Hamilton is two seconds ahead of Rosberg already. Kvyat is up to P9 as he goes on the inside of Gutierrez. Vettel pits from P4 and changes to another set of intermediates. He rejoins in P5.

    Lap 30
  • Hamilton takes the lead as he goes on the outside at Turn 1. That was pretty good considering he went off there in FP3.

    Lap 29
  • Hulkenberg and Kobayashi have pitted. Button has reduced the gap to the Mercs to 16s. That's pretty impressive.

    Lap 28
  • Vergne is the latest to go off track as he has a moment at Spoon. Hamilton goes off at Turn 1, but he gets it back on track. Rosberg can breathe easily again, but only for a second as Hamilton is right there again. They pass the backmarkers.

    Lap 27
  • Button is now also lapping in the 1:53s compared to the Mercs' 1:54s. Rosberg takes another wide line and complains of 'so much oversteer'. Plenty of dry areas on the track now. Perez pits.

    Lap 26
  • DRS has been enabled and Hamilton is within range. Rosberg runs a bit wide, but he's not close enough just yet. Perez is off-on again at Turn 8. Bianchi pits from P12.

    Lap 25
  • The Red Bulls remain the fastest cars on the track as Vettel is lapping in the 1:52.9s with the Mercs and Button in the 1:54.1s. Raikkonen pits for another set of intermediates, but it's a slow stop. He was stationary for 11.1s and rejoins in P14.

    Lap 24
  • Here's the top 10: Rosberg, Hamilton, Button, Vettel, Ricciardo, Bottas, Massa, Hulkenberg, Raikkonen and Kvyat. Rosberg is told 'tell us how much you are pushing'. The reply is: 'Flat out'. Vettel is more than two seconds faster than Button at the moment.

    Lap 23
  • Grosjean pits again and rejoins in P19. Looks like the rain is increasing at the moment. Hamilton is less than a second behind Rosberg at the moment.

    Lap 23
  • Alonso has confirmed that he retired due to an electrical problem. Hulkenberg goes wide at Turn 1 and loses time to Massa. Vergne has made a second stop. Ricciardo is told that the Red Bulls are the quickest car on the track at the moment.

    Lap 22
  • Gutierrez has been off, but he got back on. Grosjean has also gone off at Turn 13, but he also got it back together quickly.

    Lap 21
  • Hamilton is now told that there will be no more rain until the end of the race.

    Lap 20
  • Hamilton is now one second behind Rosberg while Button is another 17s behind. Ricciardo has only gone and done it again as he goes on the outside of Bottas the Esses.

    Lap 20
  • Vettel is now on the back of Bottas and he goes on the outside at the hairpin to complete the move. The defending World Champion is up to fourth. So much for Vettel not being able to overtake.

    Lap 19
  • Hamilton has managed to claw his way back and the gap to Rosberg is now 1.2s. The German is told that rain is expected soon.

    Lap 18
  • Ricciardo is keeping the pressure on Massa and he goes on the outside at the Esses to move up to sixth.

    Lap 17
  • Vettel goes on the inside of Massa and he moves up to P5. Ricciardo also has a go on the outside, but no way through this time.

    Lap 16
  • Fastest lap from Rosberg as he increases the lead to 2.1s. Button is looking good for the final podium spot as he has an 8.1s lead over Bottas. Unexpected stop from Magnussen.

    Lap 16
  • Rosberg reports a lot of oversteer, but he has a two-second lead over Hamilton already. Button is 15s behind Hamilton. Vettel is putting a lot of pressure on Massa, who is struggling in the cooler conditions.

    Lap 15
  • Hamilton went off track at Spoon and heads into the pits with a lead of 22.0. That's unlikely to be enough. Rosberg is back in the lead.

    Lap 15
  • Rosberg is told to 'pit, pit, pit'. Hamilton stays out for another lap on the wet tyres. He emerges in second place, comfortably ahead of Button.

    Lap 14
  • Massa, Vettel, Hulkenberg and Sutil all pit. Massa and Vettel emerge ahead of their team-mates. The two Mercs are still out.

    Lap 14
  • Button is the big winner as he went through before the likes of Bottas and Ricciardo. Maldonado has been off track twice already.

    Lap 13
  • Bottas, Ricciardo, Magnussen, Raikkonen and Perez all duck into the pitlanes. A few others are pitting as well.

    Lap 12
  • Rosberg has built a 1.3s lead over Hamilton and the Williams of Bottas is already five seconds adrift. Button is down in P20 on the intermediates. He's told his pace is good and matching the Mercs.

    Lap 12
  • Still a lot of water on the track, causing a lot of spray. Massa complains about the poor visibility. Vettel tries to go on the outside of Magnussen, but no way through. Perez gets past Kvyat.

    Lap 11
  • We finally go racing without the Safety Car. Rosberg bunched up the field quite a bit and he accelerates away. Hamilton is on the attack immediately. Not sure how he can see anything behind the spray. Rosberg keeps P1 at the moment. Maldonado is in teh pits as is Button.

    Lap 10
  • Safety Car is in this lap. Chilton and Gutierrez have exchanged fastest laps. Good for them.

    Lap 9
  • 'It's not far off intermediates already,' Hamilton says. Button echoed those comments.

    Lap 8
  • Vettel reports that visibility remains very poor at certain sections of the track. Hamilton says 'Charlie, the track is fine'.

    Lap 7
  • Poor, poor JEV says the conditions are 'perfect for driving'. Fastest lap from Bianchi.

    Lap 7
  • No rain in the pitlane and Hamilton reports that the 'track is as good as it's going to get'.

    Lap 6
  • Maldonado sets the fastest lap of 2:42.594...it will only be him to go fast behind the Safety Car.

    Lap 5
  • Alonso is getting undressed in the Ferrari garage. Ricciardo reports we will be good to go very soon.

    Lap 5
  • Hamilton tells the team he can't keep his rev limiter up. He's also having braking issues.

    Lap 4
  • If Alonso hadn't made up his mind to leave Ferrari before today, then that probably did the trick for him.

    Lap 4
  • It's over for Alonso as he's going back to the Ferrari garage. He lost power. Rest of the pack are still going behind the Safety Car.

    Lap 3
  • Alonso's car has come to a stop on the track at the exit of Turn 5. He takes the steering wheel off and climbs out. No one is quite sure what is happening there.

    Lap 3
  • We are back underway again behind the Safety Car. The rain has eased up.

  • Hulkenberg has been told that the weather will be okay for the next 30 minutes before another big shower hits the track.

  • Another message from race control: The Safety Car will cover more than one lap and wet weather tyres must be used.

  • The drivers are all getting back in the cockpit. Rosberg's already strapped in, he was strapped in by one of his mechanics. Ah the luxury.

  • The race will restart behind the Safety Car again. Long discussion between Christian Horner, Toto Wolff and Eric Boullier.

  • Rosberg is assured that race control will give drivers a 10-minute warning before the race restarts. And there is the 10-minute warning. Race will restart at 15:25.

  • Most of the drivers are out of the cars and chatting away to their engineers in the garage.

  • If the race doesn't restart then half points will be awarded and Rosberg will lead the Championship by half a point. Niki Lauda won the 84 title by 0.5 points from Alain Prost.

  • In case you were wondering, the gazebos are allowed in the pitlane. Yes, that's the official word from race control. Ricciardo's getting out of his car. Hulkenberg opts to stay in the cockpit for now.

  • They officially completed two laps and all cars are going back into the pit lane. The mechanics will now be allowed to work on the cars. They could stay there for two hours before the race is called off. It's now 15:05 so they have until 17:05 to restart it.

    Lap 2
  • The race is suspended due to poor conditions.

    Lap 2
  • Hamilton says the conditions are so poor, he cannot see. Mercedes relay that message to Rosberg. Red flag, red flag.

    Lap 2
  • And we have someone in the gravel. The unlucky driver is Marcus Ericsson. He actually makes it back onto the grid with the help of the marshals.

    Lap 2
  • Vettel says he's 'aquaplaning'. By the way, the Safety Car only has fuel to last 15 laps. Will the rest of the pack have stop while it refuels?

    Lap 1
  • Hamilton is told that it's 'much wetter than on the track than on the grid', but he replies that the 'Safety Car needs to go faster'.

    Lap 1
  • They are all away safely. Thank goodness for that. It's still pretty wet on the track.

    Lap 1
  • The Japanese GP is underway behind the Safety Car with Rosberg first away and followed by Hamilton and the rest.

  • Useless fact for the day: Drivers will start on full wet tyres and will shift 65 litres of water per second. Yeah, crazy.

  • You only need two laps behind the Safety Car for a result, but they can take a 'break' of up to two hours. Let's hope it doesn't get to that.

  • The race will start behind the Safety Car. Don't forget there will be no formation lap with the pack starting behind the Safety Car.

  • Ah well spoke too soon as it's getting a bit heavier at the moment.

  • The rain has eased up slightly, but there's a lot of standing water on the track.

  • There are plenty of gazebos on the grid. Button reports that he cannot see down the straight as there's too much spray.

  • The pitlane is open and cars are making their way to the grid. Perez has already had a couple of off-track moments. Who doesn't want to go for a spin?

  • Marcus Ericsson won the backmarker challenger for the first time this season as he outqualified Jules Bianchi, Kamui Kobayashi and Max Chilton. Poor, poor JEV slots in at P20 after his engine-change penalty and Pastor Maldonado completes the grid after a similar penalty. That was a mouthful, wasn't it.

  • Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen - the future Ferrari team-mates - close out the top 10 and they are followed by Sergio Perez and the future Red Bull driver Daniil Kvyat. Then you have the second Force India of Nico Hulkenberg and Adrian Sutil in the Sauber followed by Esteban Gutierrez and Romain Grosjean.

  • Williams locked out the second row of the grid with Valtteri Bottas starting P3 and Felipe Massa next to him. Williams will be praying for a dry race (doesn't look like their prayers will be answered) as their car doesn't function well in the wet. Fernando Alonso got his customary fifth place with Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo sixth. The two McLarens are on the fourth row of the grid with Kevin Magnussen outqualifying Jenson Button.

  • Aaaand time for some actual talk about the race, like the grid for instance. Nico Rosberg got the better of Lewis Hamilton in qualifying and will start in pole position. Hamilton said he just 'didn't feel it'. Remember there is only a three-point difference in the standings between the two.

  • Good news is that the rain has started to ease a bit in the last few minutes so here's hoping.

  • With rain, rain and more rain coming down there are a few concerns about whether the race will get underway, underway under a safety car and if the scheduled 53 laps will be run. We will keep you informed.

  • Off-track drama aside, we are set for plenty of on-track drama today as the rain is coming down as expected. Stick your head out the window and it is wet, wet and wet.

  • Alonso says he has a "plan" for his future and that he's just working through some of his "last doubts" and that when he has done that, he'll let us know what's going on. So for now we wait.

  • How will this affect Fernando Alonso is the big question everyone is now asking. Is he off to McLaren-Honda? Is he taking a year out? Will he be part of a three-car team along with Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen? Or is it actually Raikkonen who is leaving Ferrari? How about both? How about Vettel and Jules Bianchi as next year's Ferrari line-up? Who knows!

  • Formula 1 has had a night to breath and absorb Saturday's shock announcement that Sebastian Vettel is leaving Red Bull Racing at the end of this year and most likely heading to Ferrari. The impact of that announcement has yet to be felt in much of the paddock although Toro Rosso have already had a taste of it as they have lost Daniil Kyvat to Red Bull Racing. The Russian youngster has earned a rapid promotion. Poor, poor JEV.

  • Welcome to Suzuka, home of the Japanese Grand Prix. All times are local.