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  • Thanks very much for joining us for the race, we'll be back in two weeks for the Indian GP. Cheers

  • The win takes Vettel on the top of the Championship standings, six points ahead of Alonso.

    Back in front
  • Vettel crosses the line and take the victory! Having taken the lead from the first corner he never looked back and controlled the race all the way. Webber comes through to make it a Red Bull one-two. Alonso takes the final podium spot with Massa coming home in fourth and Raikkonen finishes fifth.

  • While the Red Bull crew are looking worried, Vettel appears to be cruising to victory. Even better news as Webber sets a new fastest lap.

    Lap 54
  • Trouble for Hamilton as he picks up some debris from the artificial grass as he goes a touch wide. He's now lost touch with the Toro Rossos as McLaren's day gets worse.

    Lap 53
  • Red Bull are starting to sound paranoid about his front right tyre. Vettel's gap of eight seconds should be good enough though. Webber who is 3.5 seconds ahead of Alonso might be in a bit more trouble. More passing from Vergne as he goes by his team-mate Ricciardo and the Australian nearly leaves the door open for Hamilton too but is able to hold on to ninth.

    Lap 52
  • With four laps to go Michael Schumacher is concerned about his gearbox and the team admit that they can see a small problem but not one that should end his race.

    Lap 51
  • Some of the artificial grass has come away and is now making a nuisance of itself out on track. Hopefully it won't necessitate a safety car.

    Lap 50
  • More conversation between Red Bull and Vettel regarding his front right tyre but they're probably being more cautious than anything else.

    Lap 49
  • Vergne is doing well to see off Hamilton for now, coming under heavy pressure - how long can he keep the McLaren at bay? At the front of the field it's all rather mundane with the podium holders going about their business comfortably.

    Lap 48
  • Having been on the defensive for so long Hamilton is now having a go at Vergne. Vettel is once again told about his tyres, with eight laps to go Red Bull seem quite worried.

    Lap 47
  • It looks like a good day out for Toro Rosso with Ricciardo in eighth and Vergne in ninth. Both Red Bull drivers are reminded to look after their front tyres. We'll have to wait and see how serious that is.

    Lap 45
  • Massa feels that he can close in on Webber if he's allowed to go by Alonso but it doesn't seem like the team agree or otherwise they're happy to stay in third and fourth.

    Lap 44
  • Hamilton pits again and comes out in tenth behind Vergne. Meanwhile Schumacher has dropped down to 12 as he's passed by Perez.

    Lap 43
  • Grosjean is once again all over Hamilton's rear end but he can't find a way past. Up at the front of the field Vettel is nearly nine seconds ahead of Webber.

    Lap 42
  • It seems Hamilton is going to have to make another stop. It hasn't been McLaren's day.

    Lap 41
  • Hamilton has some momentary respite as Vergne who was putting some pressure on him comes into the pits. Grosjean is looming large in the mirrors of the McLaren tough. Schumacher is once again on the defensive as Perez looks to have a go. Superb stuff from Hulkenberg! Grosjean looks to take Hamilton into the final corner but the McLaren is just able to keep him at bay. However while they're battling Hulkneberg close in and the German sneaks by both of them!

    Lap 40
  • Not something you often see as Massa closes in on Alonso after the latter got stuck in some traffic. Schumacher is under pressure from di Resta and the Force India uses the DRS perfectly to fizz by the Mercedes.

    Lap 38
  • It's all looking pretty good for Red Bull at the moment as Vettel continues to control matters from the front, putting in the fastest lap of the race.

    Lap 37
  • Vettel comes in for his second stop and it is as smooth as can be. Alonso steam down the main straight as he continues on for another lap.

    Lap 36
  • Grosjean nearly loses it heading into the final corner, he's onto the grass but manages to flick the steering wheel and get back on track.

    Lap 35
  • Webber comes into the pits, one imagines Vettel will follow him in on the next lap. The Grosjean vs Hulkenberg battle continues as the Force India comes out of the pits and the Renault squeezes by the Force India. A big move for Grosjean as he moves up to sixth.

    Lap 33
  • Grosjean enters into the pits for what should be his final stop. Di Resta does well, moving into 14th with nice little DRS pass to get by Maldonado.

    Lap 32
  • Grosjean really pushes it trying to take Hulkenberg heading into the turn three but the young German defends well.

    Lap 30
  • It's not getting any better for Hamilton as he radios in to say he's not feeling too comfortable. Webber puts in a fastest lap but he's a massive 8 seconds back from Vettel.

    Lap 28
  • Hamilton pits! Interesting stuff - can he last the race from here?

    Lap 27
  • Kobayashi has been interviewed about his part in the early accident and he explains that it was a matter of waiting for others to break which was all done very late and he had nowhere to go.

    Lap 26
  • Hamilton is doing a good job of keeping Raikkonen at bay. Schumacher on the other hand isn't having as much luck as Vergne takes him down the inside.

    Lap 25
  • Raikkonen doesn't make the same mistake second time around but Hamilton won't go quietly and takes the position right back. A lovely little battle.

    Lap 24
  • Raikkonen looks to take Hamilton on the DRS but he's just not able to make it heading into turn one.

    Lap 23
  • Massa's race engineer radios in to congratulate him on the pass and explain that they think Hamilton's problem is to do with the tyres graining.

    Lap 22
  • Hamilton is not completely happy with matters, first radioing into the team saying that his tyres won't last and then suggesting he has a downforce issue. There definitely seems to be something going on as he starts to lose pace and is passed by Massa.

    Lap 21
  • With things not quite going according to plan for Perez he comes into the pits. It's now only the Williams drivers who are still hoping to do one-stoppers.

    Lap 19
  • De la Rosa and Kobayashi are in the pits and rolling back into the garage. A bit frustrating for Sauber as Raikkonen and Massa pass him with relative ease.

    Lap 18
  • It's the turn of Vettel and Alonso to pit this time. Perez oh so nearly pips Alonso as the Ferrari comes out of the pit but the Spaniard holds on. A mistake from Perez allows Hamilton to squeeze by him.

    Lap 16
  • Webber and Massa pit, both with fairly uneventful stops. Perez is on a different strategy to those around him and is likely to do one-stopper.

    Lap 15
  • And Hamilton pits! It's a really rapid stop. Hulkneberg and Grosjean follow him in and the Renault man comes out behind the Force India.

    Lap 14
  • Schumacher comes side by side with di Resta and is able to make it stick as he edges out the Scot. Di Resta is now under pressure from the Toro Rossos with Senna also looming.

    Lap 13
  • Jenson Button has been interviewed and he's obviously disappointed to have a two-corner long race. The Briton mentions that with so many chances on the track to overtake it's tough to understand why people (I think he meant the Saubers were driving so recklessly early on). Button also admits that his title hopes are most certainly over.

    Lap 12
  • As Webber sets the fastest lap, Hamilton's team radios through to say he's on track.

    Lap 11
  • DRS is now enabled and Ricciardo is the first to make the most of it, flying by Senna.

    Lap 10
  • There is a six second gap from Raikkonen in sixth to Hulkenberg in seventh. Vergne gets by another Williams, this time Bruno Senna, as he nips down the inside heading into the first corner.

    Lap 9
  • No real surprise as Kobayashi is handed a drive through penalty for his role in taking Button out.

    Lap 8
  • The two STRs get by Maldonado while at the front Webber is keeping Vettel honest, just a second between them with Alonso a further two and a half seconds back.

    Lap 7
  • DRS is currently disabled as the marshals try to clear Rosberg's car. The Mercedes man is walking back to the pits with Button, pondering what might have been.

    Lap 6
  • A little further back there is lovely little battle for 13th with Maldonado, Vergne and Ricciardo fighting it out. Ricciardo radios in to his team to say that Vergne is holding him up. That may be the case but Vergne is being held up by the Williams in front of him!

    Lap 5
  • Vettel has a lap of just over a second from his team-mate with a similar difference back to Alonso and then Hamilton.

    Lap 4
  • That was some really good racing first up as the Bulls battled side by side with Alonso, Hamilton and Raikkonen three abreast in the early corners/.

    Lap 3
  • The front five at the start of the second lap is: Vettel, Webber, Alonso, Hamilton, Massa. Rosberg has also got caught up in some early trouble and is out of the race, he's parked on the side of the track. Not quite sure what the problem was there.

    Lap 2
  • Disappointment for Button comes to an early end as he's rammed into from behind by Kobayashi. The Sauber man just came right through the middle and clipped the left of Button's car.

    Lap 1
  • And we're off! Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettelettel pips Webber for the first corner as the Australian is forced to defend against Hamilton. Webber isn't going to let it go though but he can't grab the position back. Alonso and Raikkonen are mixing it up in the front too.

    Lap 1
  • The engines roar to life as the formation lap gets underway.

  • Jenson Button is going for the hard compound tyre as are the two Sauber's and it looks like di Resta is too. The front ten are all on the super softs which they qualified with yesterday.

  • Right, just moments to go. One question we have addressed today is should Webber be leading with Vettel second will he be asked to move over to strengthen his team-mate's title charge?

  • Ten minutes to go and their is a bit of concern about the rear breaks. As a result the German has only just got into his car while most of the grid have already been seated for some time.

  • Tyre wear seems to be the buzz word on the grid this morning with everyone a bit concerned as to how the Pirellis are going to perform.

  • Nearly there folks. While you wait something to ponder: Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton have all won three times this season - can any of the trio make it to four today?

  • PSY, the Korean singing sensation, has been getting his jig on with Webber and Vettel. PSY will be waving the flag at today's race. Now you know.

  • With 30 minutes to go before we get underway in Korea, the drivers are firing up their engines of the grid for a final check of the set ups.

  • Not to jink Mark Webber, but the pole sitter has never gone on to win the Korean GP in the past two runnings.

  • There are two changes to the grid, with Daniel Ricciardo and Charles Pic both picking up penalties. Pic will start from the back of the grid after requiring an engine change. All teams are allowed eight engine changes a season but this is Marussia's ninth and as such Pic gets as ten-place penalty. Ricciardo has changed his gearbox and so drops from 16th to 21st.

  • So it's an all-Red Bull front row with Mark Webber leading team-mate Sebastian Vettel. Lewis Hamilton's McLaren and the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso are on the second row.

  • Welcome to coverage of the Korean Grand Prix. This is the third running of the race at the Yeongam circuit, which marks round 16 of the 2012 F1 World Championship. All times are local.