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  • Thank you for your company today. It was certainly an eventful race in Abu Dhabi. Do join us again in fortnight for the United States Grand Prix in Texas.

  • Vettel thanks his team for not giving up. He also gives Raikkonen the thumbs up after passing him.

  • Button finish P4, Maldonado is back in the points with a P5 and Kobayashi sixth. Massa, Senna, Di Resta and Ricciardo are next to cross the finish line.

  • Raikkonen wins the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, his first win since returning to Formula One at the start of the season. He just about managed to stay ahead of Alonso with Vettel claiming the final podium. Quite a brilliant day for Vettel as he came from last - well he came from the pit lane - to get P3.

  • Final lap and surely Raikkonen will win this. Alonso has a little slide and Raikkonen puts his foot down. Back in third, Vettel sets a new fastest lap. There's a surprise. Back to the front, Raikkonen does the business.

    Lap 55
  • Alonso continues to push and he is now in DRS zone. Signs of nerves in the Lotus garage and on their pit wall.

    Lap 54
  • If things stay the same, then Vettel will lead the Championship by 10 points with only two races left. Alonso is just 1.4s behind Raikkonen. Has he left it too late?

    Lap 54
  • Raikkonen looks like he has things under control. He is on course for his first race win following his comeback. Back to the Button-Vettel battle and the Red Bull driver finally gets ahead of the Briton. That puts him on the podium. He went on the outside, much to the delight of those in the garage.

    Lap 53
  • Vettel remains stuck behind Button. That McLaren is refusing to yield. A little further up the field, Raikkonen is now only 1.7s ahead of the charging Ferrari of Alonso.

    Lap 52
  • Fourth fastest lap in a row from Alonso and the gap is down to two seconds.

    Lap 51
  • Schumacher passes Vergne for P11. Alonso has reduced the gap to Raikkonen to 2.8s. Back to the Button-Vettel battle. The Red Bull driver looks to go on the inside, but again he can't make it stick.

    Lap 50
  • New fastest lap from Alonso now. Maybe he hasn't given up on winning this race. Vettel is now in the slipstream of Button. The McLaren driver is very good on the defence.

    Lap 49
  • Raikkonen stretches his lead over Alonso to 3.2s with a new fastest lap of 1.44.963. Alonso looks like he is maintaining the gap over Button at the moment. The same cannot be said of Button.

    Lap 48
  • Button defends as Vettel closes in. The McLaren driver is just too far ahead of Vettel and he has to duck out of an attempted pass.

    Lap 47
  • Raikkonen is now 2.5s ahead of Alonso, who has fallen right off his back. In fact, the Ferrari is not that far off the scrap between Button and Vettel. You fear once Vettel gets ahead of Button, he could be too fast for Alonso.

    Lap 47
  • Vettel is finally putting some pressure on Button, who is P3. Pastor Maldonado is P5 with Kobayashi sixth and Massa seventh. Perez completes his stop-go penalty.

    Lap 46
  • Perez gets a 10-second stop-go penalty for forcing another driver (Di Resta) off track. Raikkonen sets a new fastest lap - a 1.45.403 - and moves two seconds clear of Alonso.

    Lap 45
  • Raikkonen gets away as he opens a gap over Alonso. This is now the second time that the Ferrari has struggled to get away after the deployment of a Safety Car. Not too much action after the restart.

    Lap 44
  • There goes Schumacher's points as he has made another pit stop and he will now drop right to the back of the back. The incident involving Perez, Di Resta and Grosjean are under investigation. The Safety Car is in this lap.

    Lap 43
  • Raikkonen is told to 'keep working on all four tyres' and the reply is 'yes, yes, yes, I am doing all I can'. His Lotus team-mate Grosjean is making his way back to the garage.

    Lap 42
  • Vettel must be smiling quietly as he is now P4 with the pack bunched up. Someone just mentioned that Schumacher is looking good for a finish here. I have to confess, that I haven't seen the seven-time World Champion once today.

    Lap 41
  • No surprise that the Safety Car has been deployed following that mess. Grosjean and Webber are the big losers as they are out. Raikkonen's 9.2s lead has disappeared.

    Lap 41
  • Speaking of Grosjean, he is under pressure from Di Resta and Perez. The Force India manages to get ahead of the Frenchman and now Perez also wants to have a look at it. He tries to take two for the price of one, but the two ahead of him are not yielding easily. There's contact between Grosjean and Perez. Grosjean goes spinning off and Webber also gets involved as he is taken out by Lotus.

    Lap 40
  • The Red Bull pit crew are out and ready for Vettel. Not the slickest stop, but he still manages to come out in P4, ahead of Grosjean and the rest of the chasing pack. That's great work from the Red Bull pit wall.

    Lap 39
  • Button continues to harass Alonso, but he is still not close enough to make a move. There's some clear air behind Button as he is 14.9s ahead of Grosjean.

    Lap 38
  • This is your top 10 at the moment: Raikkonen, Vettel, Alonso, Button, Grosjean, Di Resta, Perez, Webber, Maldonado and Kobayashi. It's been a good afternoon for Vettel and Grosjean so far. Remember they were scrapping it out over P14 not so long ago.

    Lap 37
  • Vettel is told to keep pushing. Pirelli believe that he could run until the end of the race with his current set of tyres. Remember he changed his rubber when he went to the pits for a new nose.

    Lap 36
  • Raikkonen makes good use of his fresh rubber as he sets a 1:46.055 to move two seconds clear of Vettel.

    Lap 35
  • Raikkonen leads this race by 1.4s from Vettel with Alonso 5.9s behind the Red Bull driver. The McLaren of Button is faster than the Ferrari, but he's not close enough to make a move.

    Lap 34
  • Button is putting pressure on Alonso as he sets a new fastest lap of 1:46.495. The gap between the Ferrari and McLaren is less than one second.

    Lap 33
  • The Lotus crew are out and in comes Raikkonen. Clean stop and he rejoins behind in P1 with Vettel a close second.

    Lap 32
  • Shock, horror as Webber pits to give Vettel some clean air. Perez also pits. Webber is back out in P10. Vettel is now running in second place behind Raikkonen.

    Lap 32
  • Vettel is right behind Webber. The message from the Red Bull pit wall was 'if Vettel gets a run, don't fight him'.

    Lap 31
  • No further action will be taken in the Massa-Webber incident. Perez moves up to P3 with a smooth overtaking move on Maldonado. Webber also wants a piece of the action, but he's not getting any joy. Button and Maldonado pit.

    Lap 30
  • Stewards are investigating the incident between Massa and Webber at Turn 12. The Ferrari mechanics are out and they are awaiting Alonso. Clean stop from the Ferrari guys and the Spaniard slots out in P7 and behind Sebastian Vettel. Interesting.

    Lap 30
  • Vettel is laughing all the way to the bank here as that Massa-Webber coming together has seen him move up to P7. Massa, of course, had to visit the pits while Webber is still going.

    Lap 29
  • Raikkonen is 7.2s ahead of Alonso with Button 4.2s in front of Maldonado. No further action will be taken in the Maldonado-Webber incident.

    Lap 28
  • Webber is now putting pressure on Massa. This could get nasty for the Red Bull driver as well. He again tries to go on the outside and again he makes contact. The Red Bull against off the track and when he comes back on he nearly drives back into Massa. That sends the Ferrari driver on a 360 degree turn with plenty of smoke coming from his car. Massa is forced to visit the pits for a change of front wing.

    Lap 27
  • Vettel is on a charge and up to P8, right behind his team-mate Webber.

    Lap 26
  • Perez has managed to dive on the inside of Massa and he is now in P5 with Maldonado only 1.9s ahead of him. Hamilton, meanwhile, has made his way back to the pit wall and he's given everyone, including Martin Whitmarsh, a hug.

    Lap 25
  • Button also wants a piece of the action as he ducks on the inside of Maldonado and moves up to P3. Raikkonen continues to pull away from Alonso. Meanwhile, Webber and Maldonado are under investigation for their little coming together.

    Lap 25
  • Webber is right behind Maldonado and he looks to go on the outside of the Williams, but their wheels touch and it's the Red Bull that comes worse off as he spins off the track. He manages to keep it going and gets back onto the circuit. He rejoins in P7 with Massa and Perez going past him in the process.

    Lap 24
  • Raikkonen's engineer gives him plenty of information about how far Alonso is behind him, but the Finn's response is classic. 'Leave me alone', he says. You gotta love Kimi.

    Lap 24
  • Hamilton makes his way back to the garage. You have to feel for him. Raikkonen is now 5.4s ahead of Alonso. Webber is now also having a look at Maldonado. The Williams driver seems to be struggling with his tyres.

    Lap 23
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Kimi Raikkonen is leading the race! Maldonado is second and he is 4.6s, but not for long as Alonso moves up to P2. Maldonado was all over the show and Alonso dives past teh Williams.

    Lap 22
  • Hamilton has a problem and he is slowing down. He was leading by 3.4s, but he just shakes his head as his engine is gone. He parks his car. He is told 'we have lost all power and we will look at what is going on'.

    Lap 21
  • Another fastest lap - a 1:47.266 - from Hamilton. The McLaren driver, Raikkonen and Webber are the only two doing 1:47s at the moment. Maldonado has dropped 3.7s off Raikkonen.

    Lap 21
  • Hamilton leads and has opened a three-second lead over Raikkonen. Webber is still chasing Alonso for P4, but he's not making much of an impression at the moment.

    Lap 20
  • Vettel has been told to let Grosjean pass him following that earlier move that saw him leave the track. However, the Red Bull driver didn't lose much in the process as he almost immediately re-passed him.

    Lap 19
  • Some question marks over Vettel's overtaking move on Grosjean as he appeared to have all four tyres off the track when he went past the Lotus. Grsojean, meanwhile, hasn't completely given up on getting his place back from the German as he has another little nibble, but Vettel holds firm.

  • Vettel waits for his moment to attack as Grosjean approaches the slowish car of Pic. He makes a two-for the price of one move, but Grosjean won't let go so easily. The Frenchman gets the place, but the straightline speed of the Red Bull is too much and Vettel eventually makes it stick. He is up to P17.

    Lap 17
  • Hamilton has somehow managed to find another gear very quickly after the restart as he sets a new fastest lap of 1:47.886. He is already 1.6s ahead of Raikkonen.

    Lap 17
  • Vettel finds himself stuck behind Grosjean. He attempts to have a look, but the Lotus driver is not giving him any room at the moment.

    Lap 16
  • Hamilton made a clean break and Raikkonen is well clear of Maldonado, who has a big gap over Alonso. Vettel has already passed two drivers and is up to P19.

    Lap 16
  • Hamilton bunches up the field and then gets away cleanly, leaving Raikkonen in his way. Alonso has to defend from Webber. The Spaniard squeezes him out and Webber has to lift off.

    Lap 15
  • The Safety Car is in this lap.

    Lap 15
  • The Red Bull crew are once again out and this time they have a new nose for Vettel. Solid work from the pit crew and he is back out in P21. It only took an additional six seconds to change the front wing.

    Lap 15
  • More problems for Vettel and this time he is furious with Ricciardo and he has every reason to be. The Australian swerved across the track in an attempt heat his tyres and Vettel nearly went into the wall as he looked to avoid him. He damaged the other side of his front wing as he took went through a polystyrene block.

    Lap 15
  • The Safety Car is still leading the pack around the circuit. Back in the Red Bull garage, Adrian Newey is studying a front wing. He is probably checking out how much Vettel could possibly lose following the damage to his nose.

    Lap 14
  • Ross Brawn is sitting arms folded on the pit wall. A penny for his thoughts after that Rosberg accident. Hamilton tells the team that he is concerned about the debris on the track following that shunt.

    Lap 13
  • The Safety Car has picked up the front-runners. The pack is once again bunched up and it is bad news for Hamilton, but good news for the likes of Raikkonen and Vettel. Romain Grosjean has made a visit to the pits.

    Lap 12
  • There was a bit of smoke coming out of the HRT and Rosberg just went right into the back of Karthikeyan's car at Turn 16. He just didn't slow down and went boom into the back of the car and then spun into the barriers. That was also a very heavy shunt, but he is thankfully okay.

    Lap 11
  • That was Nico Rosberg and Narain Karthikeyan. They are both out of this race. Not quite sure what happened there, but the Mercedes driver crashed into the barriers nose first. The Safety Car has been deployed. They are both okay, but this will play right into the hands of Vettel.

    Lap 10
  • Senna moves up to 15th place as he easily overtakes the Marussia of Timo Glock. Was pretty straightforward as it was in the DRS zone. Vettel, in P13, has two Toro Rosso's ahead of him. Wonder how long it will take for him to overtake them.

    Lap 9
  • Button is told that DRS is available as you continues to push Webber for fifth place. Button replies that he doesn't have Kers. Meanwhile, stewards are investigating Hulkenberg for the Turn 1 incident on the opening lap.

    Lap 8
  • Hamilton has found an extra gear and he is building a handy lead over the Lotus of Raikkonen. Behind them Alonso is starting to put pressure on Maldonado. This could be interesting battle between the Venezuelan and the Ferrari driver. Alonso is within one second of the Williams man.

    Lap 7
  • Lewis Hamilton sets a couple of fastest laps - the best being a 1:48.522 - to give himself some breathing space at the front. He has managed to build a 2.5s gap over Raikkonen.

    Lap 6
  • Broken nose or not, Vettel is already up to P14 and he has Heikki Kovalainen in his sights. Only a few more drivers to overtake and he will be in the top 10. You can't ask much more of him than this.

    Lap 5
  • Despite the first-lap carnage, there has been only one retirement as Hulkenberg sits in the pits.

    Lap 5
  • Alonso is flying and sets a new fastest lap of 1:50.532. And DRS is available as the Spaniard hunts down Maldonado for third place and a potential podium finish.

    Lap 5
  • Everything is going wrong for Vettel as he has made contact with someone and his front wing is damaged. The Red Bull mechanics came out for a pit stop, but they quickly returned to the garage.

    Lap 4
  • Hamilton runs a bit wide and Raikkonen is all over the back of that McLaren. He attacks, but Hamilton goes defensive. The McLaren driver complains that his tyres are cold. Maldonado and Alonso are not too far behind this battle.

    Lap 3
  • Vettel is up to P20 and he is looking to make his way past Senna.

    Lap 3
  • Grosjean seems to have a wobbly wheel. Also, it was Senna who was involved in the incident with Hulkenberg. The marshals are still trying to remove both the cars. There's a Mercedes in the pits for a nose change. It's Rosberg.

    Lap 2
  • Alonso is all over the back of the Red Bull of Webber. He had a couple of nibbles and Webber went all defensive, but the Spaniard was just too good as he goes around the outside. That was super stuff.

    Lap 2
  • The lights go out and away they go. Hamilton is away and Raikkonen gets ahead of Webber. Maldonado is also ahead of the Red Bull driver. Alonso and Button are right behind Webber. Hulkenberg and a Williams touched and went off the track.

  • Raikkonen is told only three drivers are on primes: Vettel in the pitlane, Michael Schumacher and Bruno Senna.

  • Away they go for the formation lap and someone has been left behind. Oh it's Pedro de la Rosa. That means Sebastian Vettel has already passed one car. Only another 22 drivers to go for Sebastian.

  • We are good to go. The drivers are all in their cars focused and waiting for the lights to go out... for the formation lap first of course.

  • It's Ron. Ron Dennis! Wonder if he has talked to Lewis Hamilton yet? He is close to the front of the grid and Hamilton is in P1.

  • A lonely place for Vettel on the pitlane entry. It's the first time in his career that he has started there. At least the Safety Car was in front of his RB8 to keep him some company.

  • Mr E makes his way around the grid. Shaking hands with just about everyone. Sir Jackie Stewart is also on the grid. He is having a word with the Lotus guys.

  • Spaniard Alonso has his sights set on a podium as he knows they haven't been too competitive this weekend. Meanwhile, Vettel is still hoping to have a good race. The German is also refusing to cry over spilled milk and hopes to have 'some fun' and overtake other drivers.

  • Back to the serious business, there will also be pressure on Alonso at the start as he looks to move closer to the front after qualifying only P7. He has of course been bumped up to P6 with Vettel's demotion.

  • There was a very funny quip from HRT boss Luiz Perez-Sala this morning about the Vettel situation. When asked how long his drivers will hold off the Red Bull driver, he replied: "It depends on the offer from Ferrari!"

  • Alonso is probably the driver who most benefits from Vettel's penalty as he is starting 18 places ahead of his Championship rival. Heading into this afternoon's race, Vettel holds a 13-point advantage over the Ferrari driver.

  • At the end of the grid is pole sitter Lewis Hamilton, who finally put an end to Red Bull's run of three successive 1-2s when he edged Mark Webber by 0.348s. The second row belongs to Pastor Maldonado and Kimi Raikkonen while Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso are on the third.

  • Because of the disqualification, Red Bull pulled Vettel's car out of parc ferme to "investigate" the fuel cell problem to find out why his RB8 was short. But while they did that they also made a host of changes to his car. The FIA revealed on Sunday morning that Red Bull had - very legally - replaced Vettel's gearbox, changed his suspension and fitted new gear ratios to those submitted after second practice. So while his starting from the pit lane, his car is now set up in every way possible to make it easier for him to slice his way through the traffic. So keep an eye on the reigning World Champion because today could be the day he finally silences his naysayers.

  • The big, huge, massive news for today's race is that Championship leader Sebastian Vettel will start from the pit lane after being disqualified for failing to make it back to the pits after qualifying with the mandatory one litre of fuel for the FIA sample tests. There is an up side to this, though...

  • Today's grand prix takes place over 55 laps, totalling 305.355 km and is one of the visual spectaculars in Formula One as the race gets underway as the sun sets over the Yas Marina circuit.

  • Welcome to the Yas Marina circuit, the venue for the 2012 Abu Dhabi GP and round 18 of the Championship. All times are local.