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  • Thank you for your company today, but do join us again next week for the final race at Interlagos.

  • That was a thrilling race. We are hoping for more of the same next week at the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix.

  • Alonso finished more than 30s behind the top two. Massa was fourth with Button P5. and Raikkonen sixth and Grosjean P7. Hulkenberg held on to eight with the two Williams drivers claiming the final points. Maldonado was P9 and P10.

  • Lewis Hamilton wins the inaugural United States Grand Prix in Austin with Vettel second and Alonso third. What does it all mean to the Championship? The title will be decided in Brazil as Vettel has a gap of 13 points over the Ferrari driver.

  • We are on the final lap and Hamilton has things under control.

    Lap 59
  • Massa sets the new fastest lap, but Hamilton quickly regains it. Maldonado has caught up with Hulkenberg. The Williams driver isn't close enough just yet and he is running out of laps.

    Lap 55
  • Hamilton is told that it should be 'traffic free' from here on in. The gap is still 1.4s. Vettel keeps it interesting as he sets a new fastest lap of 1:40.082.

    Lap 55
  • The two Williams drivers are side-by-side and they make contact. Nothing too serious though. The Venezuelan is the big winner from that scrap as he gets past Senna for P9.

    Lap 54
  • At the front, Hamilton looks to have things under control. He is faster in the first sector, but Vettel has the edge on the second sector. It's pretty equal in the third sector.

    Lap 53
  • Hulkenberg continues to hold off Senna, but Maldonado is now putting pressure on his Williams team-mate.

    Lap 52
  • Alonso makes his way past the traffic. A little further down the grid, Senna goes on the outside of Hulkenberg, but the Force India driver fights back and keeps P8. Well for now at least.

    Lap 51
  • Button is told the tyres are good and 'we can push all the way to the end'. Hamilton, meanwhile, is starting to feel some extra pressure from Vettel as the gap is now just one second.

    Lap 50
  • Vettel is fighting back against Hamilton here, but the gap remains 1.4s. Alonso continues to push hard, but he will have to settle for third place.

    Lap 49
  • Alonso, who is 30.4s behind Vettel, sets a new fastest lap of 1:40.141.

    Lap 49
  • The gap between Hamilton and Vettel is 1.2s and the McLaren driver is told that the RB8 was one tenth faster the previous lap. Button goes on the onside of Raikkonen. Kimi doesn't give up easily, but there's not much he could do as the McLaren goes past him.

    Lap 48
  • Button is within striking distance of Raikkonen. He tries on the outside, but the Finn doesn't give way. He also tries on the inside, but Raikkonen cuts back.

    Lap 47
  • If the race finishes like this, Vettel would be 13 points ahead of Alonso. That means the Championship will be decided at the season finale Brazilian Grand Prix next weekend.

    Lap 46
  • Button is still behind Raikkkonen, but the Lotus manages to keep the McLaren behind him. Hamilton, meanwhile, sets a new fastest lap of 1:40.240. He is pulling away from Vettel.

    Lap 45
  • Button attacks Raikkonen for P5. Vettel is complaining about the traffic 'being unbelievable'. The traffic didn't have much effect on that overtaking move from Hamilton though.

    Lap 44
  • Vettel goes under the 1:41s mark. Both drivers move past Karthikeyan. They are into the DRS zone and he is close. The flap is open and this time he gets past. Vettel fights back at Turn 12, but Hamilton makes the move stick.

    Lap 43
  • Hamilton looks like he is a bit closer to Vettel this time, but once again no cigar. More traffic coming up.

    Lap 42
  • Schumacher pits for a second time and he rejoins in P16. The Mercedes lollipop man wore a nice lime green outfit. Just thought I'd share that useless information with you.

    Lap 41
  • For the record, Alonso is more than 30s behind the Vettel-Hamilton scrap while Raikkonen is a further 11.6s behind. Speaking of Raikkonen, he is under pressure from Massa and he runs wide. Massa is up to P4.

    Lap 41
  • Button has a little go at Grosjean, but he doesn't make it stick. Second time lucky as he goes on the inside of the Lotus at Turn 16.

    Lap 40
  • Hamilton has managed to get a bit closer to Vettel in the DRS zone, but he is once again not close enough and the Red Bull keeps P1. Can he keep this going until the end of the race?

    Lap 40
  • Vettel has found a bit of extra pace as he increases the gap to 1.3s after a new fastest lap of 1:40.911. Hamilton is told to keep some Kers for the next lap.

    Lap 39
  • The McLaren pit crew are out for Button. That releases Alonso into the final podium position. Clean stop from the team, a 2.9s stop, and Button rejoins in P6, behind Grosjean.

    Lap 38
  • Vettel is doing just enough in the DRS zone to keep Hamilton behind him. Rosberg pits from P8, if you care, and he will soon be joining his Merc team-mate at the back.

    Lap 37
  • The Caterham moves out of the way and Hamilton is now within striking distance. Vettel seems to be struggling, but he is not yet close enough just yet.

    Lap 36
  • The gap between Vettel and Hamilton is now less than one second, but the McLaren driver is not yet close enough to make a move in the DRS zone. There's a Caterham coming up for the two front runners.

    Lap 35
  • Here's the top 10 for you again: Vettel, Hamilton, Button, Alonso, Raikkonen, Massa, Grosjean, Rosberg, Hulkenberg and Senna. Button and Rosberg are yet to make a pit stop.

    Lap 34
  • Hamilton is really putting the foot down and everyone in the Ferrari garage will be urging him on here. More traffic as Vettel goes past Kovalainen followed by Hamilton.

    Lap 33
  • New fastest lap from Hamilton, a 1:41.632, and the gap is now down to 1.4s. The Red Bull driver also has some traffic coming up. Well, that was easy as the Marussia gets out of the way. Hamilton also makes his way past the backmarkers.

    Lap 32
  • Hamilton is told he can push harder on the current set of tyres. He responds with a new fastest first-sector time. Ricciardo pits from P5. He finally switches to the harder tyres.

    Lap 32
  • Button is yet to pit and is told his tyres are still good. He is also told that he is pulling away from Massa, who is stuck in traffic.

    Lap 31
  • Massa is fighting back against Raikkonen and the gap is still in the one-second region. Back at the front and Vettel seems to have things under control as he is 2.5s ahead of Hamilton, who in turn has a 23.2s lead over Button.

    Lap 30
  • Grosjean is moving up the grid as he goes past Rosberg, who was in P8 but still has to stop.

    Lap 29
  • Raikkonen gets close to Massa and he goes on the inside at Turn 1 and makes it stick. The Lotus driver is up to P6 and Ricciardo, who is yet to stop, is his next target.

    Lap 28
  • The front-runners are lapping the HRTs. Ricciardo manages to get past Massa with ease and Raikkonen now also wants to have a look. Ferrari will no doubt have told Massa that he needs to keep the Finn in check, but the Brazilian is still struggling to get some heat into his new tyres.

    Lap 28
  • That poor stop means Raikkonen now needs to worry about Massa, who is in P3 as he is yet to stop. Well, scrap that as the Brazilian stops. It's a clean one and he comes out behind Alonso and in front of Ricciardo and Raikkonen. That has worked out very well for Ferrari.

    Lap 27
  • Button sets a new fastest lap, but that doesn't last too long as his McLaren team-mate responds with a 1:41.826. Webber reveals that he had an alternator issue besides the Kers problem.

    Lap 26
  • The Lotus guys are out. This is crucial as if he comes out in front of Alonso, it will be very difficult for the Spaniard to get onto the podium. Slow stop from Lotus and it's a 6.4s stop. That's good news for Ferrari as it means he comes out behind Alonso.

    Lap 26
  • Hamilton is now putting pressure on Raikkonen, who is yet to make his pit stop. The McLaren driver is 1.9s behind race leader Vettel. Hamilton goes on the inside of the Lotus and he is up to P4. He will now look to get closer to Vettel.

    Lap 25
  • Alonso is 21s behind Vettel. Can the Spaniard pull a rabbit out of a hat here? Button and Alonso are in the DRS zone and there's nothing that the Ferrari driver can do.

    Lap 24
  • Schumacher, who has started fourth, is down in P17 and his Mercedes team-mate is up to P11. Button is now putting a lot of pressure on Alonso, who is still trying to get heat into his tyres. The McLaren driver is given the hurry-up as there is free air in front of the Ferrari driver.

    Lap 23
  • Vettel is into the pits and it's a smooth one from Red Bull as his stop is just 2.7s. Button gets ahead of Senna and he is now right behind his future McLaren team-mate Perez. He manages to get ahead of the Sauber man and next up is Alonso. Di Resta visits the pits as well.

    Lap 22
  • The McLaren pit crew are out and it is for Hamilton, who has struggled in recent races. Alonso is also into the pits. Slow, slow stop from Ferrari. He was stationary for 6.3s, compared to Hamilton's 2.4. Not good enough from Ferrari. There appeared to be a problem with the right-rear.

    Lap 22
  • Grosjean, who is on fresh rubber, is the fastest man on the track with a 1:42.458. Alonso, who is up to P3 following Webber's retirement, has a little oopsy-daisie moment as he slides off the track. No harm done though as he gets back on with ease.

    Lap 21
  • That was Webber's first mechanical failure in 59 races. And now you know. Back to those still in the race, Vettel has managed to get to increase the gap to Hamilton to 2.5s.

    Lap 20
  • A disconsolate Webber makes his way back to the pits. He threw his gloves on the ground, but then had to pick it back up himself.

    Lap 20
  • Senna is past by Button, but the Williams driver will have another bite at the cherry as they will move into the DRS zone soon. Well that didn't last too long as Button has managed to get away.

    Lap 19
  • Webber is told that his Kers has failed. It's always with Webber isn't it? This will be music to Alonso's ears. Webber is in trouble now as he is off the track at Turn 11. Alonso moves into third place and ladies and gentlemen it looks like the Championship will be decided at Interlagos. Should the race finish as is, Vettel will be leading by 20 points.

    Lap 19
  • A look at the times of the front-runners. Vettel has a one-second lead over Hamilton, who in turn is 9.6s ahead of of Webber. The Australian is two seconds slower than most drivers at the moment. Alonso is 3.3s behind Webber.

    Lap 18
  • Hulkenberg continues to go back as he has now been overtaken by Massa. Schumacher, meanwhile, ducks into the pits.

    Lap 18
  • Vettel seems to be struggling and Hamilton has managed to get within one second of the race leader. Vergne is the first retirement as he slides off after trying to overtake Schumacher. Looks like suspension damage. He also broke his suspension in third practice.

    Lap 17
  • Here's another look at the top 10: Vettel, Hamilton, Webber, Alonso, Raikkonen, Hulkenberg, Massa, Di Resta, Perez and Senna. Hulkenberg has already lost over two seconds to Raikkonen following that move a lap before.

    Lap 16
  • Maldonado has Schumacher in his sights and the Williams driver makes a smooth move past the Mercedes. The seven-time World Champion has gone from P5 to P14. His team-mate Rosberg is two places behind him.

    Lap 15
  • Massa is told that Kimi is being held up Hulkenberg so he can soon join that action. Raikkonen goes on the outside at Turn 2 and gets the inside on Turn 3. Nicely done from the Lotus man.

    Lap 14
  • Vettel and Hamilton are pretty much still neck and neck when it comes to lap times. The Red Bull driver still leads by 1.5s. Raikkonen has another go at Hulkenberg, but again the Force India driver holds firm.

    Lap 13
  • Raikkonen is putting some pressure on Hulkenberg, who is in P5. They hit the DRS zone, but the Force India had some Kers left and there is no way through for the Lotus driver. Massa is up to P7 with a move on Di Resta.

    Lap 12
  • Button has managed to get past Schumacher, but it wasn't without a fight. The German cut back inside and he nearly made contact with the McLaren, but all is well that ends well. Button is P11.

    Lap 11
  • Button is behind Schumacher, who has just lost a place to Senna, and they are heading for the DRS zone. Hamilton is told he is sixth tenths faster than Vettel. The McLaren driver is now just 1.6s behind the race leader.

    Lap 10
  • Verge also tries to overtake Maldonado, but he nearly puts all four wheels off the track. Wow, Nico Rosberg is still stuck in P17. Ricciardo is now also past Grosjean.

    Lap 10
  • Ricciardo gets past the Williams of Maldonado and he is up to P14. Button also leaves Grosjean in his wake and he is now in P12.

    Lap 9
  • Bruno Senna also gets in on the act as he slips past Grosjean in the DRS zone. Ricciardo is now all over the back of Maldonado. Another new fastest lap from Hamilton.

    Lap 8
  • Grosjean loses it at Turn 19 as he slides off. He gets back onto the track and he nearly bumps into Schumacher and Massa, who are scrapping over P8. Perez now also wants a piece of the action and the Sauber eases past the Lotus. Grosjean causing plenty of excitement at the moment.

    Lap 7
  • Vettel responds to Hamilton's previous lap as he sets a new fastest lap. Button tries a move on Maldonado and he makes it sticks. The McLaren driver is up to P13. Grosjean also tried a move on Hulkenberg. He got past the Force India, but he went too wide and the German managed to win back the place.

    Lap 7
  • Hamilton is on the charge as he sets a new fastest lap of 1:45.497. A little further down the grid, Grosjean has caught up with Hulkenberg while Raikkonen and Di Resta have managed to get past Schumacher. The German is slipping away and he will soon have Massa on his tail.

    Lap 6
  • Lewis takes second off Webber, yee-haw. Can he close the gap to Vettel or can Alonso catch up to the Australian?

    Lap 5
  • Hamilton fights back against Webber as he ducks on the inside at Turn 11 and for a moment it looks like he's past the Red Bull, but he slides off the track and he is forced to let Webber go. I'm sure he will have another go on the next lap.

    Lap 4
  • At the front of the pack, Alonso is already five seconds behind the race leader. Vettel shows off his pace with a fastest lap of 1:46.344. His Red Bull team-mate is 1.4s behind his.

    Lap 3
  • Scrap that as Hulkenberg pulls off a smooth passing move on Schumacher to move up to P5. Raikkonen now also wants to have a piece of the action, but Schumacher fights back. Grosjean gets sneaky and dives on the inside of both of them.

    Lap 2
  • Here's the top 10 after the opening lap. Vettel, Webber, Hamilton, Alonso, Schumacher, Hulkenberg, Raikkonen, Grosjean, Di Resta and Massa.

    Lap 2
  • Good start from Vettel, but even better news is the fact that Webber has managed to get in front of Hamilton. Alonso has moved up to fourth place and he is pushing the McLaren of Hamilton very hard.

    Lap 1
  • And they are away for the inaugural US GP in Texas. Vettel gets a clean start. Hamilton is trying to hold Webber. Alonso is up to fourth already. Raikkonen goes wide and he loses a couple of places. A Sauber also runs off the track.

  • Pole-sitter Vettel leads the pack away for the formation lap. Hamilton with an American flag on his helmet. Vettel also has something to do with the American flag on his.

  • The track temperature is 31 degrees Celsius. It's a pretty hot day in Austin at the moment. The crowd is doing the Mexican Wave. There were over 60 000 people at Friday practice and 125 000 are expected for today's race. That's pretty impressive.

  • Some final tweaks being made as the drivers start to climb into their cars ahead of the inaugural United States Grand Prix.

  • Time for the American anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner. It is being sung by a famous country singer. That is followed by some sky-diving with an American flag tied to his foot. Here's hoping he doesn't land on someone's car, like what happened in Nascar the other week. Oh there is Patrick Dempsey, the Grey's Anatomy actor.

  • Back to the Championship battle, if Vettel wins this race then Alonso has to finish at least fourth to keep the race for the title alive. A P2 from the Red Bull driver and Alonso must be eighth while a third place from Vettel means the Spaniard must finish in the top 10.

  • Has anybody mentioned Turn 1 yet? It's the most-talked about Turn aside from Turn 19, but let's start at the start. Drivers climb 41m to enter a blind left-hander and everyone is expecting chaos, crashes, confusion. Ah we can hope because none of this will happen today. You know how it's like. Moving onto Turn 19, another left-hander. For some reason the drivers can't stay on the track here. Instead of turning left, they seem to go straight, but thank goodness there is a massive run-off area. It looks cool though. There are some turns in between of course, but those are the highlights. And now you know.

  • Vettel has been the man to catch the whole weekend. Hamilton proved in qualifying why he is rated so highly with a good lap, but not quite good enough to match the German. Elsewhere there were brilliant displays from Raikkonen, Schumacher and Hulkenberg in qualifying.

  • Back to more important things like the revised top 10. Here goes: Vettel, Hamilton, Webber, Raikkonen, Schumacher, Hulkenberg, Alonso, Grosjean, Maldonado and Senna.

  • Well, you can criticise Ferrari all you like for 'favouring' Alonso and ruining Massa's race before it even started, but you have to give it to them for creativity. There is a Championship on the line here, remember. Now if only Red Bull would respond by 'messing' with Webber's gearbox seal, which would see him drop to eighth - one place behind Alonso. Nah, scrap that as it would mean he would start in front of his two favourite 'friends' Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado.

  • Why the clean side? Well the Circuit of the Americas track is hosting its inaugural grand prix this weekend which means - like with any new track - it is very slippery and dirty. However, over the course of the weekend the drivers have cleaned the racing line which is where pole position and the rest of the odd numbers on the grid line up. So being on the dirty side is a major hindrance.

  • Before we get down to the track this breaking news just in: Ferrari have intentionally broken the seal on Felipe Massa's gearbox in order to incur a five-place grid penalty. This has dropped Massa to 11th and elevated Fernando Alonso to seventh - and the clean side of the grid.

  • Welcome to coverage of the United States GP, round 19 of the 2012 F1 World Championship. All times are local.