• That marks the end of an excellent Bahrain Grand Prix. Congratulations to podium finishers Vettel, Raikkonen and Grosjean. Thank you for your company and do join us again in a couple of weeks for the Spanish GP.

  • Mark Webber finished P4 and Nico Rosberg was behind him, but the Mercedes driver had to back off and he also parked his car immediately. Di Resta, meanwhile, managed to hold off Alonso to finish P6. Hamilton crossed the finish line in P8 and he was followed by Massa and Schumacher.

    Lap 57
  • Sebastian Vettel takes his Red Bull car around the final corner and crosses the finish line to claim his first win of the season. Raikkonen finishes second and Grosjean is P3. Vettel is told to immediately park his car. Brilliant double podium finish for Lotus.

    Lap 57
  • The McLaren crew are out in the pit lane and they are making space to withdraw a car. It is for Button. The 2009 World Champion won't score any points.

    Lap 57
  • No points for Williams today as Bruno Senna also parks his car.

    Lap 57
  • Vettel seems to have this race wrapped up as he has opened a gap of over three seconds over Raikkonen.

    Lap 56
  • Button's misfortune means Schumacher moves into the points in P10.

    Lap 56
  • Di Resta's tyres are shot and Button is now having a look at the Force India driver. Button is having a problem and is forced to make a pit stop. Looks like he has a puncture. He drops to P13.

    Lap 55
  • Hamilton has managed to close the gap on Alonso in P9, but the Ferrari driver is doing more than enough to keep his former team-mate at bay.

    Lap 54
  • Rosberg finally takes the place from Di Resta. The Mercedes driver had a lock-up, but he managed to make it stick.

    Lap 53
  • Rosberg is still struggling to get past Di Resta and he will soon have Button on his tail. Vettel, meanwhile, is still doing enough to keep Raikkonen at bay.

    Lap 52
  • Rosberg is keeps the pressure on Di Resta on in the DRS zone, but he doesn't do enough to get past the Force India.

    Lap 51
  • The gap between Di Resta and Rosberg is less than one second. There is not much that the Force India driver can do as his tyres are shot, but he does enough to keep him behind for another lap.

    Lap 50
  • The fifth-placed Paul di Resta is starting to feel the pressure from Rosberg.

    Lap 50
  • The gap between the top two is 2.6seconds at the moment. Can Raikkonen do it?

    Lap 49
  • Vettel has come up to some backmarkers, but he easily gets past the Caterham of Petrov. Raikkonen will soon have to do the same. Raikkonen took another half a second out of Vettel on this lap.

    Lap 48
  • Raikkonen is told that the tyres on Vettel's car is going off quicker than his and is being urged to put more pressure on the Red Bull driver.

    Lap 47
  • Schumacher has a look at Kobayashi, but he can't get past. Perez has now joined the battle between these two. Schumacher finally gets past the Japanese driver. Kobayashi, whose tyres are going off, gives way to his team-mate as well.

    Lap 46
  • Schumacher is in the hunt for points as he is on the back of Kobayashi in P11. The Japanese driver in turn is not too far behind Massa.

    Lap 45
  • The two-stopping Di Resta is in P5 and he has an eight-second lead over Rosberg. His tyres will be going soon and it will be interesting to see if he can hold off the Mercedes driver.

    Lap 44
  • Vettel's lead over Raikkonen has gone from less than one second to over three seconds in the space of a couple of laps.

    Lap 43
  • Vettel has opened up a gap over Raikkonen. Looks like Raikkonen is trying to save his tyres, while his team-mate Grosjean is making up some time on him.

    Lap 43
  • Hamilton is really finding some pace in the latter stages of the race and he manages to pass Kamui Kobayashi for P9. Massa is now having a look at the Kobayashi and he has no problems going past him.

    Lap 42
  • Lotus are looking good for a 2-3 finish as Grosjean makes his final pitstop and rejoins in P3. Just behind his team-mate Raikkonen.

    Lap 42
  • The stewards will investigate an unsafe release from Ferrari (for Fernando Alonso) after the race. The Spaniard nearly made contact with the Sauber of Perez in the pits.

    Lap 41
  • Vettel managed to get past backmarker Kovailainen immediately after his stop and that might give him a big lift as Raikkonen still has to get past the Caterham driver.

    Lap 41
  • Vettel and Raikkonen pit at the same time. Good stop from both Red Bull and Lotus and they head out in P1 and P2 respectively.

    Lap 41
  • Massa pits and rejoins in P11, just behind Hamilton. Some pace from the McLaren driver as he sets the fastest lap, 1:37.733.

    Lap 40
  • The front two enter the DRS zone again, but Vettel has once again given himself just a big enough gap to hold on. Button pits from P5 and Alonso from P6. Straightforward stops from both drivers.

    Lap 39
  • Rosberg pits from P6 and Hamilton comes in from P9. Clean stop from McLaren this time and Hamilton gets away cleanly.

    Lap 39
  • Vettel is told he can use every inch of the engine to keep Raikkonen behind him. He's done enough, well for this lap at least as the Lotus driver is too far back to attack in the DRS zone.

    Lap 38
  • The front two are in the DRS zone, but he's not close enough. Or is he? He goes on the inside, but he can't quite make it as Vettel just moves in.

    Lap 37
  • Raikkonen is getting closer and closer to Vettel. He has a little look at Turn 1, but he's not quite close enough. Grosjean has dropped more than eight seconds off his team-mate's pace.

    Lap 36
  • Di Resta stops from P4 for what should be his second and final stop. That means he will be going 24 laps on this set of tyres.

    Lap 35
  • Will it be Vettel or will it be Raikkonen? Both drivers are yet to win in Bahrain. The gap is now less than one second.

    Lap 34
  • The Lotus of Raikkonen is flying and he is now just over a second behind race leader Vettel. He is lapping much faster than the Red Bull driver.

    Lap 33
  • The Sauber mechanics are out in the pitlane and Kobayashi ducks in. Alonso looks like he is about to follow the Sauber driver into the pits, but he stays out.

    Lap 33
  • There's an interesting battle developing for P9 as Massa is right behind his Ferrari team-mate with Lewis Hamilton not far behind.

    Lap 32
  • Rosberg is closing up on Kobayashi, whose tyres are going, in P7. They will soon be in the DRS zone. Rosberg goes on the inside and the Sauber driver can't do much then to give way.

    Lap 31
  • Hamilton is stuck in P11 after his two disastrous pit stops. We are about to have Hamilton v Massa round 100. The McLaren driver is told that Massa's strategy is the same as his.

    Lap 31
  • Here is a look at the top 10: Vettel, Raikkonen, Grosjean, Webber, Di Resta (who is yet to stop for a second time), Button, Kobayashi, Rosberg, Alonso and Massa.

    Lap 30
  • Stewards will investigate the incident between Rosberg and Alonso after the race. Rosberg will have a busy time after the race.

    Lap 29
  • Back at the front of the grid, Vettel is still leading, but Raikkonen is catching up with him.

    Lap 29
  • Maldonado has been forced to retire after damaging his car during that off-track excursion.

    Lap 29
  • Alonso complaining over the team radio that he's not happy with how Rosberg pushed him off the track.

    Lap 28
  • Pastor Maldonado had an off-track excursion a few laps ago and he picked up a puncture and was forced to nurse his car into the pitlane.

    Lap 28
  • Vettel pits and he rejoins in what is an effective P1, but Raikkonen has been the big winner in this pitstop window as he is now not too far behind the Red Bull driver.

    Lap 27
  • The Rosberg-Alonso battle continues and the Mercedes driver pushes the Spaniard onto the edge of the track. It looked like the Ferrari driver had four wheels off the track there. Rosberg holds firm, but he might yet be penalised.

    LP 26
  • Grosjean is back up to P2, but that is because his team-mate Raikkonen has made his second pit stop.

    Lap 26
  • Alonso catches up with Rosberg and he has go on the inside, but the Mercedes driver holds firm.

    Lap 25
  • Hamilton makes his second pit stop and it is yet another slow stop as there was a problem with the rear jack. Nightmare pitstops from McLaren.

    Lap 25
  • Back to the Raikkonen-Grosjean battle. There is no fighting from Grosjean as Raikkonen eases past to claim P2. Kimi is looking really good for a podium finish.

    Lap 24
  • At the front, Raikkonen is now right behind his team-mate in second place. A bit behind them, Button pits from P6. Clean stop from McLaren this time. Rosberg and Massa are also into the pits.

    Lap 23
  • Di Resta moves from P12 into P10 in one move. Malondado runs wide and that gives the Force India driver an opportunity to go past. He then joins the fight between Perez and Massa and the Sauber driver makes a mistake and he gains another place.

    Lap 22
  • Raikkonen is now closing in on his team-mate Grosjean.

    Lap 22
  • Stewards will have a look at the incident between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg after the race.

    Lap 21
  • Schumacher is struggling to get past Di Resta, who in turn is having a go at Pastor Maldonado in P11. Di Resta complains that the Venezuelan is weaving all over the place.

    Lap 20
  • The top 10 cars are covered by 26 seconds. So it is still a very close fight, but it does look like Vettel has everything under control.

    Lap 20
  • Petrov goes past Toro Rosso's Ricciardo and moves up to 18th place. He quickly opens up a good gap to the Australian.

    Lap 19
  • Lewis Hamilton has been told that they are moving over to 'Plan B'. Not sure what Plan B is.

    Lap 19
  • Tough afternoon so far for Mercedes with Chinese GP winner Nico Rosberg in P10 and team-mate Michael Schumacher up to P14 after starting in 22nd place on the grid.

    Lap 18
  • Another fastest lap from Raikkonen as he goes around the track in a 1:38. Vettel is still leading though and he has a five-second advantage over Grosjean.

    Lap 17
  • Here's a sign of how well Raikkonen is doing. He just sat the fastest lap, a 1:39.088. Vettel leads and he is followed by Lotus drivers Grosjean and Raikkonen.

    Lap 16
  • Grosjean goes past Paul di Resta, but the Force India driver ducks into the pitlane for his first stop.

    Lap 15
  • Hamilton is now right on Alonso's tail. He goes on the inside on Turn 1 and there's not much that the Ferrari driver can do. Button is next in Hamilton's sights.

    Lap 15
  • Raikkonen has a look on the inside of Mark Webber who is P5. Raikkonen has another go on the inside and this time he makes it stick. Lotus are on fire as Grosjean is still behind Vettel.

    Lap 14
  • Vettel is back in P1 after easily going past Paul di Resta, who is yet to stop. That tells you how quickly Vettel is driving.

    Lap 13
  • Alonso and Button battling over P7. Button gets in front of the Ferrari after going on the inside. Alonso looks to hit back immediately, but the McLaren driver looks like he is away. Hamilton now has Alonso in his sights.

    Lap 12
  • Sebastian Vettel finally makes his pit stop and he comes out in P2, which is effectively P1 as Paul di Resta is yet to stop. There is clear air in front of him.

    Lap 12
  • Hamilton wants to know over the team radio 'what happened there guys' and he is told there was a problem with the left rear. He's also reminded that 'there is still a long way to go in this race'.

    Lap 11
  • Hamilton came out in P7 and he was just behind Nico Rosberg. There was a window of opportunity to overtake the Mercedes driver, but he ran too wide.

    Lap 11
  • Webber and Alonso make clean stops and they are away quickly, but it is another shocking pit stop from McLaren as Hamilton is held up by a problem with the left-rear tyre.

    Lap 10
  • Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari are out in the pitlane.

    Lap 10
  • Button, Massa and Rosberg all pit. The McLaren driver is onto the harder tyres. Looks like Massa also changed to the mediums.

    Lap 9
  • After taking Button, Raikkonen has now set his sights on the Ferrari of Alonso. They will be in the DRS zone soon and as usual it is like taking candy from a kid.

    Lap 9
  • Raikkonen has eased passed Button in P7 with the McLaren driver complaining that his tyres are falling away.

    Lap 8
  • Grosjean is flying and is now right on the tail of the McLaren. He eases past Hamilton in the DRS zone and he is up to P2. What a drive from the Frenchman so far.

    Lap 7
  • Yesterday's big winner, Dan Ricciardo, has had a shocking start and has dropped to P17.

    Lap 6
  • Lotus are having a very good day so far as Grosjean has caught up with Lewis Hamilton and he will soon be inside the DRS zone. Not quite close enough this lap.

    Lap 6
  • Raikkonen has caught up with Massa again and they are side-by-side. The Finn has a look on the inside and he easily passes the Ferrari driver. So Raikkonen is back up to P7.

    Lap 5
  • Ferrari are the big winners in the early stages of the race as Alonso is now running P5 and Massa P8. Rosberg was the biggest loser as he dropped to P9. He was squeezed onto the curb and didn't have anywhere to go.

    Lap 4
  • Out in front, Vettel has built a lead of nearly three seconds. Webber is less than one second behind Hamilton with Grosjean less than one second behind the Red Bull driver. Grosjean uses the DRS to go past the Australian.

    Lap 4
  • Welcome back Felipe Massa as he goes on the inside of former Ferrari team-mate Kimi Raikkonen. The Lotus driver tries to come back, but the Brazillian is having none of it and keeps P7.

    Lap 3
  • Vernge, Maldonado and Schumacher are battling for 14th place. The Williams driver has a go, but Schumacher tries to take advantage and they are also running three aside.

    Lap 2
  • Heikki Kovalainen enters the pit lane with a puncture as he was clearly one of those involved in the incident on lap 1.

    Lap 2
  • There has been contact and pieces of body work flying around. Not quite sure yet who touched who. Will let you know as soon as things calm down.

    Lap 1
  • Vettel leads with Hamilton slotting into second. Webber tries to challenge. Grosjean enters the mix, taking P4 with Alonso up to fifth. Wow! They are running three abreast. Lot's of drivers locking up breaks and kicking off dust as they go off the line. Raikkonen attacks Button and Rosberg, who has had an appalling start.

    Lap 1
  • Bruno Senna has gone his pit box.

  • The top 11 drivers are all on the same compound, the softs. Even Alonso who didn't set a time in qualifying, which meant he could pick either compound, has opted for a quick start over a longer first stint. Kamui Kobayashi is the only one on the medium tyres.

  • The cars are fired up and off they go around the Sakhir circuit for the formation lap.

  • Time to put the game face on. The drivers are all in their cars and are ready to roll.

  • Most teams have hinted that they will be going for three-stop strategies this afternoon, but some have suggested they might go for four. Jenson Button isn't giving McLaren's game away, saying: 'Ours is complicated. I don't really know what I'm doing yet.'

  • It is national anthem time at the Sakhir circuit. They've roped in a bunch of kids to sing the anthem. Lovely touch getting the children involved.

  • Romain Grosjean, starting in P7, outqualified his more illustrious team-mate Kimi Raikkonen, who is down in P11. Williams, who will once again be looking to get both cars into the top 10, have Bruno Senna in P15 and Pastor Maldonado qualified P17, but will start P21 after changing his gearbox.

  • Back to the grid and one of the most impressive performances on Saturday came from Daniel Ricciardo of Toro Rosso who qualified sixth, but Ferrari's qualifying woes continued with Fernando Alonso only P9 and Felipe Massa P14.

  • Here's Mike Gascoyne's take on the weather via Twitter. '5 mins to pit lane opening, still some very light rain around but nothing that will wet the track. Drivers getting in the cars now'.

  • Say what? It very, very dark in Bahrain and there's a real possibility of rain today. Yes, you read right. There could be rain in Bahrain... we've wanted to use that one our whole life. Rain in Bahrain! We have to type it out often as we might not get another chance to do so.

  • Michael Schumacher, who qualified 18th, will be starting in 22nd place on the grid after changing his gearbox. His team-mate and Chinese GP winner Nico Rosberg might only be starting P5, but he saved an extra set of tyres and also claims his car is set up for the race.

  • Is this the day that Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull return to the top? After struggling in qualifying in the first three races, they suddenly came alive at Sakhir circuit on Saturday with Vettel claiming P1 and team-mate Mark Webber P3. They are split by Lewis Hamilton with his McLaren team-mate in P4.

  • Welcome to coverage of the Bahrain Grand Prix. Despite the concerns in the build-up to the weekend, round four of the F1 Championship is going ahead as planned and we'll bring you all the action from the 57-lap grand prix. All times are local.