Silverstone Circuit


Silverstone Circuit

A trade-off for securing that long-term future has been some major redevelopment work around the circuit in recent years, with substantial changes to the track made and a new pit and paddock building constructed.

The Silverstone Wing - as the new pits are known - was a key factor in pacifying Bernie Ecclestone's longstanding criticism of circuit facilities - particularly the small garages, dated media centre and tired hospitality units.

That said, the new 'Arena' section of the track has received mixed reviews. The old Abbey chicane was one of the best overtaking spots on the track, whilst the sight of cars darting under the bridge and taking a flat-out right-hander as they entered the complex was arguably the highlight of any visit.

Richard Phillips, Silverstone's managing director, admitted: "Some will miss not seeing modern cars accelerating through Bridge," whilst former BRDC president turned Sky Sports F1 HD pundit Damon Hill said: "'If you are asking me to say it's fantastic, I'm afraid I am not going to do that. It is fast, exciting corners that drivers love. It is what fans love."

Even with DRS on the now-used National Straight, Brooklands is not a natural overtaking spot - as any touring car fan will vouch. But while decommissioning one of the best sections of the track was undoubtedly a shame, an equally-pertinent retort, however, is that it's small price to pay for Silverstone's long-term participation in F1 being guaranteed.

The race had already long secured its place as of the most prized assets on the F1 calendar. The kind of passion generated by the loyal and knowledgeable British fan base, and the rich history attached to the event, are assets that some of the sport's newer venues would dearly love to recreate.

  • Circuit length:5.901 km
  • Lap Record:F Alonso (2011)
  • Laps:52
  • Most wins (Drivers):Clark (3)
  • Most wins (Constructors):Williams (3)