Lambert wants to stay at Villa

  • Last Updated: May 5 2014, 10:18 BST

Paul Lambert insists he wants to remain in charge of Aston Villa next season, but says his future will depend on owner Randy Lerner.

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The club's American owner is due to issue a statement later this month, clarifying his own position, and Lambert admits that he does not know about his own future until he knows Lerner's intentions.

But Lambert is adamant that he wants to stay on at Villa Park - after they secured their Premier League status with a win over Hull City at the weekend.

Asked if he would be staying, Lambert said: "I hope so, that is what I want to do, but you'll know when the chairman says what he is going to do.

"The next step is for the chairman to come out and say. We had to get over the line and then the chairman will come out and say what he will.

"Albeit the last couple of years have been tough. I think the chairman has said himself I have had to work within the parameters he has set between me and him. You either take the challenge on or bottle it.

"Whatever happens, I'm too long in the tooth to think about it. Whatever happens is going to happen.

''You would love to do it, it is a brilliant club to drive on. That's why I said the most important thing for this club was to stay in this league."

On when Lerner will make his statement, Lambert added: "The season finishes on Sunday and I am pretty sure he will say it after that.

"You saw the statement as well as myself. I respect the chairman's statement and what he is going to say.

"It will bring clarity, and it will not be a problem whatever way he wants to play it himself.

''I will respect his decision, no problem with that whatsoever. Randy is a really top guy and I've said before it is his club."

Lambert admits life has not been easy in recent weeks, but admits there is nothing he can do about that.

"You adapt to it, that is a manager's life," he said.

"From one problem you probably go and find another one. I will see what happens.

"All you can do is plan for tomorrow. But that is part and parcel of being a manager."