Uneasy truce at Cardiff

  • Last Updated: December 23 2013, 14:12 GMT

Malky Mackay is expected to meet the media on Monday with his future resolved for the "foreseeable future".

Malky Mackay: Expected to face the media on Monday
Malky Mackay: Expected to face the media on Monday

It was expected the Scot would be flicking through 'situations vacant' two days before Christmas rather than preparing for Cardiff's Boxing Day clash with Southampton.

An e-mail from controversial owner Vincent Tan telling him to resign or be sacked prompted Mackay to say he was going nowhere, and the writing seemed to be on the wall.

But on Sunday the day was saved by chairman Mehmet Dalman who has bought enough time off Tan to try and repair his boss' relationship with Mackay.

"As things stand Malky is in charge for the foreseeable future and will be until something else happens. I don't want to go game by game on this, with people asking if he will be in charge," Dalman said in a statement.

"The crisis for the time being is over. The emphasis as of today is for us to create space and dialogue."

As such, Mackay is expected to face the media and ensure there is no repeat of the cat-and-mouse antics of Friday when assistant David Kerslake was put up for interrogation.

"I have spoken to Vincent Tan and he has agreed I can go in to bat to try to bring a solution to this situation," Dalman added.

"The important thing is that we try to find a way through this predicament. There's good will on Vincent's side. I've not had a chance to talk to Malky just yet, but I will obviously do that as well.

"We need to have further dialogue to see if we can get through this together for the good of the club, which is the most important thing."

On Tan's agenda this week is a meeting with Cardiff's fans.

The Malaysian is meeting with members of the supporters' trusts and clubs in a bid to build some bridges and the fans are now hoping for a sense of unity to fall on the Bluebirds.

"I think most fans were expecting the dreaded announcement today or tomorrow that Malky would be relieved of his duties so it is surprising. I think the strength of feeling, shown at the game, also comments by other managers across Britain, had some sort of influence as well," the trust's Phil Nifield told Press Association Sport.

"We have got a meeting with Vincent Tan which was arranged before the e-mail debacle became public and that will take place on Saturday.

"We are hoping that will lead to a much better dialogue with the fans. We strongly believe he needs to rebuild a relationship with the fans and one way of doing that would be to announce that from next season we will be returning to play in blue.

"I think he has a lot to do to get the fans back on his side. We were delighted with his financial support, but this issue with Malky... Malky has done a fantastic job and has the support of the fans and we need to pull together."

There was unity in the stands at least on Saturday, with the Cardiff fans serenading Mackay and Tan with an adapted version of Billy Ray Cyrus' 'Achy Breaky Heart'.

'Don't sack Mackay, Malky Mackay, I just don't think you understand. And if you sack Mackay, Malky Mackay, you'll have a riot on your hands' they sang, to applause from the Liverpool fans as well.

"He (Tan) probably has underestimated (the reaction)," Nifield added.

"He's not used to, in Malaysia, people challenging his views and a major part of the problem is he's not involved himself in any dialogue with supporters' groups.

"He's issued statements without any consideration of the fans and I hope one lesson he learns is to communicate on a regular basis with the fans."

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