Prem bosses bemoan friendlies timing

  • Last Updated: August 14 2012, 9:47 BST

Premier League managers Chris Hughton and Nigel Adkins have expressed their frustration at the timing of this week's international fixtures but do not expect the same thing to happen next season.

Chris Hughton: It's a frustrating time

Many international players will return to their clubs as late as Friday ahead of the start of the new campaign this weekend after featuring in friendly games on Wednesday.

New Norwich boss Hughton, who will lose four players to international duty ahead of the Canaries' Premier League opener against Fulham on Saturday, is among the managers who feels clubs suffer from having the fixtures so close to the start of the domestic season.

He told Sky Sports: "It's a frustrating time.

"Us at Norwich, we lose four players, and I suppose in some ways we've gotten away a little bit lightly. But you've got some players that will be playing on Wednesday night that don't return to their clubs until Friday. Not a good time.

"Certainly, if we have to play this game, can we play the games on Tuesday as opposed to Wednesday."

Southampton manager Adkins will see his side mark their return to the top flight with a tough encounter against reigning champions Manchester City on Sunday.

The boss has echoed Hughton in bemoaning the timing of the international fixtures but expects a change to be implemented for next year.

"I don't think anyone is happy with it, but that's the reality," he said. "We've got two players away as it is, on international duty.

"You've just got to abide by the rule. I know that rule is going to change in the future, because that's been discussed.

"I think you'll find that it's already been changed. That's in place.

"But that's what it is, and you get on with it."

Adkins added: "From my point of view, we've got a game at the weekend against Manchester City. We've got two players away on international duty now. They'll be back with us, all being well, raring to go and looking forward to the weekend's game."