Rangers debts settled, says Green

  • Last Updated: August 13 2012, 17:20 BST

Rangers claim they have settled all debts currently owed to Scottish football clubs dating back to when the original company went into administration.

Charles Green: Says Rangers have settled debts

The only further payment owed by the Scottish club, which went into liquidation earlier this summer, is not due to be paid to Hearts until July next year and the club intends to settle that bill nearer the time.

Chief executive Charles Green, quoted on the club's official website, said: "As of now, Rangers do not owe other Scottish clubs a penny.

"These debts were incurred prior to the club going into administration and there was no obligation on the consortium buying the club to pick them up.

"From the outset, I have made it clear that I firmly believe the correct thing for the club to do is settle these football debts as a priority and we kept our word.

"That is what we have done and substantial funds were lodged with the SFA 10 days ago to be discharged to settle the outstanding debts.

"Furthermore, the club was given a written commitment from the SPL in May that it would settle an outstanding debt to Dundee United.

"It was frustrating to be informed by the SFA several days after they received the funds that they did not wish to be a 'clearing house' and in fact wanted us to settle the debts directly. Arrangements were then put in place by the club."