UEFA proposes new injury rule

  • Last Updated: May 14 2014, 13:32 BST

UEFA has proposed a new rule where a player could be temporarily removed from the pitch if a foul they committed injures another player.

Pierluigi Collina: Spoke about the proposed rule change
Pierluigi Collina: Spoke about the proposed rule change

Referees chief Pierluigi Collina, speaking at a UEFA meeting in Turin, said the change would be put forward to the International Football Association Board at the start of next year.

"We're going to propose this new rule to IFAB, whereby the player who causes the injury temporarily leaves the pitch as long as the injured player is being treated off the park," said Collina.

"Maybe in the future we could tell the player (who committed the foul) to leave the field as well, and (they both) enter the field together, when the other player is ready.

"The current system isn't fair. The player who commits the foul is only cautioned and stays on the pitch while the team with the injured player is left a man down.

"It effectively gives an advantage to the other team."

Collina said the proposal only concerned fouls deemed "dangerous" and worthy of a yellow card.

UEFA plans to submit the proposal to the IFAB at their next meeting which is set to be held between February and March 2015.