Mancini: City out to dominate

  • Last Updated: September 1 2012, 7:05 BST

Roberto Mancini is looking for Manchester City to dominate English football for the next 15 years.

Roberto Mancini: Wants City to stay on top for years to come

Mancini will relive last season's thrilling climax on Saturday evening when he side host QPR - the same fixture which they won 3-2 in injury time last season to clinch the title.

Memories of Sergio Aguero's late winner will come flooding back and Mancini, who has signed a new five-year contract since that triumph, does not dare ponder how different life might have been without it.

He said: "I never think about this; probably at this moment you would be talking to another manager!

"But we didn't win the championship in the last second. We won the last championship during all the season because we deserved to win the last championship. We did better than all the other teams.

"Football is strange and beautiful for this. In the last game we had 44 chances to score, they had three and they scored two goals.

"We had a problem with our heart but in the end it was good."

Mancini is now building for a successful long-term future at the club.

The Italian said: "In the history of football, it can happen you can win one title every 30 years.

"But it is important for us we work well because we want to stay on the top for a long time. We want to stay there for 10 years, 15 years."

Mancini expects QPR - like City, a busy club in the transfer market with 12 signings - to be just as tough as they were in May, but wants to win without any of the drama this time.

He said: "I hope this year we can do the same result but not concede one or two goals again. It is important we win this game but we know it will be difficult. It will be the same.

"QPR have bought more players, I think they are better this year."