Blatter praise for loyal Giggs

  • Last Updated: March 1 2013, 18:42 GMT

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has paid tribute to Ryan Giggs' loyalty as the Manchester United winger looks forward to playing his 1,000th professional match.

Blatter praise for loyal Giggs

Blatter congratulated Giggs on his achievement and said the 39-year-old was an example to all players.

"I think this is courageous determination of a player not to change his club, to put his heart into the club. This is what the essence of football was at the time and you belong to this club, you will never change this club," said Blatter.

"Nowadays, not only of the transfer system but also because there is so much money in football, you play half a season for one club and half a season for the other.

"Everyone should take an example of Ryan Giggs because what he has done is really, really wonderful, amazing.

"It is difficult to believe someone can play a 1,000 matches, and most of these matches (931) he played with the same team.

"I can only bow and say compliments, I do hope you will enjoy your 1,000th game and you will especially enjoy the future. Enjoy the game, but enjoy life."