McAnuff wants UEFA statement

  • Last Updated: October 19 2012, 13:16 BST

UEFA must deliver an emphatic statement against racism if they are to stamp it out of the European game, according to Reading captain Jobi McAnuff.

Jobi McAnuff: Unimpressed by UEFA's efforts so far

McAnuff was referring to the ugly scenes at the under-21 international between England and Serbia in Krusevac on Tuesday, where a mass confrontation broke out at the final whistle amid accusations of racism from the stands towards England left-back Danny Rose.

UEFA subsequently announced charges against both the Serbian federation and the Football Association for the improper conduct of their players, and against the Serbs for "alleged racist chanting" by fans.

McAnuff is unimpressed by UEFA's attempts so far to address a problem that thrives in certain parts of Europe.

"Racism is something that seems to be recurring in certain parts of the world," he said.

"It's not surprising and that's the disappointing thing. There's a history of it (in Serbia) and in other nations in that region.

"It's just another bad example of racism, point blank. The fact they (the Serbian federation) have come out and said there wasn't any is pretty farcical.

"Until we have a real statement from UEFA, and not just small fines being handed out, it will just carry on.

"The punishments have to be a lot harsher. Nicklas Bendtner was fined £80,000 for wearing sponsored underwear while in the past Spain were fined just over £40,000 for racist chanting (at Euro 2012).

"That's almost half - and all Bendtner did was show his boxers.

"There needs to be a zero-tolerance approach to racism across the board, otherwise it will just linger on.

"These teams shouldn't be able to hold matches if they can't stamp it out.

"In places like that they don't think it's a problem or anything out of the ordinary.

"To be racially abused to that degree in this day and age is shocking. It's not something you'd expect on the street, and if it did happen on the street.....

"It's a massive compliment to the boys the way they dealt with it."

The Serbian federation said yesterday it would request statements from all its national team players and officials involved in Tuesday night's match to see if disciplinary action should be taken.

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