Scudamore: Terry case took too long

  • Last Updated: September 28 2012, 12:49 BST

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore believes the Football Association could have dealt with the John Terry racial abuse case more swiftly than they did.

Richard Scudamore: Things should have been sorted earlier

The Chelsea captain was handed a four-match ban on Thursday and fined £220,000 by the FA after an independent regulatory commission found him guilty of using racist language towards QPR defender Anton Ferdinand.

The original incident occurred in a Premier League game at QPR on October 23 last year, meaning it took over 11 months for the case to reach its conclusion. There is also the possibility of an appeal from Terry to come once he is in receipt of the written judgment.

Terry was found not guilty at Westminster Magistrates' Court in July of a racially-aggravated public order offence in connection with the same incident.

The FA were not prepared to begin their own disciplinary process until the court dealt with the case, but Scudamore does not see why that was a necessary step.

He told the Daily Telegraph: "The fact is, the criminal justice system has had a look at it and decided and the football system, which is a different test and I respect the fact the FA has to look at it, has also decided.

"It is very difficult, but my concern is the length of time that this takes because we have been sitting here, unable to move on and unable to get clarity. We have to work out a way of doing these things earlier.

"If the argument is that these (charges) are completely separate, irrespective of what the courts decide, if football's test is different, why can't we decide (the outcome) if it is a completely different test?

"I don't quite know why one has to wait for the other if the tests are completely different.

"It would have been much better for everybody, whether the outcome is positive or negative, if it was done quickly."

Players' chief Gordon Taylor also claimed the length of time taken for the FA to deal with the case has caused divisions which may never be healed.

Taylor, chief executive of the Professional Footballers' Association, said the delay had caused the issue to "fester" within football.

Taylor said: "Almost 12 months on and the John Terry case was still not heard by the FA until the day after Luis Suarez shook hands with Patrice Evra at Anfield.

"Such a delay has allowed the matter to fester and cause divisions in the football family which will take a long time to heal - if they ever do.

"We have to move on now and move on together and continue our focus to eradicate racism from the game and society.

"There should be new educational processes for all players - young and old, and for managers and directors.

"There should be equitable recruitment processes, and a fast-track disciplinary process that does not allow for delays or holding off at the request of the Crown Prosecution Service."