Jonas studying central role

  • Last Updated: September 7 2012, 18:33 BST

Jonas Gutierrez says he is working hard to improve his game so that he can operate more effectively in the heart of Newcastle's midfield.

Jonas Gutierrez: Enjoying his role in central midfield

Gutierrez is known as a versatile performer and, although he usually plays on the wing, he has been asked to fill a number of different roles over the years.

The Argentina international has had to play in the middle this season and he says he is studying the world's best in a bid to get better.

"I have never played in the centre of midfield before, or maybe I did a long time ago, but not recently," he told the Newcastle Evening Chronicle.

"It is something all players may have to do this season with the extra games."

Gutierrez accepts that he may not be able to produce man-of-the-match performances in his new position, but he hopes to remain consistent.

He explained: "My attitude is that I try to play at least 7/10. I try to do the job the manager wants me to do. Maybe I won't be spectacular in that role, but I know that I will do a good job.

"I try to improve, when I have been given this role I try to watch other players who have played this position.

"It is the most important thing in football - you need to understand where you need to be at certain moments in the game.

"When I play left-back, central midfield, in the No.10 role, I always try to find the best position to be in.

"The biggest thing is that you need to know exactly where you should be because when you are in your normal position you do it naturally.

"So I watch the best players in the world who play in central midfield and look to them.

"I watch a lot of left-backs and central midfielders to learn about them."