Butland aims to put pressure on Hart

  • Last Updated: August 14 2012, 7:21 BST

Jack Butland has set his sights on challenging Joe Hart for the England number one spot "as soon as I can" as he prepares to make his full international debut.

Jack Butland: Could make full international debut against Italy

Birmingham keeper Butland is in contention with Norwich's John Ruddy to play in Wednesday's friendly international with Italy in Berne.

It would represent the next major step forward for 19-year-old Butland who was called into the Euro 2012 squad and was Team GB's keeper during the Olympic Games.

But Butland, although recognising he still has much to learn, is keen to push Hart, absent from the Italian clash with a slight back injury, as quickly as possible,

Butland, who has still to play a competitive game for Birmingham, said: "Joe is a fantastic keeper and I want to challenge him as soon as I can.

"Being number one for England is something I've always dreamed of doing. Joe is in there at the moment and only one can play.

"My target for the coming years is to be the biggest challenge I possibly can and stay in this squad for as long as possible because this is where I want to be for the foreseeable future.

"I want to challenge him as soon as I possibly can."

Butland also recognises he may alternate between the senior and under-21 squads to help with his development.

He said: "We've had the conversation already because there is nothing better than playing games.

"Throughout the years it's going to be a balance. Will I go on trips with the senior team and then which games will I play for the under-21s?

"I know I have to play. As fantastic an experience as it is to come away with the senior squad there is no better way to learn than play games.

"I know that situation and everyone does. There will be a lot of communication with Stuart Pearce about getting the best of both."

After embracing the Olympics and the GB team ethic, Butland is determined to keep his feet on the ground after his quickfire rise up the footballing ladder.

He said: "Things have happened so quickly for me and I'm thankful for the family I have. They are very grounded and keep my feet on the ground.

"They make sure I don't get ahead of myself, which is something I hate to see in players. The term 'big time', I hate to see that.

"That is something I am trying to avoid myself, I don't think I will have trouble doing that. I just think it's the borderline between confidence and arrogance really.

"Any professional needs to be confident in your own ability and what you can achieve, but there's a line between that and arrogance which not a lot of people step over.

"But it's a very careful line because it can taint people's views of you and, once you've lost that, it can be very difficult to get it back."

Butland enjoyed the entire Olympic experience and the chance to mix with the elite from other sports.

He said: "I think the main thing for us at the Olympics was that it wasn't just a football thing. It was Team GB and we were just a small part of that.

"We were on a level playing field with the swimmers, the athletes, the divers. I think that was a massive thing in not getting ahead of ourselves.

"It was a case of we're not special here, we're not better than anyone else. I think that was a massive part of us coming together as a team."

Before that Butland cut short a holiday in Mexico after Ruddy's broken finger handed him a Euro call-up.

He said: "I had just landed, I turned my phone on when I got in the airport and it went mad. I just knew something had happened, I didn't have to read it, so I said 'we have to go home'.

"My girlfriend was pretty gutted but we're still together! I spoke to a few of the England people and thankfully they agreed it would be unfair to call me back straight away.

"We managed five days of the 10 out there we were supposed to, which was a nice touch from their part and kept some of the parties happy!"