Duo add to Rangers exits

  • Last Updated: June 27 2012, 21:29 BST

John Fleck and Juan Manuel Ortiz added to the steady stream of players leaving Ibrox on Wednesday after objecting to the transfer of their contracts from Rangers to Charles Green's newco.

Juan Manuel Ortiz: Adds to Rangers depatures

The pair joined Allan McGregor, Steven Davis, Jamie Ness, Kyle Lafferty, Rhys McCabe, Sone Aluko, Steven Naismith and Steven Whittaker to make it 10 leaving the club so far.

Fleck spent the second half of last season on loan at Blackpool and was reported to be frustrated over a lack of contact from Green.

Employment lawyer Margaret Gribbon of Bridge Litigation said: "I also act for John Fleck and can confirm that a letter of objection has been sent to the club along with requests to the SFA to release the player's registration."

It is understood Ortiz, who is not represented by Bridge, has also submitted a letter of objection. The Spaniard signed for Rangers last summer but returned on loan to Almeria in January.

So far only Lee McCulloch, Lee Wallace and Kyle Hutton have confirmed they will stay at Ibrox ahead of the return to pre-season training on Thursday.

Dorin Goian's agent has indicated the Romanian will stay even if he has to drop a division, however it is very possible the team will have to play in the Irn-Bru Third Division next season.

Green has threatened players with legal action for breach of contract but PFA Scotland's lawyers on Tuesday night expressed belief that the football authorities would back their stance that they are all free agents under TUPE employment regulations.

Some have cited uncertainty over which division Rangers will play in next season and lack of information about Green and his investors as reasons for their decision.

Rangers legend Sandy Jardine, who spent 17 years as a player at the club and still works behind the scenes, has accused those players who are aiming to leave Ibrox for free of greed.

Jardine is angry that players are opting to walk away for free after negotiating clauses into their contracts in March that would allow them to leave for reduced transfer fees in return for accepting wage cuts of up to 75% until the end of the season.

"I am dismayed and disappointed by the actions of the players," he told Rangers TV.

"You have to say that if the players were up front and honest you would respect them more.

"What they have done is seen an opportunity - whether it is them or their agents - to maximise their income.

"The players took a salary sacrifice but for that they got clauses in their contracts which would allow them to leave on rock bottom prices if clubs came in for them.

"I have to be honest and I think the players have used our predicament to their gain.

"Ally McCoist gave a statement last week where he asked the players not to kid anyone on and to be up front and honest with the supporters."

Green's consortium purchased the business and assets of Rangers for £5.5million earlier this month after the club was consigned to liquidation.

His application to join the Scottish Premier League looks doomed and he could be forced to relaunch the club in the Irn-Bru Third Division.

A formal vote will take place on July 4 but six SPL clubs have already gone public with plans to reject the Rangers bid, with an 8-4 majority required.

Jardine added: "Of course, we as a club, don't expect international players to go down a division or a few divisions. We understand that situation.

"We would be reluctant to see them go but we would understand.

"They would move on with our best wishes and we would get a fee - albeit a rock bottom price in comparison to their market value.

"I know they made sacrifices but the gain will be huge in comparison. The unfortunate thing for us is that we get nothing.

"What we don't have an answer for is why the players simply did not adhere to the original deal and allow the club to make money from these reduced fees.

"There was an agreement reached over wage cuts and they got a great deal because they could leave for rock bottom prices and now they have seen an opportunity. In many ways it's greed.

"A lot of them are being manipulated by their agents but as Ally said, tell us the truth; be up front and honest and don't put these smokescreens up.

"I for one don't believe them and I know the vast majority of the supporters don't believe them either.

"What we have to do in our situation is to get everything sorted out, know what league we are in, know what players are staying and then start to build from there.

"If we don't have money from fees for players leaving - which we are completely entitled to - then what are we supposed to build on - fresh air?"