James Milner Welcomes Distractions

  • Last Updated: June 1 2012, 8:11 BST

James Milner has stressed the importance of England players avoiding the boredom off the pitch during Euro 2012 which appeared to affect some squad members during the 2010 World Cup.

James Milner: Players full of confidence

Midfielder Milner has welcomed England's location in Krakow, which is different to the self-built Rustenburg training camp that housed the squad under Fabio Capello in South Africa two years ago.

Wayne Rooney was amongst the players who felt the tedium while keeper David James was quoted as saying "there was always a football pitch in the background."

Milner insists England's main focus will be on trying to impress during the Euros but knows recharging the batteries is also a key factor.

The Manchester City player said: "I think we are staying more central this time as opposed to South Africa, which might be good for the lads.

"As players, we know what is expected of ourselves. When we step on the training ground and in matches, we are ready and raring to work and want to do well for England.

"But it might be good to relax and maybe go out and have a cup of coffee or play a round of golf.

"We know how to look after ourselves but you need that down time as well. You are away for a long time."

Milner added: "Is boredom the biggest obstacle to overcome? It's part of tournament football. Tournament football is different on the field but it's completely different off the pitch as well.

"You need to take your DVDs and X-Boxes and maybe have a wander around. I'm just starting to watch 'Alcatraz' so will maybe pack that one to take.

"It's important you don't feel a bit fatigued, that everything is not on top of you and it's not football, football, football. It's important getting that balance and I think we are doing that."

Milner has also welcomed being given 10 days off since helping City to win the Barclays Premier League title after new head coach Roy Hodgson cancelled a training camp in Malaga.

It is again in contrast to two years ago, when the then head coach Fabio Capello organised a training camp in Austria to adjust to the altitude of South Africa.

Milner said: "The lads have had long seasons and last week was about resting and making sure you are not going into these games tired.

"The lads are fresh and ready to go. The Chelsea boys are getting a bit of rest as well which is much needed and hopefully we will be ready and raring to go for the tournament."

Milner is also hoping the feelgood factor amongst the City and Chelsea players after their title and Champions League triumphs respectively can have a positive affect with England.

He said: "Hopefully that will help. It is great to go to a tournament on a high and full of confidence and winning is a habit.

"You want to get into that habit of winning trophies and getting that winning mentality.

"If you've had a positive season with a club, it is only a good thing for us going out there as a team to Poland.

"Both occasions, for City and Chelsea, were pretty special with lots of tension and ups and downs in the games.

"It is a couple of great achievements and the confidence from winning trophies can only be a good thing for the tournament."

Milner has noticed a more hands-on approach to training from Hodgson, who has been quick to put his ideas across since the squad joined up on Wednesday ahead of Saturday's international in Norway.

He said: "Every manager has their own style and their own way of dealing with things. The current manager has got around a lot of the lads and said what he expects of them.

"We know how he wants us to set up defensively and how we want to move the ball around going forward already but as individuals he's pulled people to one side and had conversations.

"He wants us to set up solid and be difficult to beat when the other team has the ball.

"He is very different to the old manager but they are both very successful and I'm lucky to have worked under both.

"You've got to get everything out of them because the experience they have can only be good for us as a team and as an individual."