Gutierrez Feels for Tevez

  • Last Updated: March 4 2012, 12:48 GMT

Newcastle star Jonas Gutierrez has embraced life in English football but he still has sympathy with Carlos Tevez's situation at Manchester City.

Jonas Gutierrez: Understands Tevez's struggles

Tevez's time in England has been blighted by talk of homesickness and a protracted conflict with City boss Roberto Mancini.

But the 28-year-old Gutierrez believes it is no mystery why he has succeeded in adapting while his fellow Argentina international has struggled.

"My brother is in Argentina but my sister is studying in Manchester and my parents are in Newcastle," Gutierrez told the Sun on Sunday.

"They came to Spain with me when I was at Mallorca. It's not easy for your family when you leave South America so to have them with me in Spain and now here has been vital.

"I always wanted to play in England but to live in Spain first was the way to go, to make that first step away. The difference between here and Argentina is too great to cope with.

"The weather, the language is all a shock. For Carlos, his family hasn't been around, he has children back in Argentina.

"That is the problem for him. I text him now and then. He's a fantastic player. I can understand why he has had problems though.

"At times it has been hard here for me like when we got relegated. But if you go down you have to stay and bring them back up.

"My family love it here anyway. I can't speak Geordie though. It's impossible."

Gutierrez is now so settled in Newcastle that he needs no reminding of the importance of Sunday's game at home to Sunderland.

In fact, the winger revels in the occasion - especially as it tends to come without the violence he has experienced in South America.

"I love the passion," he added. "The fans don't care if we play well or not. Three points is the aim.

"It's the same for the players. We know we have to win. Simple as that.

"Everyone I see in the street, all they say is that we have to win this game. But we are confident, even if their new manager has come in and done very well.

"In Argentina the derby I was involved with was Velez Sarsfield v San Lorenzo. It's not like River Plate v Boca but still one of the biggest derbies in Argentina.

"If you lose angry fans will go down to the training ground to complain. Luckily that never happened to me because we got good results.

"People die in South America at matches which just isn't right. The violence is wrong.

"Fans in England love football the same but channel their passion in a different way."