Howard delighted by 'goal' uproar

  • Last Updated: June 21 2010, 11:05 BST

United States goalkeeper Tim Howard has described public outrage over their disallowed goal against Slovenia as "pretty cool".

Tim Howard - outrage shows people care.

The Everton player could only watch from the opposite end of the field as what seemed like a perfectly good goal for his side by Maurice Edu was disallowed by Koman Coulibaly in their second Group C match.

The Americans' indignation has spread to the public back home and Howard sees it as a positive that the game is having such an impact.

"Things are starting to leak into our training camp," he said. "People are up in arms and they can't believe the call.

"That's pretty cool. That's special because most people who are soccer fans, that's kind of like a small detail of that game.

"It was so up and down and obviously it ended up being a deciding factor, but at the end of the day it was just a referee's call.

"For people, particularly our American fans back home, to be so up in arms about it does show that firstly, they care, and secondly, they are getting hip to the game and starting to understand how it all works."