Reed blow for Glamorgan

  • Last Updated: March 12 2014, 18:36 GMT

Glamorgan fast bowler Mike Reed will miss the first two months of the season because of injury.

Mike Reed: Out for first two months of the season
Mike Reed: Out for first two months of the season

Reed needs a second operation on a troublesome knee that caused him to pull out of the ECB's Potential England Performance Programme (PEPP) over the winter.

The news is a big blow to Glamorgan - the 25-year-old was their second highest wicket-taker in the championship last season after Michael Hogan.

On the plus side his fellow fast bowler Huw Waters has recovered from the illness that caused him to miss the whole of last season.

Waters, 27, suffered a rare condition caused by exercise. "It is quite complicated, but is nowhere near as bad as Parkinson's or epilepsy. But it's in the same medical bracket and what was happening whenever I did any form of exercise, even a brisk walk, my leg would go into a spasm," he told the BBC.

"I am just pleased to be back because it was a long summer and winter.

"I just went down every road possible until I managed to get hold of a neurologist in Cardiff. At the time he thought he had a diagnosis and I had to trial a diet and some tablets for a period. Lucky enough the tablets are working.

"It would feel like it would do at the end of the say in the field - tired and constricted. I had loads of scans and bloods etc and it came down to this condition.

"It's official called exercise-induced dystonia, I just take these tablets now and it controls the spasm.

"I am just lucky to have this second chance and intend to take it with both hands."