Nenzani: There was no rethink

  • Last Updated: February 11 2014, 13:24 GMT

Cricket South Africa president Chris Nenzani insists there was no last-minute rethink from his board in the controversial vote to overhaul the sport's global administration.

Chris Nenzani: Defended Cricket South Africa's position
Chris Nenzani: Defended Cricket South Africa's position

There were suggestions - once the International Cricket Council agreed last weekend to a major shift in policy at the instigation of the 'Big Three' boards of India, Australia and England - that abstention agreements were not honoured.

South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan were the notable sceptics when plans were first discussed last month for the establishment of a new influential executive committee (ExCo) likely to give the 'Big Three' significantly-enhanced power.

A new model for the distribution of revenue was also perceived by many to be a mechanism by which the rich might get richer - although ICC insists all members will be much better off under the new rules.

Despite previous rumblings of discontent, the new plans were agreed at a meeting of all member countries in Singapore on Saturday.

Four days on, Nenzani is at pains to clarify CSA's part in the process.

"I would just like to correct the misleading perception that we changed our vote at the last moment," he said.

"That is not the case.

"I exercised our vote in terms of the mandate given to me by my fellow board members and the members' forum at our joint sitting on February 1."

The only abstentions came, in the end, from Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Pakistan Cricket Board representative Zaka Ashraf subsequently indicated he felt let down by the crumbling of a united front against the changes.

On Tuesday, however, he was dismissed as PCB chairman by prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

Nenzani added: "We did not form alliances or cut deals with any other country.

"I did attend a meeting with the representatives of Sri Lanka and Pakistan... so that they were aware of our position.

"What we have achieved is not the ideal outcome but it is the best possible one that was available to us both for our own future and that of the global game."

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