Greig determined to 'fight back'

  • Last Updated: November 9 2012, 8:06 GMT

Former England captain Tony Greig, who was last month diagnosed with lung cancer, is to undergo surgery on Tuesday.

Tony Greig: Will undergo surgery on Tuesday

The 66-year-old spoke to Australia's Channel Nine commentary team, of which he is usually a member, during their coverage of the first Test between the Aussies and South Africa in Brisbane.

Greig was candid about the situation, saying: "It's not good. The truth is I've got lung cancer. Now it's a case of what they can do.

"I'm going in on Monday for a Tuesday operation. Then we'll start to fight back after that.

"Once they've done the operation the plan is to have some chemotherapy to see if we can make a dent in this setback I've had.

"It's been an incredible, very short journey so far. You've got no idea how much one misses going to the cricket on a day like today. It takes a little bit of getting used to."

Greig first became aware he had a problem during Australia's one-day series against Pakistan in Dubai in August and September.

Initially diagnosed with bronchitis in May, the condition lingered and, by the time of the ICC World Twenty20 that finished in Sri Lanka last month, Greig had tests that revealed a small lesion at the base of his right lung.

On his return to Australia he had fluid removed from the right lung. Testing revealed he had lung cancer.