Sri Lanka vs Pakistan

Match info: Sri Lanka v Pakistan ODI Series 2014 at Mahinda Rajapaksha International Cricket Stadium - 2nd ODI

Date: 26th Aug 2014 Umpires: S J Davis and R Martinesz

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Sri Lanka

310/9 (50.0 Overs)



233 All out (43.5 Overs)

Sri Lanka win by 77 runs

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  • Sri Lanka win by 77 runs

    Sri Lanka win by 77 runs, their spin bowlers made a big impact and strangled Pakistan who got off to a flying start. Pakistan are 233 all out and the series is level 1-1.
  • Over 44 - Pak 233/10 (Irfan 0)

    Malinga to bowl, Junaid pushes the first ball through mid-on for a single. Another single and a dot. WICKET! It is all over, Pakistan are all out for 233 and Sri Lanka win by 77 runs, Junaid is bowled by Malinga.
  • Over 43 - Pak 231/9 (Irfan 0, J Khan 0)

    Riaz drills the ball to deep extra cover for a couple of runs. WICKET! Riaz is out, Herath takes the catch and Perera gets his second wicket. Junaid comes on to bat. WICKET! Alam is out, Perera on a hat trick, he slaps the ball straight to cover where Mathews takes the catch. Pakistan are 9 down, Irfan comes out with the bat. A couple of dots and Irfan avoids the hat trick.
  • Over 42 - Pak 229/7 (Alam 30, Riaz 3)

    Herath continues, just four singles from his over. He finishes with 10 over for 38 runs and two wickets, similar figures to Hafeez from earlier on.
  • Over 41 - Pak 225/7 (Alam 28, Riaz 1)

    Perera comes on to bowl now. Alam takes a single to give the strike to Afridi. WICKET! Pakistan are imploding under the high required rate. Perera gets the wicket, Afridi is out and Kulasekara takes the catch at deep cover. Riaz walks out to bat, Alam will have to take charge of the innings now.
  • Over 40 - Pak 222/6 (Alam 26, Afridi 17)

    Good over from Herath, just a single from it.
  • Over 39 - Pak 221/6 (Alam 25, Afridi 17)

    Malinga continues, Afridi pulls the first ball through midwicket for four. Four more, Afridi pulls another one over mid-on for four more. Third man comes in and long on goes back. A couple of singles and then Afridi pulls the ball to deep midwicket for couple of runs. Four more to end the over, Afridi flays the ball through cover for four. 16 from the over.
  • Over 38 - Pak 205/6 (Alam 24, Afridi 2)

    Six, Maqsood launches the first ball over long-on for a six. WICKET! He is out next ball and Herath strikes back. The straighter one hits Maqsood on the pads and it is an easy decision for the umpire. Afiridi comes out to bat. Three singles and a dot to end the over.
  • Over 37 - Pak 196/5 (Alam 23, Maqsood 3)

    Malinga comes on to bowl in the power play. Three singles from the over, Pakistan need 115 from 13 overs.
  • Over 36 - Pak 193/5 (Alam 22, Maqsood 1)

    After drinks, the powerplay is taken and Herath comes back to bowl. Four, poor ball to start the power play with, it is short and Misbah cuts it to the boundary for four. Three dots and WICKET! Misbah is out and Pakistan's chase falters again. Misbah sweeps the ball and hits it to square leg where Kulasekara takes an easy catch. Maqsood walks out to bat. A single to end the over.
  • Over 35 - Pak 188/4 (Alam 22, Misbah 32)

    Mathews comes back into the attack. A single to start the over and then Alam slices the ball wide of the keeper for four. A wide from Mathews, an appeal to hide the wide, but the umpire does not fall for it. A couple of runs to end the over as Alam pulls the ball through midwicket. Pakistan need 123 in 15 overs.
  • Over 34 - Pak 180/4 (Alam 16, Misbah 31)

    A single to start as Dilshan comes back in the attack. Alam drives the ball through short midwicket for four. A couple of singles and then a couple of runs to end another good over for Pakistan. The asking rate is still over 8 per over.
  • Over 33 - Pak 172/4 (Alam 9, Misbah 29)

    A couple of runs as Misbah hits the ball towards square leg. A single and then Alam hits the last ball over cover for four. 7 runs from the over.
  • Over 32 - Pak 164/4 (Alam 5, Misbah 26)

    Priyanjan continues, into his third over now. Pakistan's stats at the end of the 30th over: Against Pace, 10 overs, 83 runs, run rate of 8.3, one wicket; Against Spin - 20 overs, 70 runs, run rate of 3.5, three wickets. Four, Misbah pulls the ball to deep square leg for four. A single to end the over.
  • Over 31 - Pak 157/4 (Alam 4, Misbah 20)

    Prasanna into his 9th over, the slower bowlers have put Sri Lanka in front. A couple of dots and then Alam takes a single to long-on. Misbah pushes the ball to deep midwicket for another single. Alam hits the ball to fine leg for a couple of runs. Four runs from the over.
  • Over 30 - Pak 153/4 (Alam 1, Misbah 19)

    Misbah picks up the ball from outside off and hits it over long-on for four. Then he pushes the ball to deep midwicket for a single, Alam comes on strike. Another single to end the over, Pakistan need 7.9 per over from now on to win.
  • Over 29 - Pak 147/4 (Alam 0, Misbah 14)

    WICKET! Prasanna strikes again, Shehzad is out and another Pakistani batsman succumbs to the pressure. Shehzad goes for the lap sweep and Sanga takes a brilliant catch behind the stumps. Just two from the over to add to Pakistan's troubles.
  • Over 28 - Pak 145/3 (Shehzad 54, Misbah 14)

    Priyanjan comes into the attack. Just four from his over, Pakistan are struggling to get the runs here.
  • Over 27 - Pak 141/3 (Shehzad 53, Misbah 11)

    Prasanna comes back and bowls another tidy over, just three singles from it.
  • Over 26 - Pak 138/3 (Shehzad 52, Misbah 9)

    A couple of singles to start the over and then Shehzad pushes the ball through point to get a couple of runs and reach his 50. A couple more singles to end the over.

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