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  • Rajasthan Royals V Sunrisers Hyderabad

Rajasthan Royals vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

Match info: Indian Premier League at Sardar Patel (Gujarat) Stadium, Ahmedabad

Date: 8th May 2014 Umpires: A Chaudary and N J Llong

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Rajasthan Royals

102 All out (19.5 Overs)


Sunrisers Hyderabad

134/9 (20.0 Overs)

Sunrisers Hyderabad win by 32 runs

  • Hyderabad win by 32 runs

    At the innings break, it looked like a low score, after Hyderabad had collapsed for 134. But then their bowling brought them back into the game and Royals were bowled out for 102, Steyn, Bhuvi, Karn Sharma, Irfan Pathan and Amit Mishra all bowling well together. The catching and fielding was brilliant too. Hyderabad win by 32 runs and defend a low total.
  • Over 20 - RR 102/10 (Kulkarni 7)

    A couple of singles to start the over and then a couple of dots, Pathan to bowl the final over. WICKET! Tambe chips the length ball to Steyn at long-off and it is all over for Rajasthan. Hyderabad win by 32 runs.
  • Over 19 - RR 100/9 (Kulkarni 6, Tambe 2)

    One wicket remaining, Steyn comes in to bowl his last over. Tambe and Kulkarni at the crease. A single to start the over, then Kulkarni edges one and it goes over point for four. A couple of wides from Steyn, and then a couple of singles to end the over.
  • Over 18 - RR 91/9 (Kulkarni 1, Tambe 0)

    Bhuvi comes into the attack, WICKET! Faulkner goes out trying to hit the ball, Finch runs in to take a neat catch. WICKET! Bhatia goes out, two wickets in two balls, Warner takes a simple catch at deep midwicket, Royals are falling apart now. Richardson comes in to bat, and avoids the hat trick. A couple of singles and then WICKET! Hyderabad's catching today has been superb, Richardson swings at this and hits it high in the air, Bhuvi runs back to take a good catch.
  • Over 17 - RR 89/6 (Faulkner 4, Bhatia 4)

    Karn starts his last over, five singles from the over. The required rate climbs to over 15 runs per over.
  • Over 16 - RR 84/6 (Faulkner 1, Bhatia 2)

    Steyn comes back into the attack, WICKET! Steyn strikes, Pathan takes an excellent catch to get rid of Smith. Smith top edges it and Irfan runs backwards and takes it comfortably. A couple of singles to end the over.
  • Over 15 - RR 81/5 (Bhatia 1, Smith 22)

    56 runs needed from 6 overs, Mishra comes in to bowl after the time out. A couple of singles from the over, the required rate is 10.8 per over.
  • Over 14 - RR 79/5 (Bhatia 0, Smith 21)

    Irfan comes into the attack, Smith drives the first ball through midwicket for a couple of runs. A couple of singles and then WICKET! A run out, Smith hits the ball to deep midwicket and wants a second run. Warner attacks the ball, picks it up and hits the stump directly and Binny is way way out. Good fielding from Warner. Bhatia comes out to bat.
  • Over 13 - RR 73/4 (Binny 11, Smith 16)

    The required rate is over 8 per over now, Mishra continues. A single to start the over and then a couple of dots. Binny pushes the ball to long-on for a couple of runs. Three runs from the over.
  • Over 12 - RR 70/4 (Binny 9, Smith 15)

    Henriques comes into the attack, Binny flicks it on the leg side for a couple of runs. Four singles to end the over, 6 runs from it.
  • Over 11 - RR 64/4 (Binny 5, Smith 13)

    A couple of dots and then four singles to end the over, Mishra finishes his second over. He has been economical today. The asking rate is 7.88 per over.
  • Over 10 - RR 60/4 (Binny 3, Smith 11)

    Smith hits the first ball past short fine leg for a couple of runs. Four byes, a stumping chance missed and the ball goes for four. A couple of singles and then Smith pushes it to midwicket for a couple of runs. A single to end the over, 11 runs from the over.
  • Over 9 - RR 49/4 (Binny 2, Smith 5)

    Mishra comes into the attack, four singles from the over. The required rate climbs to 7.81 per over.
  • Over 8 - RR 45/4 (Binny 1, Smith 3)

    Karn Sharma continues, three singles from the over. A few wickets fall and the required rate starts climbing.
  • Over 7 - RR 42/4 (Binny 0, Smith 1)

    Four, Henriques comes into the attack and Watson hits it crisply through midwicket for four. WICKET! The captain is gone, the tide is turning in Hyderabad's favour, Watson edges it ball to the keeper. Binny and Smith at the crease. Five runs from the over.
  • Over 6 - RR 37/3 (Binny 0, Watson 7)

    A couple of runs to start the over, Karn Sharma comes into the attack. Watson hits the first ball to deep square leg. Three singles from the next three balls. WICKET! Karn Sharma picks up a wicket, he goes through Samson's defenses and he is out. The required rate is 7 per over, Royals need a partnership.
  • Over 5 - RR 32/2 (Samson 15, Watson 3)

    Watson makes his way to the crease. A single and then a wide. Three runs to end the over, 5 runs from it.
  • Over 4 - RR 27/2 (Samson 14)

    Six, incredible shot from Samson, he hits Steyn for a six. It was fast and Samson hit through the line of the ball and over long-off for a six. and then follows it up with a single from the next ball. Four, Nair punches it superbly through the covers for four, good shot from him. WICKET! Steyn gets the wicket, Nair pokes at a fast and swinging delivery and edges it to the keeper.
  • Over 3 - RR 16/1 (Samson 7, Nair 8)

    Bhuvi into his second over, a couple of dots to start the over. A quick single and Nair would have been out if there was a direct hit. A good over is ruined with a poor last ball. Nair is ready for the ball that comes in, he guides it through midwicket for four.
  • Over 2 - RR 11/1 (Samson 6, Nair 4)

    Steyn from the other end, good start for the Sunrisers so far. Samson goes for the drive and misses it completely, good outswinger from Steyn. Four, the next ball goes for four, Samson chips it over mid-off to get a boundary. A single brings Nair on strike. Four, poor line from Steyn to end the over and Nair flicks it fine on the leg side for four.

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