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  • Mumbai Indians V Delhi Daredevils

Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Daredevils

Match info: Indian Premier League at The Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

Date: 23rd May 2014 Umpires: S Ravi and R J Tucker

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Mumbai Indians

173 All out (19.3 Overs)


Delhi Daredevils

158/4 (20.0 Overs)

Mumbai Indians win by 15 runs

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  • Mumbai win by 15 runs

    Mumbai started their innings well with Hussey and Simmons giving them the advantage. Then they collapsed in the final overs to 173. Their bowlers did well and Delhi kept losing wickets, Mumbai defend well at home to win by 15 runs.
  • Over 20 - DD 158/4 (Duminy 45, Jadhav 7)

    Bumrah to bowl the last over, a couple of singles to start the over, 22 needed from 3 balls. Another single and then Jadhav backs away and hits a boundary through third man. A couple of singles and Mumbai win by 15 runs, another important win for them.
  • Over 19 - DD 149/4 (Duminy 42, Jadhav 2)

    Marchant starts the over with a no ball, a high full toss, and Duminy hits it straight to Hussey who takes the catch but realizes it is a no ball. A single from the next ball as Duminy pulls the ball to deep square leg. A single and then WICKET! Tiwary slices the length ball in the air and Hussey gets under it and takes the catch. Duminy edges the ball behind square for a single. A couple of runs to end the over, 25 runs needed from the last over.
  • Over 18 - DD 142/3 (Duminy 40, Tiwary 39)

    Bumrah comes into the attack, Tiwary takes a single to long on. Six, Duminy hits Bumrah over the deep midwicket boundary for a six. A single and then Tiwary hits the ball over extra-cover for four. 12 runs from the over, Delhi need 32 from the last 12 balls.
  • Over 17 - DD 130/3 (Duminy 32, Tiwary 35)

    Harbhajan runs in to bowl his last over, Duminy takes a single to bring Tiwary on strike. Four, Rayudu runs in towards deep midwicket to take the catch, but he falls and the catch is dropped as the ball goes to the boundary. Three singles and then Duminy hits the last ball over deep midwicket for a six. 44 needed from 18 balls.
  • Over 16 - DD 116/3 (Duminy 24, Tiwary 29)

    A couple of singles and then Duminy hits Ojha for a six over cow corner. Ojha has been expensive today he finishes his over with three singles. 11 runs from the over, Ojha finishes his overs, 4 overs for 33 runs.
  • Over 15 - DD 105/3 (Duminy 15, Tiwary 27)

    Pollard comes in to bowl, three singles from the first three balls, and then a few dots. Good start from Pollard, four singles from the over.
  • Over 14 - DD 101/3 (Duminy 13, Tiwary 25)

    Ojha comes back into the attack, Tiwary hits the first ball for a six. He clears the midwicket boundary cleanly. A wide from Ojha and then a couple of singles to end the over, 10 runs from it. Delhi need 12.16 per over for the next 6 overs.
  • Over 13 - DD 91/3 (Duminy 12, Tiwary 17)

    Marchant de Lange into his third over, Duminy takes a single from the first ball and then Marchant bowls a wide. Four, Tiwary hits the full toss through the square leg boundary for four. Three singles to end the over, a good partnership building for Delhi.
  • Over 12 - DD 82/3 (Duminy 10, Tiwary 12)

    Gopal comes back into the attack, Rohit shuffling his bowlers as usual. Duminy takes a single and then Tiwary hits a boundary down the ground, between long-on and long-off. A single and then Duminy hits a six, too short from Gopal and Duminy hits it over deep midwicket for a six. 13 runs from the over.
  • Over 11 - DD 69/3 (Duminy 2, Tiwary 7)

    A single to start the over as Harbhajan Singh starts his third over. Three dots and then Tiwary paddle sweeps it on the leg side for a couple of runs. Four to end the over, Tiwary paddles it fine past the keeper and for four. The asking rate is 11.66 per over.
  • Over 10 - DD 62/3 (Duminy 1, Tiwary 1)

    A couple of singles as de Lange starts his second over, WICKET! Karthik is bowled, he moves across his stumps and misses the fast ball, the stumps are disturbed. Duminy comes in to bat.
  • Over 9 - DD 59/2 (Karthik 6, Tiwary 0)

    Harbhajan Singh starts his second over, a couple of singles to start it. WICKET! The pressure creates a wicket, KP is bowled as he attempts the switch-hit. He swings his bat early and the ball dips on him and disturbs the stumps. A dot to end the over, another good over from Mumbai.
  • Over 8 - DD 57/1 (Karthik 5, Pietersen 43)

    Three singles from the over, Gopal is bowling well for Mumbai. The asking rate increases to 9.75 per over.
  • Over 7 - DD 54/1 (Karthik 4, Pietersen 41)

    Harbhajan comes into the attack, KP hits the first ball through extra cover for a couple of runs. A couple of dots and KP then makes room for himself and hits it over extra cover for four. Seven runs from the over.
  • Over 6 - DD 47/1 (Karthik 4, Pietersen 34)

    Gopal comes into the attack, Mumbai introduce leg spin in the power play. WICKET! The leggie gets the wicket, Vijay tries to push at a ball that dips on him and spins away, Tare does well to take the bails off in a flash, Vijay is out. Karthik is the new man in. Three dots and then Karthik hits the last ball for four.
  • Over 5 - DD 43/0 (Vijay 8, Pietersen 34)

    A couple of singles as Ojha starts his second over, KP then cuts the next ball through point for four. A single and then Vijay chips it over the bowler's head for a couple of runs. 10 from the over, solid start by Delhi.
  • Over 4 - DD 33/0 (Vijay 4, Pietersen 28)

    Six, Bumrah has been expensive today and KP sends the first ball for a six. He clears long-off comfortably for a six. A couple of runs as KP is dropped by de Lange, this could be very expensive for Mumbai. KP mishits the ball to mid-on and de Lange drops it. Three dots and a single to end the over.
  • Over 3 - DD 24/0 (Vijay 4, Pietersen 19)

    Ojha brought in early into the attack, Rohit wants to take pace off the bowl. A couple of singles from the over, a good start from Ojha.
  • Over 2 - DD 22/0 (Vijay 3, Pietersen 18)

    Marchant de Lange comes into the attack, Pietersen hits the first ball for four, it is too far down leg and KP hits it to the fine leg boundary. A couple of singles and then KP hits the next ball to the square leg boundary for four. Four more to end the over, 14 runs from de Lange's first over of this IPL.

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