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  • Delhi Daredevils V Kings Xi Punjab

Delhi Daredevils vs Kings XI Punjab

Match info: Indian Premier League at Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi

Date: 19th May 2014 Umpires: H D P K Dharmasena and P G Pathak

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Delhi Daredevils

164/7 (20.0 Overs)


Kings XI Punjab

165/6 (19.4 Overs)

Kings XI Punjab win by 4 wickets

  • Punjab win by 4 wickets

    Punjab win by 4 wickets, Delhi could not capitalize on their early momentum, and then kept losing wickets. Punjab also lost wickets after the early acceleration, but their lower order batting was good enough to win by 4 wickets.
  • Over 20 - KXIP 165/6 (A Patel 42, R Dhawan 8)

    Last over, 9 runs needed. Parnell to bowl it. Patel takes a single to start the over. Dhawan top edges it towards square leg for a couple of runs. A couple more runs, and then Dhawan hits the next ball for four to end the game. Brilliant lower order batting from Punjab after they lost Maxwell and Miller. Punjab win by 4 wickets.
  • Over 19 - KXIP 156/6 (A Patel 41, R Dhawan 0)

    A single to start the over, WICKET! Bailey goes for the big hit and perishes, he did not connect that well, he hits it with the inside of his bat and Jadhav takes the catch at deep midwicket. A couple of dots to end the over, another good one from Tahir.
  • Over 18 - KXIP 154/5 (A Patel 39, Bailey 6)

    A couple of singles to start the over as Unadkat starts his last over. A yorker on the toes, a half-hearted appeal from the bowler but it is not out. Six, Patel hits it over long-off for a six, a single to end the over. 10 runs from the over, 11 needed from 12 balls.
  • Over 17 - KXIP 144/5 (A Patel 31, Bailey 4)

    Four overs to go, Punjab need 26 runs. Tahir starts his third over, a single from the first ball. A couple of dots and then a single through deep square leg. A couple of runs to deep point, and then a single to end the over. Three overs left, 21 runs needed.
  • Over 16 - KXIP 139/5 (A Patel 30, Bailey 0)

    Four, Parnell bowls it short and Patel carves it through backward point for four. Four more, a brilliant yorker from Parnell, the umpire gives it runs but it was clearly hitting the boot and it goes for four. Four more, 12 from the over, Bailey is the new man in but Akshar is doing all the hitting.
  • Over 15 - KXIP 127/5 (A Patel 18)

    Shami comes back into the attack, a dot to start the over. Four, Shami continues to leak runs, Patel hits the ball through point for four. A couple of dots and then a single to short fine leg. Wide, another one from Shami and Delhi. 6 runs from the over. WICKET! The extra ball takes a wicket, Saha is out as Parnell takes the catch at short cover.
  • Over 14 - KXIP 121/4 (A Patel 13, Saha 13)

    51 needed from 42 balls, Saha hits the first ball for four, he connects it behind point and to the boundary. A couple of dots and then a wide from Duminy. 7 from the over, Punjab need 7.33 per over.
  • Over 13 - KXIP 114/4 (A Patel 12, Saha 8)

    Unadkat starts his third over, Saha pushes the first ball through cover for three runs, Shami misfields the ball. A couple of singles and then a couple of runs to end the over, poor fielding from Vijay again.
  • Over 12 - KXIP 107/4 (A Patel 9, Saha 4)

    Duminy starts the next over with a wide, there is a stumping chance but Akshar just drags his bat in. Four singles from the next four balls. Seven runs from the over.
  • Over 11 - KXIP 100/4 (A Patel 6, Saha 1)

    Unadkat comes back in the attack, a couple of dots and then Patel hits it through deep cover for four. A couple of dots and a single to end the over, Punjab reach 100, but the asking rate shoots up to 7.22 per over.
  • Over 10 - KXIP 95/4 (A Patel 0, Saha 0)

    Saha is the new man in, Duminy starts his second over. A couple of singles and then Duminy strikes, WICKET! Miller is out, bowled by Duminy and Delhi are back in this game. Three singles and a wicket from the over. Akshar comes out to bat.
  • Over 9 - KXIP 92/3 (Miller 1)

    Miller and Maxwell at the crease. Maxwell cuts it through deep point for a couple of runs. A wide from Tahir, a single to Miller. Maxwell pushes the ball through leg side for a couple of runs. WICKET! Tahir strikes again, Maxwell is bowled, Punjab lose a big wicket. The required rate is 6.63 now.
  • Over 8 - KXIP 85/2 (Miller 0, Maxwell 10)

    Duminy comes into the attack, a couple of singles to start the over. Another single brings Sehwag on strike. Sehwag clubs it over cover for a six, it is a length ball outside off and is put away. Duminy strikes, WICKET! Sehwag tries to hit another six, but holes out to the man at sweeper cover, Tiwary takes the catch.
  • Over 7 - KXIP 75/1 (Sehwag 16, Maxwell 7)

    Tahir comes into the attack after the time out. WICKET! Vohra hits it straight to long-off and Vijay takes the catch. Maxwell comes into the attack, Tahir bowls a wide. A couple of dots and then Maxwell gets off the mark with a six, he hits it a long way over cow corner for a six. 9 from the over.
  • Over 6 - KXIP 66/0 (Sehwag 15, Vohra 42)

    A wide from Shami to start the over, a lot of extras from Delhi. Four, it is a length ball and Vohra waits and hits it past short third man for four. Four more, Shami bowls it short and Vohra pulls it over midwicket for four more, then he takes a single to bring Sehwag on strike. A couple of dots and then a single to end the over.
  • Over 5 - KXIP 56/0 (Sehwag 14, Vohra 33)

    Unadkat comes into the attack, Tahir drops a chance at mid-off, it is a difficult chance and Sehwag survives. Then Sehwag pushes it behind point for a single. Five runs, the overthrows go to the boundary, poor backing up from Delhi. Another wide from Punjab, 9 from the over.
  • Over 4 - KXIP 46/0 (Sehwag 11, Vohra 28)

    Shami starts his second over, a couple of dots to start and then a leg bye brings Vohra on strike. Six, Vohra attacks the bowling again, goes on the back foot and hits it over cover for a six. Six more to end the over, this time Vohra hits it straight down the ground for a six.
  • Over 3 - KXIP 33/0 (Sehwag 11, Vohra 16)

    Parnell starts the over with a wide. Another wide from Parnell. A couple of dots and then Vohra hits the next ball through cover for four, KP's dive can't stop that. Six, poor bowling from Parnell, Vohra hits it over mid-off for a six, good shot from him. Four more, Vohra bottom edges the last ball through fine leg for four, he wanted to hit that through midwicket.
  • Over 2 - KXIP 17/0 (Sehwag 11, Vohra 2)

    Shami runs in from the other end, Sehwag hits the first ball for four, he chips the length ball over cover and to the boundary. A leg bye and then Shami bowls a wide down leg. Vohra takes a single and Sehwag pushes at it and hits it through third man for four. 11 runs from the over.

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