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  • Mumbai Indians V Kings Xi Punjab

Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab

Match info: Indian Premier League at The Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

Date: 3rd May 2014 Umpires: B N J Oxenford and C Shamsuddin

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Mumbai Indians

170/5 (19.1 Overs)


Kings XI Punjab

168/5 (20.0 Overs)

Mumbai Indians win by 5 wickets

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  • Over 20 MI 170/5 (Pollard 28, Tare 16)

    Sandeep has the last over with five required. Bang! Pollard ends the game with a six! Five balls to spare as Mumbai FINALLY get a win under their belts! Needless to say, the crowd is going ballistic.
  • Over 19 MI 164/5 (Pollard 22, Tare 16)

    Crucial over as Johnson takes the penultimate over. Pollard has no worries though and smashes the Aussie back over his head for six! A wide follows as the balance swings back to Mumbai. A full toss is pulled for two as Pollard keeps the strike. They then runs hard to get two more, and a yorker is dug out and flies for four. Another four! Pollard pulls it one handed! Six needed from seven balls. One more single makes it 20 from the over...
  • Over 18 MI 144/5 (Pollard 3, Tare 16)

    Balaji's bowling his last. Tare gets two off the first ball, and then pulls a four as the required rate nears 14. He then adds a single to long off, before Pollard returns the favour for one. Tare then hits two and a six to make it 16 off the over and keep his side in the hunt.
  • Over 17 MI 128/5 (Pollard 2, Tare 1)

    Mumbai need 45 off 24 balls. Rishi is back, to Anderson. He drives it to long off for one, and Pollard gets off the mark with a single next ball. WICKET! Anderson tries to go big past the bowler, but Miller takes an easy catch at long on. Anderson goes for 35, bringing Aditya Tare to the middle. They crossed, so Pollard gets a single off a full toss, and then Tare gets one to get off the mark.
  • Over 16 MI 124/4 (Anderson 34, Pollard 0)

    Anderson faces Balaji and is struck in the, uh, lower abdomen, but still manages to scramble a run. There's a bit of a collision in the middle of the pitch though, which the umpires are discussing. Anderson ran diagonally across the track to obstruct the bowler, but the run stands. Rohit gets the game going again with a four on the leg side. WICKET! Rohit gets a leading edge high into the air and Saha takes an easy catch. Time out! In comes Pollard. If any duo can get the runs, they can. Anderson gets a single to put Pollard on strike, and he lets his first ball drift past.
  • Over 15 MI 118/3 (Rohit 35, Anderson 33)

    Johnson returns as KXIP try to keep their unbeaten run going. Anderson has no clue about the pace, and a full toss goes to waste. Miller at mid off prevents a single next ball, and then Anderson swats at a bouncer but misses. he eventually gets the ball away, pulling for two, but the next ball is also a dot. The last balls goes for one, so excellent from MJ, just the three from it.
  • Over 14 MI 115/3 (Rohit 35, Anderson 30)

    Balaji is back to try and stem the bleeding. The first two balls are dots, and then Rohit gets impatient and runs a single straight to short third man. The throw misses, so he's safe. They follow that with another ridiculous runs, which also works out for them. Rohit then sweep-hooks the ball very fine for four, much to Balaji's irritation. Six off the over.
  • Over 13 MI 109/3 (Rohit 30, Anderson 29)

    Patel bowls his last over. Anderson and Rohit trade singles, before the Kiwi drives one-bounce four, and then a six in the same area, over long on. This brings up the 100, and drags the required rate down. Anderson then smacks another four, bouncing just before the rope behind the bowler, and then hoicks one across the line for another boundary.
  • Over 12 MI 89/3 (Rohit 29, Anderson 10)

    Six! Rohit swings and top edges it for six over third man, and then gets a single off Rishi. Anderson then can't connect, swinging hard though, and finally gets it right off the fifth ball. Six over long on! They end the over with a single.
  • Over 11 MI 75/3 (Rohit 22, Anderson 3)

    Patel continues to Rohit, and the India batsman can only get the third ball away for a single. Anderson then cuts away for two to get off the mark, and then the batsmen trade singles. Required rate is nearly 11 now.
  • Over 10 MI 70/3 (Rohit 20, Anderson 0)

    Rishi keeps going, with 100 required. Rohit nudges a single to short third man, and then WICKET! Gautam tries the reverse paddle one more time, but misses it and is out LBW for 33. In comes Corey Anderson, with 99 required. He faces two dot balls and it's just the one run off the over. Excellent from Dhawan.
  • Over 9 MI 69/2 (Gautam 33, Rohit 19)

    Patel continues and keeps it tight, giving up just the one leg bye off the first three balls. A single comes off the fifth ball, on the leg side to Rohit, before Maxwell gets a direct hit from the boundary, but the umpire doesn't even refer it upstairs. Was the bat down...? Just four from it as the run take creeps up.
  • Over 8 MI 65/2 (Gautam 31, Rohit 18)

    After the strategic time out, Rishi Dhawan comes on to bowl. Rohit gets off strike with a single into the covers, and Gautam watches the paceman carefully before setting a double three balls later. Good fielding from Maxwell, in his orange cap, prevents a further single, and then Johnson cuts down a two to just one. Just four off the over.
  • Over 7 MI 61/2 (Gautam 28, Rohit 17)

    Cheeky! Gautam brings up the 50 for Mumbai with a reverse paddle off spinner Akshar Patel for four. He then does a regular paddle sweep, four more to fine leg. They then run a single off a leading edge into the covers. Another reverse paddle results in only a single this time, one bounce to the fielder. One more single makes it quite an expensive over.
  • Over 6 MI 49/2 (Gautam 22, Rohit 11)

    Johnson continues, and Rohit flashes at a wider one for a single to third man. Same again next ball, for Gautam. There's an appeal for caught behind, off the gloves, but the umpire calls for a wide down the leg side instead. Then, there should be a run out, but the fielding is oddly poor, with Miller lobbing it in to MJ, who misses the flick onto the stumps. Rohit then lofts the ball over mid off for four.
  • Over 5 MI 42/2 (Gautam 21, Rohit 6)

    The sight screen is giving issues, showing all manner of computer glitches, before Sandeep can continue. He's keeping the line nice and tight, with small appeals for LBW. Then bang! The slower ball is too short and Gautam lofts it over mid off for six. He follows that with another 'maximum', this time on the leg side.
  • Over 4 MI 30/2 (Gautam 9, Rohit 6)

    Here comes Mitchell Johnson! He'll be loving the swing in the air, for sure. Gautam gets a single first ball to third man, and then Rohit can do nothing but defend off the back foot. Rohit can do nothing against MiJo's pace as three more go unanswered. The last ball goes for six as Sharma uses Johnson's pace against him, top edging it for miles.
  • Over 3 MI 23/2 (Gautam 8, Rohit 0)

    First ball is a wide. Cheeky! Sandeep is mightily annoyed as Gautam Dilscoops him past the keeper for four. Two dots follow, before a single. Then WICKET! Bruce Oxenford raises the finger as Sandeep raps the pads, plumb in front. Rayudu departs for eight, bringing Rohit to the middle. No pressure, skipper!
  • Over 2 MI 17/1 (Gautam 3, Rayudu 8)

    Lakshmi Balaji takes the ball and also gets some swing, the first ball left alone. Then DROP! Gautam should be gone, but despite getting both hands on it, Patel cannot hold on. They run two instead. Gautam then adds a single, before Rayudu drives for four. The last ball is edges through the slips for four, unlucky for Balaji.
  • Over 1 MI 6/1 (Gautam 0, Rayudu 0)

    Sandeep Sharma opens the bowling and Dunk drives him for four first up. Sandeep's getting some swing in the air, and beats the bat, before Dunks drives a single to long off. Gautam gets off the mark with a flick of his pads for a single to short fine leg. WICKET! Amazing diving catch by keeper Saha, as Dunk edges a swinging ball. Ambhati Rayudu comes in.

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