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  • Kolkata Knight Riders V Sunrisers Hyderabad

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

Match info: Indian Premier League at Eden Gardens, Kolkata

Date: 24th May 2014 Umpires: R M Deshpande and B N J Oxenford

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Kolkata Knight Riders

161/6 (14.2 Overs)


Sunrisers Hyderabad

160/7 (20.0 Overs)

Kolkata Knight Riders win by 4 wickets

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  • KKR win by 4 wickets

    KKR gun down this total thanks to Yusuf Pathan, who scored the fastest IPL 50. Sunrisers are out, KKR secure second place on the table.
  • Over 15 - KKR 161/6 (V Kumar 0, S Yadav 12)

    Bhuvi comes back into the attack, 7 needed to win. Six, Surya Yadav carries on where Yusuf left it, this one goes over long-on for a six. A wide from Bhuvi, and that is the match.
  • Over 14 - KKR 154/6 (V Kumar 0, S Yadav 6)

    KKR are making a mockery of this target, and they make even make the second place on the table. Surya Yadav hits the first ball for four through fine leg, 15 needed from 41 balls, or 13 balls to make second place. Yadav takes a single to bring Yusuf on strike. Six, Yusuf hits it over deep midwicket for a six, by the way, this is the fastest 50 in the IPL. WICKET! Yusuf is out, Dhawan takes the catch and Karn gets the wicket. Yusuf gets a standing ovation as he walks off. Vinay Kumar comes to the crease. A single to end the over.
  • Over 13 - KKR 142/5 (Y Pathan 66, S Yadav 0)

    Steyn is brought back into the attack, Yusuf hits the first ball through long-off for four. Six, Steyn is hit over deep midwicket, Yusuf gets his 50 in 15 balls. Six, another one from Yusuf, this one goes straight down the ground. Four, Yusuf hits it through backward square leg for four. And four more, this is too much to handle, this one goes through the third man boundary for four. A couple of runs to end the over, 26 runs from it.
  • Over 12 - KKR 116/5 (Y Pathan 40)

    Karn Sharma starts his third over, Shakib takes a leg bye to bring Yusuf on strike. Six, Yusuf sends this over midwicket for a six, the length ball goes out of the ground. Yusuf then cuts it through backward point for a couple of runs. Another six, Yusuf sends it straight down the ground for a six, KKR charging towards the target. A single and then, WICKET! Holder takes the catch and Shakib is out, he hits it to long-off and KKR lose their 5th wicket.
  • Over 11 - KKR 100/4 (Y Pathan 25, Shakib 1)

    Rasool comes into the attack, Pathan hits the first ball over backward square leg for a six, the short ball goes over the ropes. A couple of singles and then Yusuf hits the next ball through to third man for four. Six, Yusuf hits the next ball over backward square leg for a six. Another four more, 22 runs from the over, Yusuf sends the last ball through long on for another boundary.
  • Over 10 - KKR 78/4 (Y Pathan 4, Shakib 0)

    Karn drops it short and Uthappa hits it over deep midwicket for a six. WICKET! Uthappa falls for 41, he hits it straight to Holder at long-on. WICKET! Another one falls, Ryan comes and goes, this one is a bizarre. The ball is hammered back to the bowler, who drops a difficult chance. Ryan sets off for a run, Yusuf does not respond and Sammy throws the ball, Ryan is out. Shakib comes in.
  • Over 9 - KKR 71/2 (Y Pathan 3, Uthappa 35)

    Yusuf takes a single from the first ball, Holder into his third over. Three singles from the first three balls, Uthappa hits the next ball out of the park for a six, he hits it over deep midwicket. Four, Uthappa accelerates, this time he gets a boundary through backward square leg for a couple. 14 runs from the over.
  • Over 8 - KKR 57/2 (Y Pathan 0, Uthappa 23)

    Karn Sharma comes into the attack, a couple of singles to start the over. WICKET! The leggie strikes, Pandey is out, he slices the ball to long-on and Steyn takes the catch. Time out called. A couple of singles and then a dot to end the over. 104 needed from 12 overs.
  • Over 7 - KKR 53/1 (Pandey 1, Uthappa 21)

    Uthappa takes a couple of runs to start the over, a couple of dots and then a couple of singles to end the over. 108 needed from 13 overs.
  • Over 6 - KKR 49/1 (Pandey 0, Uthappa 18)

    Four, Uthappa sends the first ball over cover for four, Steyn into his third over. A couple of dots, a single and then Steyn bowls a wide. KKR get 49 from the power play.
  • Over 5 - KKR 43/1 (Pandey 0, Uthappa 13)

    Holder comes into the attack, first bowling change from Sunrisers. Uthappa pushes the ball to short fine leg for a couple of runs. A single and then Holder bowls a no ball, and Gambhir hits the ball out of the park over deep midwicket for a six, 7 runs from the over. A free hit, and another no ball and this one is sent to the boundary for four over cover. A couple of runs from the delayed free hit, Gambhir top edges it towards cover for a couple of runs. WICKET! Holder gets the wicket, Gambhir is bowled, he tries to guide the ball to third man and chops it on to his stumps. Pandey comes into the attack. 17 runs from the over.
  • Over 4 - KKR 26/0 (Gambhir 16, Uthappa 10)

    Gambhir drops the ball towards point and takes a single. A bit of saw dust being poured around Steyn's landing area on the pitch. A couple of dots, and then Gambhir pushes the ball square of third man for four. 6 runs from the over, the asking rate is around 8.43 per over.
  • Over 3 - KKR 20/0 (Gambhir 11, Uthappa 9)

    Bhuvi starts his second over, Gambhir hits it over extra cover for four. A single and then Uthappa whips it through midwicket for four, it was a length ball on middle stump. A couple of dots and then Uthappa hits the last ball for another boundary through midwicket. 13 runs from the over.
  • Over 2 - KKR 7/0 (Gambhir 6, Uthappa 1)

    Steyn runs in from the other end, two slips in place. Four, it is full and outside off and Gambhir hits it through the covers for four. A single as Gambhir drops and runs, Steyn tries to kick the ball on to the stumps but misses. Three dots to end the over.
  • Over 1 - KKR 2/0 (Gambhir 1, Uthappa 1)

    Gambhir and Uthappa come out to bat. Bhuvi has the ball in hand. Uthappa takes a single through the covers. Three dots and then Gambhir takes a single. Two runs from the over.
  • Updates

    KKR need to chase this score down in 15.2 overs to finish in second place on the table. Sunrisers need to restrict KKR to 23, yes just 23, to stay alive in the contest. And it has been drizzling for the last few overs, so the math is getting really complicated.
  • Over 20 - SRH 160/7 (K Sharma 5, Rasool 0)

    Sammy starts the last over with a six over backward point, SRH go past 150. A wide from Vinay Kumar and Sammy takes a single from the next ball. WICKET! another run out, that is the third one today. Holder goes for a big hit and does not connect, Sammy rushes through for a bye, but Holder is short of his ground. WICKET! Another wicket, Sammy is out this time, Shakib takes the catch at sweeper cover. Four, Karn Sharma hammers it through point for four. Hyderabad end on 160.
  • Over 19 - SRH 147/5 (Sammy 22, Holder 16)

    Sammy takes a single to start the over, Holder hits the next ball for a six over long-on. Four, a full toss from Yadav, Holder clubs it away to the square leg boundary. A couple of singles and then Holder sends the last ball to the boundary. 17 runs from the over.
  • Over 18 - SRH 130/5 (Sammy 21, Holder 1)

    Three overs left, Sunrisers need some quick runs. Three singles to start the over, a big lbw appeal, that was plumb but the umpire does not give it out.

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