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  • Kolkata Knight Riders V Mumbai Indians

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Mumbai Indians

Match info: Indian Premier League at Barabati Stadium, Cuttack

Date: 14th May 2014 Umpires: A Chaudary and N J Llong

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Kolkata Knight Riders

142/4 (18.4 Overs)


Mumbai Indians

141/5 (20.0 Overs)

Kolkata Knight Riders win by 6 wickets

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  • KKR win by 6 wickets

    Mumbai batted slowly and never really looked like getting to a big score. They ended their 20 overs with 141 runs and then KKR chased to down with relative ease thanks to Uthappa's attacking half-century.
  • Over 19 - KKR 142/4 (ten Doeschate 0, Y Pathan 20)

    Malinga to Shakib, who flicks it through deep midwicket for a couple of runs. WICKET! Shakib hits it in the air and Rayudu runs in from long-on to take the catch, a late wicket for Mumbai. 6 needed from 9 balls. Four, Pathan pulls the short ball to the boundary and celebrates as KKR win the game by 6 wickets.
  • Over 18 - KKR 138/3 (Shakib 7, Y Pathan 16)

    Four, Simmons continues, and Yusuf hits the first ball from his pads to the leg side for four. Anderson has not bowled yet today. Four singles to end the over, 8 runs from it. KKR need 6 from 12 balls.
  • Over 17 - KKR 128/3 (Shakib 5, Y Pathan 10)

    KKR need 26 from 24 balls, Malinga starts his third over with a wide. Four, this is down leg side and Yusuf guides it to the fine leg boundary. An upper cut to third man and Yusuf gets a single. Shakib is the new man in. Four, short ball outside off and Shakib cuts it over point for four. 12 runs from the Malinga over.
  • Over 16 - KKR 116/3 ( Y Pathan 4)

    Simmons starts his second over, the first ball is a slower one and Uthappa hits it over wide long-off for a six, another clean hit from him. Six more, Uthappa wants to finish this early, another straight batted drive down the ground and this is flatter, goes further and is even a better shot than the first one. Uthappa takes a single, Pathan pushes the ball from his pads to deep midwicket for a couple of runs. WICKET! Simmons gets the big wicket, Uthappa is bowled for 80, he misses a straight one as he tries to make room for himself.
  • Over 15 - KKR 100/2 (Uthappa 67, Y Pathan 1)

    WICKET! Harbhajan picks up his second wicket. Pandey inside edges the ball on to his stumps and is bowled. This Cuttack pitch is claiming many wickets like this. Gambhir sends Yusuf in to bat, not Shakib. Yusuf Pathan is playing in his 100th IPL match. Four runs and the wicket from the over, the 100 comes up for KKR.
  • Over 14 - KKR 96/1 (Uthappa 64, Pandey 14)

    Four, Bumrah comes into the attack and bowls a poor delivery, a low full toss that Uthappa sends to the point boundary. Four singles to end the over, 46 needed from 36 balls now.
  • Over 13 - KKR 88/1 (Uthappa 58, Pandey 12)

    Uthappa hits the ball to Pollard at long off for a couple of runs, Ojha starts his last over. Three runs from the over, a good spell from Ojha.
  • Over 12 - KKR 85/1 (Uthappa 55, Pandey 12)

    Pollard comes into the attack, a single to start the over. A couple of runs as Pandey hits the ball through deep midwicket. A single and then Uthappa hits the slower ball through midwicket. Mumbai need wickets, KKR chasing this down with ease.
  • Over 11 - KKR 78/1 (Uthappa 51, Pandey 9)

    Simmons runs in to bowl, a surprising change from Rohit. Pandey chips the first ball unconvincingly over midwicket for two runs. Four, this stays very low and Uthappa brings his bat down in time and outside edges it to the boundary to get his 50. Pandey then flicks the yorker away on the leg side for a single. 10 runs from the over, KKR need 64 from 54 balls with 9 wickets in hand.
  • Over 10 - KKR 68/1 (Uthappa 45, Pandey 5)

    A single to start the over and then Uthappa hits Harbhajan for another boundary. Uthappa goes for the sweep and top edges it to short third man, Bumrah misses a difficult chance and the bowler is not happy. 7 from the over in the end, KKR 68 from 10 overs.
  • Over 9 - KKR 61/1 (Uthappa 40, Pandey 3)

    A slip comes in as Ojha bowls to Pandey. Pandey pushes the ball to long-off for a single. Four singles from the over and then, Uthappa sends the last ball to the boundary to keep the momentum going, he cuts it cleanly behind point. The asking rate is 7.36 per over.
  • Over 8 - KKR 53/1 (Uthappa 34, Pandey 1)

    WICKET! Mumbai finally get a wicket, Bhajji starts over the wicket to Gambhir, and Gambhir chops the ball on to his stumps and is bowled. It was too close to cut the ball and the ball was coming into him and not spinning away, cramped for room. Pandey comes out to bat and Harbhajan bowls a wide. Three runs and the wicket from the over.
  • Over 7 - KKR 50/0 (Uthappa 33, Gambhir 14)

    Ojha to bowl the 7th over, a couple of singles to start the over. Gambhir walks out of his crease and inside edges the ball to fine leg for a couple of runs. Five runs from the over, KKR 50 in 7 overs.
  • Over 6 - KKR 45/0 (Uthappa 32, Gambhir 10)

    Malinga comes back into the attack to stop the easy run flow, and pick up a few wickets. This pitch is not as bad as Mumbai showed it was when they were batting. A wide from Malinga and then three dots. Four, Uthappa releases the pressure by outside edging the ball to third man for four.
  • Over 5 - KKR 40/0 (Uthappa 28, Gambhir 10)

    Ojha comes into the attack, Rohit shuffling his bowlers to get a wicket. Six, Uthappa hits this cleanly and for another straight drive out of the park for a six. A couple of runs to end the over.
  • Over 4 - KKR 31/0 (Uthappa 21, Gambhir 8)

    A couple of dots to start Bumrah's second over. Four, Uthappa attacks and hits the length ball past the bowler for four. Four more, hit straight again from Uthappa and it goes for four more. 10 runs from the over, Mumbai need a couple of quick wickets.
  • Over 3 - KKR 21/0 (Uthappa 12, Gambhir 7)

    Harbhajan Singh into the attack early for Mumbai. Uthappa outside edges the first ball to third man for a single. Bhajji goes round the wicket to Gambhir, who gets another single. A couple more singles and then four, Uthappa hits the last ball to the fence for four, a chip shot over mid-off.
  • Over 2 - KKR 13/0 (Uthappa 6, Gambhir 5)

    Bumrah from the other end for Mumbai, a leg bye to start the over and then Uthappa takes a quick single to midwicket. A couple of dots and then Gambhir hits the last ball through the leg side for four. The required rate is 7.16 per over.
  • Over 1 - KKR 7/0 (Uthappa 5, Gambhir 1)

    Malinga starts with the new ball for Mumbai and Uthappa and Gambhir at the crease for KKR. Four, Uthappa hits the second ball through deep midwicket for four, the yorker goes slightly wrong and Uthappa capitalizes. A single and then Malinga bowls a wide down the leg side. Seven from the first over.

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