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  • Kolkata Knight Riders V Royal Challengers Bangalore

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

Match info: Indian Premier League at Eden Gardens, Kolkata

Date: 22nd May 2014 Umpires: B N J Oxenford and C Shamsuddin

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Kolkata Knight Riders

195/4 (20.0 Overs)


Royal Challengers Bangalore

165/5 (20.0 Overs)

Kolkata Knight Riders win by 30 runs

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  • Koklata Knight Riders Win By 30 Runs

    The Royal Challengers Bangalore crash out of contention for the play-offs stage of the Indian Premier League, while Kolkata confirm their advance alongside the Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings. The fourth berth will go to one of Rajasthan Royals, Mumbai Indians or Sunrisers Hyderabad. Delhi, of course, are long gone.
  • Over 20 Royal Challengers 165/5

    42 off six. Pretty much impossible. Vinay goes through the motions, Starc and Rana scrape together what is left, and so ends that. A weak end, really, to a contest that promised so much more at the outset.
  • Over 19 Royal Challengers 154/5

    54 needed off 12. Stranger things have happened. But not this over. Yadav still giving it his all, despite the foregone conclusion of it all. Rana and Starc, too, let it be noted.
  • Over 18 Royal Challengers 142/5

    Rana and Starc swing for the proverbial hills, with mixed success, as Kumar reaps the economical benefit. All seems lost for the Royal Challenger Bangalore now - they will be ruled out of contention for the play-offs stage of the IPL with this impending defeat.
  • Over 17 Royal Challengers 133/5

    WICKET! Narine returns to the attaack and delivers straightaway for Kolkata. Yuvraj thought he got under the length enough for six over long-on, but fielder Vinay is in position, taking a reasonably simple catch. Rana is the new batsman at the crease. WICKET! An altogether great over over is then capped by the fall of de Villiers. Bangalore's hopes are circling the drain. The South African right-hander has slog-swept, but missed the wrong'un. Bowled is the result. Starc joins Rana at the crease. Neither have faced a delivery yet.
  • Over 16 Royal Challengers 128/3

    Play resumes with Yuvraj in full swing, pulling six and then whipping six more over fine-leg. Yadav is rattled - and quickly realises he is bowling into the left-hander's body too much, so corrects to outside the off-stump. Singh is wise to these tricks, though, merely putting his bat in the way to ensure four deliberately edged to thirdman. A big over for Bangalore, yes, but can they sustain this for the next 15 minutes or so...?
  • Over 15 Royal Challengers 106/3

    Morkel commences his fourth and final over. The acrobatic catch taken by the big man hasn't harmed his primary role with the ball. Here is a another tight over, with Morkel doing everything in his power to field the ball off his own bowling. De Villiers is swiping at anything, missing everything. There is merit in chasing sixes, but not at the expense of singles. The ball must be played on its merit. Another strageic timeout time again.
  • Over 14 Royal Challengers 100/3

    Ugly from Shakib, coughing up a leg-side wide. Perhaps he was pushing for a stumping, in the hope Yuvraj advanced down the track. He did not. The wicketkeeper did well to prevent that from leaking more than one run. Otherwise a very tight over. Bangalore all but out of the contest - and tournament now. They need 96 runs from 36 balls to win. Very unlikely.
  • Over 13 Royal Challengers 93/3

    WICKET! Kohli is beaten by the bounce. The turn gets big on him too, and that late cut only results in a top edge. Morkel - on the dive - is at hand at thirdman for a good catch. Kohli is livid with himself. He has been outfoxed by Narine. The new batsman in is Yuvraj. De Villiers still waiting in the wings. If either of 'em fire, Bangalore could still upend this large required rate. WICKET! Singh, meanwhile, watches from the safety of the non-striker's end as Narine strikes again. Too close to the body for an attempted deft touch wide of the wicketkeeper. Cramped for room, flummoxed all ends up, he is bowled after chopping the ball onto the stumps. De Villiers now arrives to the crease.
  • Over 12 Royal Challengers 90/1

    65,000-odd Eden Gardens fans watch in awe as Kohli goes high and hard over long-on for six. He is really looking to tee off now - and this is a great battle within the war. Shakib sees the batsman trying to offer hismelf room, so is keen to fire 'em in wide of the off-stump.
  • Over 11 Royal Challengers 79/1

    Narine returns for a second over. Also not loose, again tight. Spin in tandem working so well for Kolkata. Bangalore going nowhere slowly, or waiting for the late launch. You decide.
  • Over 10 Royal Challengers 72/1

    Shakib and his slow left-arm stuff won't give an inch. Kohli and company want to take a mile, so the trio find a middleground across five singles. Bangalore's asking rate climbing - nearing 13 per over now.
  • Over 9 Royal Challengers 67/1

    Exquisite timing from Kohli. The cover sweeper didn't stand a chance of preventing four, as Kumar's lame width is punished. Takawale then employs a Virender Sehwag-esque slice over point - and it sails all the way for six. Everything intentional about following the aerial route, as he does it again - but just four this time. Kumar lacking imagination here. He needs to bowl straighter. Strategic timeout time.
  • Over 8 Royal Challengers 50/1

    All-rounder Al Hasan is introduced into the attack, eager to contribute with some left-arm off-spin on the back of a fine half-century earlier. Kohli is keen to use his feet to the slow bowler, meeting the ball at its pitch here and there - but not consistently enough to genuinely follow through.
  • Over 7 Royal Challengers 46/1

    More right-arm seam - Vinay. He bowls wicket to wicket, relying on line and length - no swing, not much lateral movement off the seam. Unfortunately for him, he errs into Kohli's pads. That's the batsman's bread'n'butter area - so four superb runs. Textbook shot selection, that.
  • Over 6 Royal Challengers 36/1

    Spin into the attack - Windies recruit Narine. Takawale won't be dictated too, and soon glances four. The slow bowler is quick to correct his line, though, closing out the over on the quiet. So ends the mandatory six-over Powerplay.
  • Over 5 Royal Challengers 30/1

    Takawale follow suit, launching four over the top too. Kohli applauds from the non-striker's end. DROPPED! He then almost perishes in the deep, but ten Doeschate and Pandey contrive to collectively drop a catch. That belonged to the Netherlands international, but the Indian talent got in the way. Morkel is livid. That should have been a straightforward wicket.
  • Over 4 Royal Challengers 17/1

    Virat was biding his time, waiting for the bad ball - and here it is. Test match cricket would have seen that caressed across the carpet through the covers, but this is Twenty20 competition - so over the head of bowler Yadav for a one-bounce four it goes.
  • Over 3 Royal Challengers 9/1

    Morkel gets through another tight over. Bangalore's asking rate has already ballooned to 11. Kohli and Takawale must get a move on, but for now are resigned to a mere single each by the fast bowler's accuracy.
  • Over 2 Royal Challengers 7/1

    One slip in place as Yadav shares the new ball with Morkel. Two tall right-arm fast bowlers in action. Gayle soon looks to force the issue, picking something slightly short off his hips for four. This outfield is well manicured - and lightning-quick. WICKET! Those are his last runs for the day, though. Yadav is elated as the umpire obliges a loud shout for lbw. That was straight, probably hitting leg-stump. Gayle should have swung through the line rather than across it. He mopes off. In comes Kohli.

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