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  • Sunrisers Hyderabad V Kings Xi Punjab

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kings XI Punjab

Match info: Indian Premier League at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium

Date: 14th May 2014 Umpires: V A Kulkarni and P G Pathak

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Sunrisers Hyderabad

205/5 (20.0 Overs)


Kings XI Punjab

211/4 (18.4 Overs)

Kings XI Punjab win by 6 wickets

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  • KXIP go back to the top of the table with this six wicket win. This is the second time they've chased a 200+ score in this IPL. It's the second highest score of this year's edition, and all of the top three belong to KXIP. An insanely good batting line up, thanks in large part to Maxwell.
  • Over 19 Kings XI Punjab 211/4

    Bhuvi's back, with four needed off 12 balls. Three singles tie the scores, and then Bailey gets the win with a lofted six over long off. What an incredible chase.
  • Over 18 Kings XI Punjab 202/4

    Last over for Steyn, and there's an immediate run out chance, but Dhawan misses the throw. Bailey reduces the deficit by six as he picked Steyn off his toes! It goes miles, considering how little time he had. Then, a short and wide one is cut backward of point for four, before another is driven to the ropes. Then bang! Another six, straight down the ground. Did AB's demolition last week kill Steyn's confidence? 22 runs off this over.
  • Over 17 Kings XI Punjab 180/4

    Irfan Pathan is brought on and they immediately try to run two, but the fielding is good and they must abort the second. Miller clips it off his toes and some more great fielding by Warner on in the deep prevents the second. The pressure builds as Irfan keeps it full and on middle, first for a dot and then a single as the bowler appeals. THEN! Warner takes a brilliant catch, running forward and diving into the path of the ball to take it. They send it upstairs to check if he grassed it, and they think he did so it's not out! Five off a dramatic over.
  • Over 16 Kings XI Punjab 175/4

    Mishra's into his final over and also does well to stifle the batsmen, though a pair of doubles makes it six off the over. it's gone a bit quiet, as KXIP are still in the pound seats.
  • Over 15 Kings XI Punjab 169/4

    Sharma continues and does well to keep things tight as the run rate climbs a bit. A leg bye is followed by three dots, and then a pair of singles. Still 37 required, but 30 balls should be plenty, surely?
  • Over 14 Kings XI Punjab 166/4

    After another time out, Mishra keeps going, and again Maxwell hits it high for Steyn to catch at long off. WICKET! This time, Maxwell must go! he's out for 43 off 21 balls, and in comes George Bailey to join Miller. He gets runs with a reverse slog sweep for four, and follows that up with one to the leg side. Bailey gets off the mark with a single.
  • Over 13 Kings XI Punjab 159/3

    Steyn keeps going and asks a bump ball to be sent upstairs. They do, but Maxwell had hit it into the ground before Steyn caught it. Oh, just FYI this is the fastest 150 by a team in the IPL, ever. Maxwell gets a quick single to mid on where Warner jokes about with his fellow Aussie, before Miller drives for two more. Just three off the over, and KXIP need 47 off 42 balls.
  • Over 12 Kings XI Punjab 156/3

    Karn Sharma continues and gives up a single right away to get Maxi off strike, before Miller gives it back. Maxwell then dances down the track and smashed a huge six! And then another, one one knee, into the second tier over mid wicket.
  • Over 11 Kings XI Punjab 140/3

    Mishra continues to Miller, who pulls a shorter one to deep cover for one. The run rate is just above nine, and WICKET! Maxwell skies it hiiiiigh and Steyn runs round to take the catch. But no! It's a front foot no-ball, from the spinner! Criminal. Oh the drama. The resulting free hit is skied too, but is dropped. Wouldn't have counted anyway. Then Maxwell cuts it narrowly over backward point's head for four. The over ends with a single. Madness!
  • Over 10 Kings XI Punjab 131/3

    Bhuvi's back, and the first delivery is hit back to him and he deflects it onto the stumps. It goes upstairs... and WICKET! Vohra is run out at the non-striker's end for 47. Lovely knock from him though. In comes David Miller to join Maxwell, what a scary pairing. Maxwell puts him on strike with a single to long on, and Miller gets off the mark with one in the same region. Maxwell then drives at Bhuvi and gets an edge, but it runs for four past third man.
  • Over 9 Kings XI Punjab 125/2

    Steyn continues and Warner's good fielding gets a direct hit, but also an extra run as the ball spurts away. Steyn beats Vohra's bat next ball, before he gets two more just wide of third man. Vohra then gets in on the act and pulls Steyn for six, and then guides him to third man for a single. Steyn's more anothed by the latter shot, it seems. Poor keeping sees the last ball go for a single.
  • Over 8 Kings XI Punjab 113/2

    WICKET! Saha's luck runs out at last, as he steps down the track to Sharma but misses and is stumped. He goes for 54, and in comes the Orange Cap holder, Glenn Maxwell. He gets off the mark, and brings up the 100, with a huge six. This is the fastest team 100 in IPL history! And then another six, into the second level of the stands. And a third! 18 runs off the over, all to G-Maxi.
  • Over 7 Kings XI Punjab 95/1

    Amit Mishra comes on after the time out, and three singles make SRH comparatively giddy. A dot balls follows, and then a quick double, with the fielding a bit wayward, much to Dhawan's annoyance. The boundary arrives with a slog sweep for four by Vohra.
  • Over 6 Kings XI Punjab 86/1

    Everything going the batting team's way at the moment, with thick edges not going to hand and fielders nowhere to be seen when the ball flies over the bowler's head. Vohra, of course, happy, welcoming four and four again. This is the most runs any mandatory opening six-over Powerplay has seen in the IPL this year. HALF-CENTURY! Saha's half-ton arrives, meanwhile, off just 22 balls - eight fours and two sixes included. Henriques does not know where to bowl - or hide. Strategic timeout time.
  • Over 5 Kings XI Punjab 66/1

    Leg-spinner Sharma into the attack. It is just a matter of time before Saha offers himself room, duly launching four through the off-side. Sharma then tries the double bluff, but the right-hander is quickly onto that too, smearing four more through backward square-leg. This is a rollicking start.
  • Over 4 Kings XI Punjab 55/1

    Seamer Henriques brought into the attack, in a bid to slow this promising run-rate. He is soon travelling over long-off, for six more, though. Saha entirely justifying his position in the order - as the cavalier Miller and Maxwell watch from the sidelines. A slower ball is then met with a deft touch, as four more runs is milked wide of a diving short thirdman fielder. The 50-run partnership arrives in just 21 balls.
  • Over 3 Kings XI Punjab 39/1

    Kumar is being well exploited. The Kings XI Punjab batsmen are chasing everything thrown at them. Understandably so, as this is a pretty fat asking rate. A win today will put them back at the top of the eight-team IPL standings, ahead of the Chennai Super Kings. Saha scintillating - four fours off the over.
  • Over 2 Kings XI Punjab 24/1

    South African pace ace Steyn to share the new ball with Kumar. Saha is soon beaten for speed, riding his luck off a very thick edge into no-man's land on the off-side. He middles the next shot, though, and that screams through for four. Steyn is displeased - and soon bites back. The umpire isn't buying the lbw appeal, however. Perhaps the trajectory was too high.
  • Over 1 Kings XI Punjab 8/1

    Spectacles donned, Sehwag sees to it that Kumar's opening delivery is spanked over mid-on's head for four. WICKET! The next ball, however, is spooned straight to the seamer for a straightforward return catch. Big blow to the Kings XI Punjab's chase, that. Saha is the new man in.

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