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  • Rajasthan Royals V Royal Challengers Bangalore

Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

Match info: Indian Premier League at Sheikh Zayed Stadium

Date: 26th Apr 2014 Umpires: H D P K Dharmasena and C Shamsuddin

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Rajasthan Royals

71/4 (13.0 Overs)


Royal Challengers Bangalore

70 All out (15.0 Overs)

Rajasthan Royals win by 6 wickets

  • Rajasthan win by 6 wickets

    After a brilliant bowling performance, Rajasthan win by 6 wickets and RCB have to face a failure of their batting again.
  • Over 13 - RR 71/4 (Binny 0, A Nayar 11)

    A single to start the over, and then Watson hits it over cow corner for a six. WICKET! Watson tries to hit one out of the park and gets a big top edge and AB takes the catch. Three runs to end the over, Nayar hits it past the slip fielder to finish the game. Royals win by 6 wickets.
  • Over 12 - RR 61/3 (Watson 18, A Nayar 7)

    Dinda starts his second over, Watson clips it to deep midwicket for a couple of runs. Watson launches this over extra cover for three runs, Nayar just makes it safely.
  • Over 11 - RR 55/3 (Watson 13, A Nayar 6)

    A dot ball to start the over, six, Watson hits it out of the park. He takes a step down and hammers it over the bowler's head for a six. A couple of dots and then a single to end the over.
  • Over 10 - RR 48/3 (Watson 6, A Nayar 6)

    Dinda to Nayar, a dot to start the over and then a couple of singles. Good over from Dinda, 23 runs more needed.
  • Over 9 - RR 46/3 (Watson 5, A Nayar 5)

    Chahal comes into the attack, Rampaul and Starc have bowled out. A slip in place, he bowls a few dots to Watson. A maiden in the end, good start from Chahal.
  • Over 8 - RR 46/3 (Watson 5, A Nayar 5)

    Rampaul will bowl his final over, RCB using only two bowlers up to this point. A couple of dots and then Nayar punches the length ball for four through mid-off. Then he runs the ball down to third man for a single. A single to end the over, Rajasthan need 25 runs from 12 overs.
  • Over 7 - RR 40/3 (Watson 4, A Nayar 0)

    A couple of dots and then Starc picks up his second wicket. WICKET! Karun Nair slashes at the short and wide ball and gets a thick outside edge to the keeper. Finally, Watson walks out to bat, with 35 runs needed. A brilliant over from Starc, and then Watson hits the last ball for four.
  • Over 5 - RR 36/2 (K Nair 8, A Nayar 0)

    Rampaul starts his third over, a couple of singles to start the over. WICKET! Samson is run out, Samson gets on top of it and hits it to deep square leg, the fielder in the deep throws it and Samson is caught short of his ground. A wide from Rampaul. Abhishek Nayar is the new man in. The Royals need 35 more from 14 overs.
  • Over 5 - RR 32/1 (K Nair 7, Samson 0)

    Kohli continues with Starc, Nair punches the ball through midwicket for three runs. WICKET! Starc angles it across the batsman, and Rahane edges it to the keeper, good wicket for Starc. Samson is the new man in.
  • Over 4 - RR 28/0 (K Nair 4, Rahane 23)

    Rampaul starts with a couple of dots. Two runs, Rahane hits it in the air but it evades the point fielder for a couple of runs. A couple of singles to end the over, four runs from the 4th over.
  • Over 3 - RR 24/0 (K Nair 3, Rahane 20)

    Starc to Rahane, he hits it stylishly through cover point for four. A couple of dots and then Rahane pulls it over midwicket for four more. A single and a couple of runs to end the over, 47 more needed.
  • Over 2 - RR 13/0 (K Nair 1, Rahane 11)

    Rampaul to bowl the second over, a couple of dots to start the over. A couple of singles follow as Karun Nair gets off the mark. RR need 58 from 18 overs.
  • Over 1 - RR 11/0 (K Nair 0, Rahane 10)

    Karun Nair to open with Rahane for Rajasthan and Starc with the ball for RCB. Starc bowls it full and swings it, Rahane flicks it on the leg side for four. A wide from Starc, he over corrects and pushes it wide outside off. Four more, Rahane punches it beautifully through mid-off for four more. A couple of runs to end the over, 11 runs from the first over.
  • Bangalore 70 all out

    This was supposed to be a good pitch but Bangalore have collapsed to their third lowest total in the IPL. Good bowling from Rajasthan and some poor batting means Bangalore are all out for 70.
  • Over 15 - RCB 70/10 (Chahal 0)

    Dinda comes out to bat, Rampaul top edges it just over mid-off for a couple of runs. Six, Rampaul connects and sends this one out of the park. The full toss is hit over deep midwicket for a six. WICKET! Tambe gets his man, Rampaul looks to smash another six but only manages to get the toe-end of the bat on it and Southee takes the catch at cover. RCB 9 down, Chahal walks out to bat. A couple of dots and WICKET! Tambe gets his 4th, Dinda is out lbw and RCB end on 70 all out from 15 overs.
  • Over 14 - RCB 62/8 (Rampaul 5)

    Rajat Bhatia comes into the attack for the first time. Rampaul pushes the ball to deep midwicket for a single. Four, Starc then chops it between backward point and third man for four, beautifully finding the gap. RCB go past their lowest IPL total. Bhatia tosses it up and Starc pushes it to long-on for a single. WICKET! A couple of singles and then Bhatia strikes with the last ball of the over. Starc cuts it straight to point, where Binny takes the catch on the second attempt.
  • Over 13 - RCB 55/7 (Rampaul 3, Starc 13)

    A couple of singles as Tambe starts his third over. Starc then under edges the ball to fine leg for a couple of runs. Four from the over.
  • Over 12 - RCB 51/7 (Rampaul 2, Starc 10)

    Richardson comes back into the attack to bowl his last over, three dots to start the over. Rampaul then pushes it through backward point for a single. A big top edge, three men under and it still drops safely. No one called for it and in the end, Starc is safe and picks up two runs. Bangalore reach their 50.
  • Over 11 - RCB 47/7 (Rampaul 1, Starc 7)

    Starc takes a single from the first ball to bring Kohli on strike against Tambe. WICKET! Tambe picks up the big wicket, Kohli hits it straight to midwicket where Southee takes the catch. Bangalore 46 for 7, Rajasthan celebrate. Rampaul is the new batsman. A single to end the over, 9 overs still remaining.

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