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  • Royal Challengers Bangalore V Kolkata Knight Riders

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Match info: Indian Premier League at Sharjah CA Stadium, UAE

Date: 24th Apr 2014 Umpires: A S Dar and V Kulkarni

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Royal Challengers Bangalore

148/5 (20.0 Overs)


Kolkata Knight Riders

150/7 (20.0 Overs)

Kolkata Knight Riders win by 2 runs

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  • KKR win by 2 runs

    KKR win by 2 runs and more importantly RCB, with their batting battery, lose by 2 runs. They batted well, but somehow KKR managed to pull things back in the final over.
  • Over 20 - RCB 148/5 (Starc 0, A Morkel 6)

    Nine needed from the last over, Albie on strike. Vinay runs in to bowl, a few dots could make this interesting. Albie takes a single to bring AB on strike. A short chat between the batsmen and then Gambhir has a long chat with Vinay. AB pushes it to deep midwicket for a single. Another single, 6 needed from 3 balls. WICKET! Lynn takes a blinder to get rid of AB, Vinay gets the wicket. AB hits it to deep midwicket, Lynn lines himself up but slips, but manages to get in the line of the ball and hold on to a spectacular catch under pressure. Starc comes to the crease, Albie drives Vinay down the ground for a couple of runs. Four needed from the last ball. A single to end the match and KKR celebrate. What a match, this chase was supposed to be easy but KKR pull things back with a brilliant final over and a superb catch by Lynn. KKR win by 2 runs.
  • Over 19 - RCB 142/4 (de Villiers 10, A Morkel 1)

    Yadav comes into the attack, AB hits the first ball for four. It was full and wide, AB accepts the gift as he hits it over mid-off. A yorker on middle and leg, AB manages to dig it out for a single. A no ball, a high full toss from Yadav and Yuvi top edges it to long-on for a couple of runs. WICKET! Yuvi falls with 10 runs need, he timed it well but hit it straight to deep point and Yusuf Pathan takes a simple catch. RCB need 10 from 8 balls. Albie Morkel walks out. Morkel digs it out to point for a quick run, a direct hit would have been close but AB is quick between the wickets.
  • Over 18 - RCB 133/3 (Y Singh 29, de Villiers 5)

    Vinay Kumar comes in to bowl. A single to start the over, AB punches it to deep midwicket. A short ball to Yuvi, he thinks off pulling it but then leaves it alone. The quicker one is followed by the slower one, Yuvi tries to swipe it into the leg side but misses. Four, Yuvi gets hold of this one, full delivery and he hits it over cover for four. Yuvi digs the yorker out for a single. Seven from the over, RCB need 18 from the last two.
  • Over 17 - RCB 126/3 (Y Singh 24, de Villiers 3)

    Kallis to AB, a misfield at cover allows AB to get a quick single. A single as Yuvi pushes it to point, Kallis into his final over. Three singles from the over, a good one from Kallis.
  • Over 16 - RCB 123/3 (Y Singh 23, de Villiers 1)

    Kohli hits it through to deep cover for a couple of runs. Four, poor ball from Narine and Kohli punches it through midwicket for four. WICKET! The poor ball is followed by a brilliant one, it spins into Kohli and he inside edges it on to his stumps. Kohli goes for 31, AB walks out to bat. A single to end the over.
  • Over 15 - RCB 116/2 (Y Singh 23, Kohli 25)

    Kallis into his third over and Kohli sends the first ball to extra cover for a single. Kallis darts one into the pads and Yuvi flicks it to deep backward square leg for four. A single brings Kohli on strike for the last ball. A single makes it 7 from the over, RCB need 35 from 30 balls to win.
  • Over 14 - RCB 109/2 (Y Singh 18, Kohli 23)

    Narine continues, Yuvi takes a single from the first ball. Kohli pushes the doosra to point for a single. A couple of runs as Yuvi punches the quicker ball through deep midwicket. Yuvi then dabs it to point for a single, the throw misses the stumps and they pick up an extra run. Six from the over.
  • Over 13 - RCB 103/2 (Y Singh 13, Kohli 22)

    Kallis is called back into the attack. Four, Kohli hits it through extra cover for four, brilliant timing and precise placement. Four more, same gap, same shot, same result, Kohli picks up four more elegantly. A push to fine leg and Kohli gets a single. 10 from the over.
  • Over 12 - RCB 93/2 (Y Singh 12, Kohli 13)

    Narine comes back into the attack, Gambhir replaces pace with spin. Kohli clips the first ball to deep square leg for a single. Yuvi plays out three dots and then takes a couple of runs to third man.
  • Over 11 - RCB 90/2 (Y Singh 10, Kohli 12)

    RCB need 74 from the last 10 overs, they are half way through in terms of both overs and runs. Yadav comes back to bowl against Kohli and Yuvi. Kohli takes a single to bring Yuvi on strike. Six, Yadav bowls a slower ball and Yuvi hits it over midwicket and out of the ground for a six. A single and then Kohli hits it through midwicket for four more. 13 runs from the over, the pace experiment has not worked for KKR today.
  • Over 10 - RCB 77/2 (Y Singh 3, Kohli 6)

    Morkel runs in to bowl the final over, a couple of singles to start the over. Kohli hits the length ball to deep midwicket for three runs, he makes it look easy. Five from the over, RCB 77 for 2 after 10 overs.
  • Over 9 - RCB 72/2 (Y Singh 2, Kohli 2)

    Vinay Kumar continues, WICKET! Patel falls, two wickets in two overs, Lynn takes the catch and Kumar picks up the wicket. Patel gets a leading edge on the slower ball, and hits it to cover. Yuvraj Singh comes in to bat, Vinay Kumar bowls a wide and Yuvi leaves it alone. Yuvi takes a single to cover to get off the mark.
  • Over 8 - RCB 67/1 (Patel 21, Kohli 0)

    A couple of singles to start the over as Gambhir throws the ball to Kallis. Takawale tries to hit it through point, only to get an inside edge on it and it runs to the third man boundary for four. WICKET! Kallis strikes but Takawale has done his job, he is out lbw for 40 from 28 balls, he has given RCB a good platform. Kohli walks out to bat. A couple of dots to end the over.
  • Over 7 - RCB 61/0 (Patel 20, Takawale 35)

    Vinay Kumar comes into the attack, Patel hits it through the midwicket region for four. A single and then Takawale clips it through backward square leg for four. Four leg byes as Takawale pads the next one to the fence. A single to end the over, 12 from it.
  • Over 6 - RCB 49/0 (Patel 15, Takawale 32)

    Morkel continues into his final over. A single to start the over, Takawale top edges over Gambhir for a couple of runs. Four, Takawale hits it over Morkel's head for a one bounce four. Four more, Takawale hits it over the slip fielder for four. 15 runs from the over.
  • Over 5 - RCB 34/0 (Patel 14, Takawale 18)

    Narine comes into the attack, Gambhir hunting for a wicket. Parthiv takes a single from the first ball and five dots to end the over.
  • Over 4 - RCB 33/0 (Patel 13, Takawale 18)

    Morkel starts his second over, and a leg bye brings Takawale on strike. Takawale opens his stance and Morkel follows him with the ball, Takawale flicks it over square leg for a couple of runs. Four, Takawale attacks the pace of Morkel, only manages to outside edge it past Uthappa for four. Four more, Takawale flicks the length ball over square leg for four. 13 runs from the over.
  • Over 3 - RCB 10/0 (Patel 13, Takawale 6)

    Takawale takes a single and then Patel hits Yadav hits a four, he does not move is his much but reaches for the ball and slices it over point for four. A single and then Takawale sends the last ball to the boundary, his first of the innings. 10 from the over.
  • Over 2 - RCB 10/0 (Patel 8, Takawale 1)

    Morkel from the other end, trial by pace from both ends for RCB. Just a couple of singles from the over, a good start from the South African.

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