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  • Delhi Daredevils V Royal Challengers Bangalore

Delhi Daredevils vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

Match info: Indian Premier League at Sharjah CA Stadium, UAE

Date: 17th Apr 2014 Umpires: A S Dar and S Ravi

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Delhi Daredevils

145/4 (20.0 Overs)


Royal Challengers Bangalore

146/2 (16.4 Overs)

Royal Challengers Bangalore win by 8 wickets

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  • Royal Challengers Bangalore Win by Eight Wickets

    Taylor and Duminy's dominance in vain, instead upstaged by Kohli and Yuvraj. A testing chase, but Bangalore made it look easy. Saturday: Chenna v Punjab and Hyderabad v Rajasthan. Catch you then. Cheers.
  • Over 16.4 Royal Challengers 146/2

    HALF-CENTURY! Yuvraj wins the race, reaching a quckfire half-ton with a big six over square-leg and four lapped round the corner off slow bowler Nadeem. Pretty much one-way traffic now - big win for Bangalore coming soon. And so it arrives - with all of 20 deliveries to spare.
  • Over 16 Royal Challengers 133/2

    Another big six, this one by Yuvraj off Shami, narrows the half-century race. The left-hander is on 41 and the right-hander is unbeaten on 47. There are enough runs for both to reach the milestone.
  • Over 15 Royal Challengers 124/2

    Leg-spinner Sharma returns to the attack, and is soon rubbernecking in dismay as Kohli clouts six over long-on and clubs another six over long-off. Yuvraj is then at hand to milk six more over fine-leg - that was a rank long-hop and deserved every inch of that smack. And so arrives the last strategic timeout of the match. Bangalore need a further 22 runs off 30 balls to win.
  • Over 14 Royal Challengers 104/2

    Rubbish delivery from Neesham, who bowls one straight into the hittable slot, with Kohli obliging a fat six over the long-off fence. This stand is really gaining momentum now, certainly helped by two dropped catches in the previous over. 100 up for the Royal Challengers.
  • Over 13 Royal Challengers 89/2

    DROPPED! Parnell's return to the attack almost brings success for Delhi, but instead Neesham drops a straightforward catch at backward square-leg. Kohli turned that off his hips, but lacked decent placement. Lives to tell the tale regardless. Parnell duly upset. DROPPED! His luck doesn't get any better either, as Agarwal also grasses one - on the cover fence. Kohli, again, rides his fortune.
  • Over 12 Royal Challengers 86/2

    New Zealand seamer Neesham into the attack now. He soon suffers at the hands of Yuvraj. The bounce, tennis ball-esque, didn't help the bowler. Four runs at the end, after some questions over whether the ball struck the SpiderCam wire midair are quashed.
  • Over 11 Royal Challengers 79/2

    Too straight from Sharma - and six for Yuvraj, who strikes it low and hard in front of square on the off-side. Then almost four down the ground. The bowler is at a loss as to where to pitch the ball.
  • Over 10 Royal Challengers 69/2

    Shami returns, too, and succeeds with his first short ball but not the next. Yuvraj, meanwhile, takes his eyes off the bouncer - but lives to tell the tale of a top edge for four regardless. Doesn't matter how the runs come, as long as they come, reckons the left-hander. So arrives the halfway mark of the innings. Bangalore require a further 77 runs off 60 balls to win.
  • Over 9 Royal Challengers 63/2

    More slow bowling now, this time in the form of leg-spinner Sharma. Tall and primed for bounce, he doesn't get much turn. WICKET! Spin isn't really needed here, though, as Patel dances down the track, heaves across, the line, misses - and even has enough time to look behind him as the ball crashes into the stumps. Had it missed, the wicketkeeper would have had all the time in the world to orchestrate an easy stumping. Yuvraj now joins Kohli at the crease.
  • Over 8 Royal Challengers 60/1

    Nadeem continues, and manages not to concede another huge six, but does allow the runs that bring up Patel and Kohli's 50-run alliance. Bangalore currently sauntering, but a breakthrough or two will change the complexion of this chase drastically. Occasional wides, like this leg-side fodder, help too.
  • Over 7 Royal Challengers 55/1

    Duminy returns for another over or two. Tidy enough six deliveries, too, as Kohli and Patel gather what very few singles are on offer.
  • Over 6 Royal Challengers 50/1

    This is a huge hit from Patel, who gets under a fat six, which screams high and hard over the midwicket stands. That'll take a couple of minutes to retrieve, if at all. Spinner Nadeem hangs his head in disappointment. And so arrives the innings' fist strategic timeout.
  • Over 5 Royal Challengers 37/1

    South African left-arm fast bowler Parnell into the attack now. He, too, travels to the fence soon. Delhi's bowlers taking strain here - they need to find better lengths. Straight is good, but it needs to be coupled with reasonable fullness.
  • Over 4 Royal Challengers 28/1

    Shami really putting his back into it here. Another bouncer, and a slight appeal for caught behind, but the umpire isn't buying the shot. No glove on the ball this time. Patel lives on, rightly so. The diminutive batsman then reckons he will dance down the track in a bid to chasten the length, doing so successfully for back-to-back boundaries.
  • Over 3 Royal Challengers 17/1

    Patel and Kohli take it upon themselves to steady ship, somewhat, for this over at least, after the early departure of Maddinson.
  • Over 2 Royal Challengers 10/1

    Seamer Shami gets the second over, starting with a tight line to cramp the left-handed Maddinson for room. WICKET! A short ball later catches the Australian by surprise, with a bit of glove on the glance giving the wicketkeeper a straightforward catch down the leg-side. Captain Kohli then arrives to plenty of applause from the big crowd. He is soon off the mark with four glanced off the hips. Shami needed to test his Indian team-mate with a better first delivery than that.
  • Over 1 Royal Challengers 5/0

    Aspring spin bowler Duminy to bowl the first over, eager to continue the momentum garnered with the bat. Maddinson quick to get after the South African, too, lacing four through the air across the off-side.
  • Bangalore's Innings

    Out come one and all, again, with Patel and Maddinson to open the batting. Gayle not playing today, remember.
  • Delhi Total - 145/4

    Very competitive total from the Daredevils, who recovered well after several early departures. Duminy took centre stage, while Taylor provided an entertaining sideshow. Stick around for an intriguing chase by the Royal Challengers, folks.

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