Afghanistan vs Pakistan

Match info: Asia Cup 2014 at Narayanganj Osmani Stadium

Date: 27th Feb 2014 Umpires: B F Bowden and J D Cloete

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score


176 All out (47.2 Overs)



248/8 (50.0 Overs)

Pakistan win by 72 runs

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  • Pakistan win by 72 runs

    Afghanistan's innings came to a very limp end, but they gave Pakistan a real scare earlier on. This result could have been very different had Shenwari held onto the catch off Umar Akmal early on. Akmal went on to a magnificent century, and he really proved the difference between the two sides. Once they had runs on the board, Afridi and Ajmal had the room to work their magic, and Afghanistan didn't have a hope. Pakistan will also be very pleased to have gained a bonus point, which could well prove crucial later on in the tournament. We do hope you've enjoyed today's coverage, and please join us again tomorrow for more of the same.
  • Over 47.2 - Afg 176 all out

    WICKET! All over. Hafeez makes sure that Afghanistan can't bat the full 50 overs, scuttling a ball under Shenwari's pull to rattle the stumps and end the game.
  • Over 47 - Afg 176/9 (Shenwari 14, Hotak 0)

    Ajmal zips, spins and doosras his way through another over, but Shenwari and last man Hamza Hotak cling stubbornly to survival.
  • Over 46 - Afg 175/9 (Shenwari 13)

    WICKET! And another. Zadran wants to go out in a blaze of glory, but his slog sweep off Hafeez results only in a top edge that is snaffled by Ajmal behind point. Just one more to get for Pakistan.
  • Over 45 - Afg 174/8 (Shenwari 12, Zadran 1)

    WICKET! Ajmal gets another, and it's - you guessed it - the doosra that does it! Dawlat Zadran had no clue. The very first ball he faces is the unreadable variation, and he plays well inside it to be bowled. Big Shapoor Zadran scrapes through the over, but Pakistan are on the hunt for bonus points now - they'll be awarded bonus points if they bowl Afghanistan out for 198 or less.
  • Over 44 - Afg 172/7 (Shenwari 11)

    WICKET! Junaid Khan comes back into the attack, but it's the run out that brings a wicket. Shenwari taps the ball to point and wanders out of his crease, but he's got no intention of taking the single and by the time Ashraf tries to sprint back to his crease the throw has already been fired at the non-striker's end.
  • Over 43 - Afg 170/6 (Shenwari 11, Ashraf 3)

    Shenwari is rather more adventurous than his partner, immediately setting himself to reverse sweep Saeed Ajmal to the point boundary. A couple of singles make it six from the over, but the game has gone from Afghanistan now.
  • Over 42 - Afg 164/6 (Shenwari 6, Ashraf 2)

    One feels that Ashraf is a couple of positions too high at No. 8, and there's barely a big shot in sight as the batsmen hustle three runs off Hafeez' over.
  • Over 41 - Afg 161/6 (Shenwari 4, Ashraf 1)

    WICKET! Ah, it's not to be. At least not today. Umar Gul curls a full one into Nabi's pads, and Billy Bowden - after first shaking his head - raises the finger to signal the dismissal. It's a bit of a harsh call, as Hawkeye shows the ball *just* clipping leg stump. Nabi is horribly disappointed, but he trudges off.
  • Over 40 - Afg 153/5 (Nabi 10, Shenwari 2)

    WICKET! It's a short stay at the crease for Najibullah Zadran, who chops a dribbling offspinner onto his own stumps. It definitely kept a little low. He's very disappointed but this might not be the worst thing for Afghanistan, as the next batsman is the very capable Shenwari. In fact, if there's anyone who can get Afghanistan close it's the two men at the crease now.
  • Over 39 - Afg 149/4 (Nabi 9, Zadran 0)

    Well, this was turning out to be a horrid over for Afghanistan when Nabi pushed, poked and prodded at four dot balls, but he's come back superbly with a brace of fours to end Afridi's contribution (at least with the ball) for the day. Both boundaries come via very neat little late cuts, using the pace on the ball to good effect. Afridi ends with figures of 10-0-31-1.
  • Over 38 - Afg 141/4 (Nabi 1, Zadran 0)

    WICKET! Now Mangal departs, to an utterly needless run-out. Afghanistan may just implode now. Nabi wanted a single after Akmal fumbled his take off a wide, but Mangal was ever so slow to get moving, and he's easily run out. Najibullah Zadran, the new batsman, faces the final three balls of the over and lays bat on just one of them.
  • Over 37 - Afg 139/3 (Mangal 35, Nabi 0)

    WICKET! Stanikzai's vigil comes to an end. He'd started the over rather well, slapping a four past point, but Afridi spotting him jumping out of the crease and fired one at his legs. The leading edge looped straight to point, and a battling stand is broken.
  • Over 36 - Afg 133/2 (Stanikzai 35, Mangal 34)

    The Powerplay begins with an over from Ajmal, who concedes a boundary second ball but then simply reverts to the doosra to completely and utterly flummox Mangal. Importantly, though, he does enough to survive.
  • Over 35 - Afg 127/2 (Stanikzai 32, Mangal 31)

    Dropped! Afridi comes back after the short interval, and there's a change in tactic from Mangal, who bends into an extravagant slog sweep. However, it's more top edge than anything else, and it seems Mangal is done for as Ajmal gets himself underneath the ball ... but he's dropped it! In fact, he's barely got a hand to it. Suitably chastened, the batsmen play out the over by keeping the ball on the ground.
  • Over 34 - Afg 124/2 (Stanikzai 31, Mangal 29)

    Mohammad Hafeez twirls his way through another over, and a trio of singles take us to the second drinks break in Fatullah. There'll be one more over before the Batting Powerplay when we resume ...
  • Over 33 - Afg 121/2 (Stanikzai 30, Mangal 27)

    More extras give Afghanistan another little nudge in the right direction. Junaid Khan had done well to keep the batsmen to singles in his over, but when Stanikzai walked out at his sixth delivery he dug it in short and wide ... and Akmal doesn't get his body behind the ball, allowing it to slip past him for four byes. Afghanistan need to squeeze every possible run out of these overs, because when Ajmal and Afridi return they're going to struggle.
  • Over 32 - Afg 114/2 (Stanikzai 29, Mangal 25)

    Hafeez is a little too short for much of this over, and it allows Stanikzai and Mangal to manoeuvre themselves into position to work the ball repeatedly to leg. He also offers up a freebie in the form of a wide, making it six runs from the over.
  • Over 31 - Afg 114/2 (Stanikzai 29, Mangal 25)

    Misbah swaps Gul for Junaid Khan, but pace on the ball is pace on the ball, and Afghanistan dig it. Khan comes round the wicket, but dishes up a shortish one outside off and Stanikzai stands up to power the ball over the infield. This partnership is now into the 40s.
  • Over 30 - Afg 103/2 (Stanikzai 23, Mangal 21)

    Mangal brings up Afghanistan's hundred with a big swipe to long leg ... for a single, and indeed both batsmen trade in singles as Hafeez continues his spell. He's also got a doosra and, no, they can't read his either, but Stanikzai's good fortune remains as a leading edge falls short of cover.

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