India vs Sri Lanka

Match info: Asia Cup 2014 at Narayanganj Osmani Stadium

Date: 28th Feb 2014 Umpires: B N J Oxenford and N J Llong

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score


264/9 (50.0 Overs)


Sri Lanka

265/8 (49.2 Overs)

Sri Lanka win by 2 wickets

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  • Sri Lanka won by two wickets

    This match was a classic slow burner. The slow, low wicket meant that one had to graft to reap rewards as a batsman, but India's 264 looked like a challenging total. Indeed it was, and it took a special knock from Sangakkara to keep his team in contention. He fell just before the result was sealed, but this match pivoted on his innings. We do hope you've enjoyed our commentary today, and do join us again tomorrow for Bangladesh's encounter with Afghanistan. Until then, goodbye!
  • Over 49.2 - SL 265/8 (Perera 11, Mendis 5)

    Sri Lanka win! Perera goes for a big shot but it's dropped by Dhawan at mid-off, with all the fielders in the circle. He then digs out a yorker and a mad dash seals the result. It's been a remarkable few minutes of cricket, but Sri Lanka have prevailed and they have Sangakkara to thank.
  • Over 49 - SL 264/8 (Perera 10, Mendis 5)

    WICKET! Sangakkara reaches a majestic century, but falls immediately after in (perhaps) controversial circumstances! It's all happening out there. Sangakkara muscled a low full toss out to deep square leg, where Dhawan fumbled to give away a boundary, but then sliced another full toss - this one high - to Ashwin at backward point. Sangakkara thought the ball reached him above waist height - making it a no-ball - but the Umpires have a second look at both the delivery and the catch and decide the dismissal is legal. Ajantha Mendis aims closes his eyes and heaves at Shami's last ball ... and it's edged for four! Scores are level!
  • Over 48 - SL 253/7 (Sangakkara 99, Perera 8)

    Is there no stopping this man? Sangakkara threads the gap behind point once more as Kumar offers a full toss outside off, and then nudges the cutest of late dabs down to the third man boundary to move to 98. A single puts Perera on strike, and he takes one of his own to keep strike. They only need a run a ball now. This game is Sri Lanka's for the taking.
  • Over 47 - SL 242/7 (Sangakkara 90, Perera 6)

    Six for Sangakkara! His first of the innings, and it comes from a Shami slower ball. Sangakkara, perhaps, knew just what to expect from Shami, because he's started his spells with slower balls today. Expecting the slower one, Sangakkara cleared the front leg and biffed the ball mightily over wide long on. Some hard-run singles make it 10 from the over, and the match is on a knife-edge. If you'd like to talk to me about today's game after this result has been sealed, find me on Twitter: @gomorezvidinha.
  • Over 46 - SL 232/7 (Sangakkara 82, Perera 4)

    This is turning out to be a quite stunning limited-overs innings from Kumar Sangakkara, and this match could really go down to the wire. He somehow laces a Kumar full toss between the fielders in a packed off side to bag a boundary, and his fabulous placement brings another brace of twos - on either side of the wicket - before he nudges a single to keep the strike with four overs to go.
  • Over 45 - SL 221/7 (Sangakkara 72, Perera 3)

    Ashwin now finishes a similarly proficient spell of 10-0-42-2, Perera and Sangakkara content to work him around for singles and focus on reaching this target without the challenge of India's two main spinners.
  • Over 44 - SL 217/7 (Sangakkara 70, Perera 1)

    WICKET! Jadeja strikes again in his last over! The dismissal isn't a terminal one for Sri Lanka, as it's de Silva that departs, and the big-hitting Thisara Perera enters. Will he be able to keep his cool and partner Sangakkara? Or is he going to take on India's bowlers? Jadeja finishes with superb figures of 10-1-30-3.
  • Over 43 - SL 216/6 (Sangakkara 70, de Silva 9)

    This very useful little partnership is into the 30s now, and Sangakkara is showing remarkable sang froid in the circumstances. Kumar also returns to the attack now, and his first ball is picked up over wide long on for four by Sangakkara, who keeps his shape nicely in the shot. As in the last over, once the boundary has been found the batsmen settle for singles.
  • Over 42 - SL 208/6 (Sangakkara 63, de Silva 8)

    De Silva provides some valuable support, welcoming Ashwin back into the fray with a scything cut for four past point. After the boundary, the batsmen take the sensible approach and nudge the ball around for a further four singles.
  • Over 41 - SL 200/6 (Sangakkara 61, de Silva 2)

    After first tossing the ball to Ashwin, then Shami, Kohli decides to give Sharma a bowl. Perhaps he should've stuck with one of his front-line bowlers, as Sangakkara and de Silva combine to take 9 runs from the over, the best of which come via one classical Sangakkara off-side loft. Glorious.
  • Over 40 - SL 191/6 (Sangakkara 54, de Silva 0)

    In the midst of some screeching, emotive appeals from Jadeja, Sangakkara keeps the presence of mind to take seven runs off the bat and keep Sri Lanka hoping, and go to his fifty. De Silva's really just got to try and keep him company. Jadeja is a threat, but he's only got one over left.
  • Over 39 - SL 183/6 (Sangakkara 47)

    WICKET! It looked as though the batsmen would get the better of Shami in this over, but he's been gifted another wicket. Senanayake glided a boundary off the face of the bat behind point, and Sangakkara then flicked one past midwicket to loosen the pressure that had been building. But the junior batsman then clipped the ball straight into Sharma's hands at midwicket to boost India once more. This is all down to Sangakkara now.
  • Over 38 - SL 173/5 (Sangakkara 42, Senanayake 7)

    Jadeja is in the midst of a fine spell here, dew or none. He probes repeatedly at Senanayake's defense, mixing a high arm with a round arm to vary the ball's trajectory off the wicket. It ain't easy out there, and Senanayake does well to avoid a maiden when he punches a single past mid-off.
  • Over 37 - SL 172/5 (Sangakkara 42, Senanayake 6)

    WICKET! Shami is something of a Powerplay specialist, and after a difficult time in the field today he's struck with his second ball under the fielding restrictions. Mathews departs, struck on the pad by one which seamed in sharply off the pitch. There was an appeal - and Nigel Llong upheld it. Senanayake is unflustered, however, and chips his second ball down the ground for four.
  • Over 36 - SL 164/4 (Sangakkara 40, Mathews 6)

    Jadeja continues after the interval, coming round the wicket even to the left-handed Sangakkara as the batting Powerplay begins. He keeps the batsmen pinned with some accurate bowling, and Kohli sees fit to keep a slip in place. The required run rate is climbing to well over seven an over.
  • Over 35 - SL 161/4 (Sangakkara 39, Mathews 5)

    Sharma has a white flannel tucked into his waistband, and he's rubbing the ball after every delivery to keep it dry. What won't help that is more shots across the outfield from Sangakkara, especially as he moves through the 30s with a chopped cut for four behind point. That'll take us to drinks at Fatullah.
  • Over 34 - SL 154/4 (Sangakkara 33, Mathews 4)

    Jadeja, who also isn't suffering any adverse effects from the wet outfield, rushes through a maiden over to new batsman Angelo Mathews.
  • Over 33 - SL 154/4 (Sangakkara 33, Mathews 4)

    There appears to be some dew on the outfield, but it hasn't affected the bowlers - yet. Sharma continues, and certainly seems to be gripping the ball just fine as he gets one to fizz past Sangakkara's outside edge. That's no mean feat to a man who has more than 23,000 international runs under his belt.
  • Over 32 - SL 150/4 (Sangakkara 31, Mathews 2)

    WICKETS! Sri Lanka are wobbling, and the game has turned in the space of an over! Jayawardene slapped Jadeja straight to Sharma at extra cover, looking to lift the ball over the infield, and Chandimal then played inside the line of his very first ball to be bowled. Mathews tucks the hat-trick ball away for two, but there are two slips and a wicketkeeper chirping in his ear as he plays and misses straight afterwards. This over is just what India needed.

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