Sri Lanka vs Pakistan

Match info: Asia Cup 2014 at Shere Bangla National Stadium - Final

Date: 8th Mar 2014 Umpires: N J Llong and B N J Oxenford

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Sri Lanka

261/5 (46.2 Overs)



260/5 (50.0 Overs)

Sri Lanka win by 5 wickets

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  • Sri Lanka win the Asia Cup

    Sri Lanka win the Asia Cup thanks to a brilliant all round performance. Malinga took three wicket up front to dent Pakistan, Thisara and Mathews contained the big hitters and Pakistan got to 260 in their 50 overs. Thirimanne and Jayawardene put together a 156 run partnership after a brisk 47 from Kusal Perera. Poor fielding let Pakistan down in the end, Sri Lanka win by 5 wickets.
  • Over 46.2 - SL 261/5 (de Silva 6, Mathews 16)

    Talha to bowl his 7th over, four, Mathews starts the over through the deep square leg boundary for four. Two more, it is all over, Sri Lanka win by 5 wickets, their captain hits the winning runs. Sri Lanka win the Asia Cup by 5 wickets.
  • Over 46 - SL 255/5 (de Silva 6, Mathews 10)

    Junaid Khan starts his 9th over, de Silva is the new man. Four, Junaid slides it down on the pads and de Silva flicks it for four to fine leg. A couple of runs to end the over, 6 more runs needed for Sri Lanka to win the Asia Cup.
  • Over 45 - SL 248/5 (de Silva 0, Mathews 9)

    WICKET! Thirimanne falls, Ajmal strikes. Lahiru was on the front foot looking to defend, but offers a big gap between bat and pad. Good over from Ajmal, but he finishes his quota of 10 overs.
  • Over 44 - SL 247/4 (Thirimanne 101, Mathews 9)

    Four, Mathews races down the track and hits it through the covers for four. A couple of singles and then Thirimanne gets his 100, brilliant knock from him, he steadied the chase and is still going. Eight from the over.
  • Over 43 - SL 239/4 (Thirimanne 99, Mathews 3)

    Hafeez starts his second over of this spell. Six singles from the over, Thirimanne is on 99 now.
  • Over 42 - SL 233/4 (Thirimanne 96, Mathews 0)

    Junaid comes into the attack, Priyanjan slaps it down to the long-on boundary. WICKET! Priyanjan tries to run it down to the third man but gets a thin edge and he is caught behind the stumps. Mathews comes out to bat, with Thirimanne at the other end.
  • Over 41 - SL 229/3 (Thirimanne 95, Priyanjan 9)

    Hafeez comes back into the attack, he is starting his 8th over. Priyanjan hits it through to midwicket for a couple of runs. Three singles to end the over. Sri Lanka need 32 runs to win.
  • Over 40 - SL 224/3 (Thirimanne 94, Priyanjan 5)

    A single to start the over, Shehzad falls on his shoulder as he stops that ball. He injured it in the last game and is flexing it now, seem to be fine. A couple of singles and then Thirimanne moves on to 94 with a boundary through third man. Six from the over, Sri Lanka need 37 more runs.
  • Over 39 - SL 219/3 (Thirimanne 89, Priyanjan 4)

    A couple of dots, Ajmal brought into the attack after the fall of the wicket. Just a single from the over, 43 required from 66 balls.
  • Over 38 - SL 218/3 (Thirimanne 88, Priyanjan 4)

    WICKET! Talha strikes, Mahela hits it in the air and straight to the cover fielder. Mahela falls on 75 after a 156 run partnership for Sri Lanka. Ashan Priyanjan comes in to bat at number 5, Thirimanne takes a single. Short and wide from Talha and Ashan gets off the mark with a boundary through the off side.
  • Over 37 - SL 212/2 (Thirimanne 87, Jayawardene 75)

    A single start the over, Mahela sweeps it to the right of square leg for four. A single to make it six runs from the over.
  • Over 36 - SL 206/2 (Thirimanne 87, Jayawardene 70)

    Three singles from the first three balls Talha comes into the attack. Talha oversteps, this will be a free hit for Sri Lanka. Mahela clears the boundary, uses the free hit and clears extra cover for four. Four more, Mahela top edges it to third man for a one bounce four. Sri Lanka go past 200.
  • Over 35 - SL 193/2 (Thirimanne 85, Jayawardene 60)

    A couple of runs to start the over, Ajmal comes back into the attack. This might be the last throw of the dice by Misbah, a slip in place for the spinner. Three runs from the over, Sri Lanka can afford to see off Ajmal's overs.
  • Over 34 - SL 190/2 (Thirimanne 85, Jayawardene 57)

    Four, Mahela hits the first ball for four through point and reaches his 50. His first 50 in 13 innings and it comes at an important time. Four more, it went high in the air towards deep midwicket and Hafeez dives for it but drops it and it is a boundary, Mahela survives. A wide from Gul and then a single to make it 10 runs from the over.
  • Over 33 - SL 180/2 (Thirimanne 85, Jayawardene 48)

    Afridi continues after drinks. A couple of singles from the over and then Thirimanne finishes it with a cracking boundary through the covers. Six runs from the over, Sri Lanka need 81 from 17 overs.
  • Over 32 - SL 174/2 (Thirimanne 80, Jayawardene 47)

    A single to start the over from Gul, Mahela hits it to deep third man and brings Thirimanne on strike. Thirimanne runs the ball down to the third man boundary for four. There is an altercation between Gul and Thirimanne, Mahela comes in a breaks it up. Gul stared down Thirimanne and then the batsman wanted to have a chat with Gul. Six runs from the over.
  • Over 31 - SL 168/2 (Thirimanne 75, Jayawardene 46)

    Ajmal is replaced by Afridi. A couple of dots to start and then Thirimanne takes a couple of runs to third man, and then takes a single to bring Mahela on strike. There was a chance of a run out but Gul misfields and the bowler is not behind the stumps to collect the ball. Poor fielding from Pakistan. Four runs from the over.
  • Over 30 - SL 164/2 (Thirimanne 72, Jayawardene 46)

    Gul who was expensive in his first spell comes back into the attack. Four singles from the over, Sri Lanka playing risk free cricket.
  • Over 29 - SL 160/2 (Thirimanne 70, Jayawardene 44)

    Ajmal finishes the 29th over, two wides and a single from it.

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