Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka

Match info: Asia Cup 2014 at Shere Bangla National Stadium

Date: 6th Mar 2014 Umpires: B F Bowden and B N J Oxenford

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score


204/9 (50.0 Overs)


Sri Lanka

208/7 (49.0 Overs)

Sri Lanka win by 3 wickets

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  • Sri Lanka win by three wickets

    This match was a low-scoring slow-burner, in which dominance wavered this way and that. It might have started off as a dead rubber, but there was pride to play for for Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka will have been happy to get some match time in before the final. Bangladesh lost their way with the bat after a 74-run opening stand, and what they really needed was for someone to come in and play the role Angelo Mathews did. He was never hurried, yet didn't lose sight of the target, and timed the chase to perfection.
  • Over 49 - SL 208/7 (Mathews 74, Senanayake 7)

    Nerveless stuff in the end, and Sri Lanka seal a morale-boosting three-wicket win ahead of the Asia Cup final. Senanayake brought his team within touching distance of the win with a mow down the ground for four, after which Mathews sealed it with a slog sweep to deep midwicket.
  • Over 48 - SL 196/7 (Mathews 68, Senanayake 1)

    WICKET! A mix-up, and Perera is run out. Is there a late twist here? Perera had driven the ball hard back at Al-Amin, and it rebounded off his hand towards mid-off. The batsmen were caught mid-pitch when Rubel swooped and threw down the stumps with a direct hit. Mathews remains, so Sri Lanka are still favourites, but Bangladesh will have renewed hope.
  • Over 47 - SL 193/6 (Mathews 66, Perera 15)

    Sri Lanka are within two strikes of the win now. This is a remarkable turnaround. Mahmudullah returns for another over, but the batsmen are content to work him around the field. It appears Perera might be caught in two minds when he pops a drive in the air, but it falls safely in no-mans land and the two runs added help to take the tally to 8 from the over.
  • Over 46 - SL 185/6 (Mathews 64, Perera 10)

    Fast bowler Al-Amin Hossain returns, but Mathews is calmness personified as he shuffles across his stumps and flicks two out to long leg before tapping a full toss to long on. Perera, who is also doing well to tame his naturally attacking instincts, muscles one out to deep midwicket to keep the strike. Sri Lanka need 20 from 24. If they keep calm, the match is theirs.
  • Over 45 - SL 181/6 (Mathews 61, Perera 9)

    Mushfiqur decides to bowl Shakib out in the hope that he might take a late wicket, but the batsmen play with caution to see him off. They're sure to keep all of their shots modest, and along the ground, as they milk four singles and a wide from his over. Shakib is wicketless, but finishes with tidy figures of 10-0-27-0.
  • Over 44 - SL 176/6 (Mathews 59, Perera 7)

    Mahmudullah comes round the wicket to Mathews, but shoves his third ball down much too wide, allowing the batsman to open his arms and cut behind point for four. The next ball also brings four runs, but could be seen as a very tough chance that's gone begging. Mathews came forward to a ball that rushes on and kissed the edge, but went just past the keeper's gloves and bounced away for four.
  • Over 43 - SL 165/6 (Mathews 50, Perera 4)

    Angelo Mathews goes to a potentially match-winning fifty with a very tight single. He knocked the ball towards point and set off ... if the fielder had been in more sharply, and had picked the ball up cleanly, Perera could well have been caught short of his ground. Shakib Al Hasan has just one more over after this one. Should Mushfiqur bowl him out, or keep one in reserve?
  • Over 42 - SL 163/6 (Mathews 49, Perera 4)

    Mahmudullah rushes through another over of flightless offspin, the batsmen swapping singles into the leg side before Perera leans back to run a late cut towards the third man boundary. A fielder hares after it and manages to haul the ball in before it touches the rope, saving two runs.
  • Over 41 - SL 159/6 (Mathews 48, Perera 1)

    The wicket has put some of the pressure back on Sri Lanka, and Shakib begins his 8th over by stringing four dot balls together. Perera wanted the single, but he's sent back by Mathews, who eventually does call for a quick run after tapping to midwicket. Perera places the final ball through square leg to keep the strike, and Sri Lanka need 46 off 54.
  • Over 40 - SL 157/6 (Mathews 47, Perera 0)

    WICKET! De Silva can't make his second chance count, and he's given out caught behind off Mahmudullah. The over had started with a vociferous lbw shout, that was turned down as the batsman had inside-edged the ball onto his pads. De Silva had a big heave two deliveries later, and there was a definite sound as the ball passed him before settling in Anamul's gloves ... but was it bat, or glove? The replays suggest it may even have been thigh-pad, but the batsmen has been given out.
  • Over 39 - SL 157/5 (Mathews 47, de Silva 44)

    Dropped! Oh dear. This was the breakthrough Bangladesh so desperately needed. Shakib had bustled gamely through this over, denying the batsmen a shot at the boundary. His final delivery was a full toss - perhaps the first bad ball he's bowled - and de Silva looked to flick it away on the leg side. He hit it in the air and straight to Al-Amin at short fine leg, but he put it down!
  • Over 38 - SL 152/5 (Mathews 45, de Silva 42)

    But the pressure that had built up in Shakib's over all evaporates in this one from Sunny. Mathews starts the charge by leaving his crease to lift the ball crisply to deep midwicket, and de Silva follows suit with a charge and a hoick that sends the ball over the long off boundary, with one bounce before the rope. Bangladesh had complete control of this match 10 overs ago, but Sri Lanka are swiftly starting to look like favourites.
  • Over 37 - SL 140/5 (Mathews 39, de Silva 36)

    Shakib Al Hasan comes back to perform his duties during the Powerplay, and his first over is superb. Changes in flight, pace and line keep the batsmen guessing the entire time, and a single to long on is the best they can do.
  • Over 36 - SL 139/5 (Mathews 39, de Silva 35)

    The first ball of the Powerplay, bowled by Sunny, beats everybody - batsman, stumps, wicketkeeper - to roll away for four byes. It was pitched very full, and just snuck under the bat and past the keeper's gloves. After the early boundary, the batsmen look to work the ball around and take 7 from the over.
  • Over 35 - SL 132/5 (Mathews 37, de Silva 34)

    After turning the strike over a couple of times, Mathews plays inside one from Mahmudullah that goes on with the arm to cause some excitement in the Bangladesh team. Mathews also wasn't far away from being stumped off that delivery, so he stays deep in his crease to the next one - but has to jab his bat down in a hurry to keep one that scuttles through very low away from his pads. There's still something in this for the bowlers, but not a great deal of scoreboard pressure on the batsmen. Now, it's time for the Batting Powerplay. One feels the match will pivot on the next five overs.
  • Over 34 - SL 128/5 (de Silva 33, Mathews 34)

    De Silva has made good use of the edge of his bat in this innings, and now he's collected his fourth boundary via the outside edge of a drive at Al-Amin. The boundary ruins what had been a good over, and de Silva's strike rate is now almost a run a ball.
  • Over 33 - SL 120/5 (Mathews 33, de Silva 26)

    Mushfiqur turns to Mahmudullah's part-time offspin for the first time in the match. I say part-time only because batting is his stronger suit, but Mahmudullah actually has over 100 international wickets under his belt. His first over is a decent one, the batsmen driving three singles out to sweepers on the off side before the bowler tightens his line to cut off the flow of runs.
  • Over 32 - SL 117/5 (Mathews 32, de Silva 24)

    Al-Amin returns to the attack, and starts around the stumps to the left-handed de Silva. He then switches to over the stumps, but a dashing, lofted cover drive from the left-handed allrounder prompts to go back around. De Silva ducks under the predictable bouncer follow-up ball, and glides the ball off the face of the bat down to third man to keep the strike for the following over.
  • Over 31 - SL 112/5 (Mathews 32, de Silva 19)

    Ziaur Rahman also leaks runs in the final over of his spell, but it doesn't do too much to ruin his figures. De Silva, who is growing in confidence, goes down on bended knee to slap a drive through extra cover for four, and with 8 runs coming off the over Rahman's final figures read: 10-0-34-1.

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