Pakistan vs Sri Lanka

Match info: Asia Cup 2014 at Narayanganj Osmani Stadium

Date: 25th Feb 2014 Umpires: J D Cloete and B N J Oxenford

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score


284 All out (48.5 Overs)


Sri Lanka

296/6 (50.0 Overs)

Sri Lanka win by 12 runs

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  • SL win by 12 runs

    Sri Lanka win the first game of the Asia Cup by 12 runs, Malinga took 5 wickets to wrap up the Pakistani batting.
  • Over 48.5 - Pak 284/10 (J Khan 1)

    Can Malinga pull this game back again? 17 runs needed from 12 balls. Bhatti hoicks it to deep square leg for a single. Ajmal on strike. WICKET! Ajmal trapped in front of the stumps, the full ball from Malinga and the umpire agrees it is out. Ajmal falls and Junaid comes out to bat. Pakistan need 16 from 10 balls with one wicket in hand. Junaid flicks it to deep square leg for a single, brings Bhatti on strike for the last three balls. Bhatti pulls it to fine leg for a couple of runs, scampering through for the second, good running. WICKET! Malinga cleans it up, Bhatti makes room for himself and Malinga yorks his off stump. Sri Lanka win.
  • Over 48 - Pak 280/8 (Bhatti 15, Ajmal 10)

    Bhatti hits the first ball for four through the covers, Lakmal starts his 9th over. A couple more to Bhatti and then he takes a single to bring Ajmal on strike. Ajmal pulls it through the leg side for a couple of runs, and then Ajmal tries to top edge it and manages a boundary to fine leg. Very unlucky for the bowler, but Ajmal manages a crucial boundary for Pakistan. Four more, there is no third man, Ajmal under edges it for four to third man.
  • Over 47 - Pak 263/8 (Bhatti 8, Ajmal 0)

    A couple of singles to start the over, WICKET! Gul tries to work one on the leg side and top edges it, de Silva takes a good catch at point. Malinga claims another wicket, Pakistan in trouble. Ajmal walks out to bat, Bhatti will have to do most of the work now. Bhatti takes a single to stay on strike.
  • Over 46 - Pak 260/7 (Bhatti 6, Gul 1)

    Pakistan go from a winning position to a losing one, after just one over from Malinga. He claims the wickets of Afridi and Misbah. Gul is the new man in. Perera to bowl with Malinga. Bhatti lifts the ball over mid-off and it runs away for four, he was not in control of the shot, but Pakistan will take every run they get. The slower ball from Perera and Bhatti takes a single. Six runs from the over.
  • Over 45 - Pak 254/7 (Bhatti 1)

    Malinga comes back into the attack, he has three overs remaining. Afridi takes a single down the ground. Misbah pushes the ball to fine leg for a single. WICKET! Afridi drills this one to short cover, Chandimal has hurt himself but manages to hold on to it as he falls down, big wicket for Sri Lanka, Malinga getting the breakthrough. Chandimal gets more tape on an already taped up hand, but he will be smiling. A wide down leg, Bhatti tries to flick it but can't. A drop and a run from Bhatti. WICKET! Malinga strikes again, unbelievable scenes, Misbah pulls it straight to deep square leg and is caught on the fence.
  • Over 44 - Pak 250/5 (Misbah 72, Afridi 3)

    Thisara brought back into the attack, Mathews giving him marching orders. Misbah walks across his stumps and takes two on the leg side, pre-meditated from the captain. A single down to deep midwicket, Afridi on strike. Afridi flicks it to deep square leg for a single. Another single on the leg side, Afridi on strike for the last ball. A single to end the over, Pakistan reach 250.
  • Over 43 - Pak 244/5 (Misbah 68, Afridi 1)

    Lakmal continues, Mathews seems to be out of ideas. 57 runs needed from 48 balls. A wide full toss, Akmal throws his bat at it and gets a couple of runs to third man. With Afridi still to come, Pakistan are in a strong position. WICKET! Akmal is caught behind, Sanga celebrates as the umpire raises his finger. Lakmal bowls it wider and Akmal throws his bat at it. An opportunity for Sri Lanka here, can they pull this game back? Afridi walks out to bat, the stage is set. Afridi takes a single down the ground. A single to end the over.
  • Over 42 - Pak 240/4 (Misbah 67, U Akmal 72)

    de Silva comes into the attack, Akmal goes inside out and hits him over extra cover for four. Four more, Akmal wants to finish this quickly, cuts it to third man for four. A single makes it 9 runs from the over.
  • Over 41 - Pak 231/4 (Misbah 67, U Akmal 63)

    Lakmal replaces Malinga, Mathews dives to stop a boundary and keeps it down to a single. Akmal pulls it through midwicket for four, that region has been peppered by the Pakistanis today, first by Shehzad and Maqsood, now by Akmal and Misbah. Four more, Akmal drives it down the ground for four, drilled through long-off with power. Akmal races past 50, moves on to 56. Whack! Akmal hits it over midwicket for a six, brilliant shot, it made a sweet sound as it hit the bat. A single to end the over.
  • Over 40 - Pak 215/4 (Misbah 66, U Akmal 48)

    Senanayake starts his 9th over, Three singles from the first three balls, and then Akmal hits it in the air away from cover for four, that is the boundary that Pakistan wanted. A couple more singles, this is a good over for Pakistan, 9 runs from it. Pakistan need 82 from the last 10 overs.
  • Over 39 - Pak 206/4 (Misbah 63, U Akmal 42)

    Malinga bowls a couple of dots and then Akmal pushes it to short fine leg for a single. Misbah takes another single. Akmal tries to run it down to the third man boundary, but short third man does well to keep it to a single. Four from the over.
  • Over 38 - Pak 202/4 (Misbah 61, U Akmal 41)

    Pakistan need 102 from 78 balls, Senanayake comes into the attack. A chance for a stumping, the foot goes outside the crease but comes back in, Akmal may be safe here. The third umpire agrees, Akmal survives and the crowd cheers. Misbah targets the midwicket region again and hits a six over it. Seven from the over.
  • Over 37 - Pak 195/4 (Misbah 55, U Akmal 40)

    Malinga comes back into the attack to bowl in the power play. Mathews and Malinga take a few minutes to set the field. Four, MIsbah flicks Malinga on the leg side for four. He takes a single to bring Akmal on strike. Akmal takes a single on the off side to bring the captain back on strike. Six runs from the over, the required rate is 7.74.
  • Over 36 - Pak 189/4 (Misbah 50, U Akmal 39)

    The power play has been taken by Pakistan and this is a good move with Misbah and Akmal at the crease. Senanayake continues and Misbah takes a single. Akmal takes a single to bring Misbah back on strike. A couple of runs to end the over, Pakistan 189 for 4, Misbah gets to his 50 with a single from the last ball.
  • Over 35 - Pak 182/4 (Misbah 45, U Akmal 37)

    After drinks, Lakmal comes back into the attack. A big shout for caught behind and the umpire is not interested. Sanga thinks it is out, throws the ball in the air only to find out that the umpire is not budging. A single to end the over, Lakmal and Akmal have words with each other.
  • Over 34 - Pak 180/4 (Misbah 44, U Akmal 36)

    Senanayake continues to Misbah, who pushes it around the corner for a single. Another single, this time Akmal hits it down the ground. Three singles in four ball, so far a good over. Akmal flicks it on the leg side for a single, four from the over.
  • Over 33 - Pak 176/4 (Misbah 42, U Akmal 34)

    Misbah flicks this powerfully through midwicket for a one bounce four. A single and then Umar Akmal plays the same shot through midwicket for four more, this was drilled all along the ground. Nine runs from the over.
  • Over 32 - Pak 167/4 (Misbah 37, U Akmal 30)

    A couple of singles to start the over, Senanayake starts a new spell. A couple of runs as Akmal edges it to third man.
  • Over 31 - Pak 163/4 (Misbah 37, U Akmal 27)

    Akmal walks down the wicket and hits a six, Lakmal comes back into the attack and is greeted with a six. Four more, Akmal proving how dangerous he is at the end of an innings. It is angled down the leg side and Akmal helps it on its way for four. A single to end the over, 11 runs from it.

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