South Africa vs Holland

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 at Zohur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium - Group 1

Date: 27th Mar 2014 Umpires: B N J Oxenford and S J Davis

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

South Africa

145/9 (20.0 Overs)



139 All out (18.4 Overs)

South Africa win by 6 runs

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  • South Africa won by six runs

    That was a close one! South Africa's 145 was under par, particularly after the start Hashim Amla gave them. Netherlands also had a flying start, thanks to Stephan Myburgh's fifty, but their collapse was even more spectacular than the South Africans' and they left their tailenders with too much to do. So, South Africa claim a relieving win, but this has been a fantastic game of cricket. Up next, it's England v Sri Lanka. Stay tuned!
  • Over 18.4 - Neth 139 all out

    WICKET! Hendricks seals the game for South Africa! After the batsmen exchanged a couple of singles, Hendricks fired in a short, fast ball that touched van der Gugten's gloves on the way through to de Kock.
  • Over 18 - Neth 137/9 (van der Gugten 7, Malik 0)

    WICKET! Bukhari was searching for the boundary that might put Netherlands within touching distance of an upset, but Tsotsobe's bounce is too much for him and he top edges his hoick to be easily caught by Miller in the deep. Ahsan Malik took 5 for 19 with the ball and now his team needs him to win the game off his bat. Phew! Inexplicably, van der Gugten also lines up a slog, and he's very fortunate indeed that Steyn can't quite get to the chance in the deep. All the fielders are on the boundary, why hit the ball in the air?
  • Over 17 - Neth 132/8 (Bukhari 10, van der Gugten 3)

    Well, the Dutch have at least seen Steyn off now. He bustle through a brisk final over, hurrying both batsmen, but Bukhari manages a bunted three down the ground to keep the scoreboard ticking over. Netherlands need 14 from 18 balls. South Africa need two wickets.
  • Over 16 - Neth 128/8 (Bukhari 7, van der Gugten 3)

    WICKET! Another one goes, and this time it's down to atrocious running. Bukhari biffed one out to wide long on, and van Beek charged through the first run, turning immediately for the second. But Bukhari didn't want it, sending him back far too late. Just two wickets remain. This is unbearably tense.
  • Over 15 - Neth 120/7 (van Beek 1, Bukhari 1)

    The Dutch batsmen play out a tense over as Hendricks returns to the attack. Their shots are muted, though Bukhari still backs away to leg to toe-end a single past mid-on, and just two runs come from the over.
  • Over 14 - Neth 118/7 (Bukhari 0, van Beek 0)

    WICKETS! Netherlands are imploding under pressure. They were in a good position a couple of overs ago, but not anymore. Tahir does the damage in his final over, bowling Tom Cooper between his legs before Pieter Seelaar unnecessarily slogs one straight to long on. South Africa should win from here.
  • Over 13 - Neth 116/5 (Cooper 16, Bukhari 0)

    WICKET! Pace like fire from Steyn, and it's too much for Ben Cooper. He did well to weave past a bouncer earlier in the over, but when Steyn peppers him again he fends one off the glove, de Kock trotting round to hold a simple catch. Again, the match could go either way. Netherlands have a long tail, and Bukhari is the start of it.
  • Over 12 - Neth 114/4 (T Cooper 15, B Cooper 4)

    Will the match pivot on this over? Tom Cooper has collected two boundaries off Albie Morkel, who slips up with a short, wide cutter and a low full toss, both of which are smashed to the boundary on either side of the wicket. The boundaries help Netherlands to 13 runs from the over, and they need 32 from 48.
  • Over 11 - Neth 101/4 (T Cooper 4, B Cooper 3)

    WICKET! Tahir strikes again. Borren profited from the slog sweep in this over, but it also brought about his downfall. He cleared the left leg to heave one over deep midwicket, but then shuffled across his stumps in an effort to paddle one and was struck on the pads. Once again, Umpire Davis upheld the appeal.
  • Over 10 - Neth 90/3 (Borren 7, Cooper 2)

    Beuran Hendricks comes back into the attack, and a good over from him is slightly ruined when Borren thumps his final ball straight back down the ground for four. The required rate for Netherlands is still under a run a ball, but Steyn and Tahir still have two overs apiece. Match in the balance.
  • Over 9 - Neth 84/3 (Borren 2, Cooper 1)

    WICKET! Netherlands are wobbling now. Barresi shuffled right across to the off side against Tahir, who slipped one under his bat to strike the batsman on the pad. The appeal, as you can imagine, was ebullient, and Umpire Steve Davis raised the finger. Erroneously, as it happens, because Hawkeye shows the ball would have missed leg stump
  • Over 8 - Neth 80/2 (Barresi 14, Borren 0)

    WICKET! More spin from the other end, and though JP Duminy doesn't appear to offer the same menace as Tahir he's the one to take the vital wicket. Barresi started the over really well, reverse sweeping a four and slogging a six over wide long on, but Myburgh then ran past an offspinner to be bowled. This match is back in the balance, and Dutch captain Peter Borren is in the middle.
  • Over 7 - Neth 68/1 (Myburgh 51, Barresi 3)

    Imran Tahir wheels through his first over, spearing his legspinners fairly flat and fast. He also unveils the googly, though it's dealt with well enough by Myburgh, who taps a single through point to bring up his fifty. Five runs from the over, and Netherlands need a run a ball from here to win.
  • Over 6 - Neth 63/1 (Myburgh 49, Barresi 0)

    WICKET! Steyn breaks through, but it's the wicket of Swart. He's been the quieter of the two openers, by far, and he tried to lift his rate with a flat-batted swat down the ground. The ball looped towards du Plessis in that region, and the South African captain had to put in a diving effort to take the catch. Myburgh is unaffected by the dismissal, ending the over - and the powerplay - with yet another scything cut for four.
  • Over 5 - Neth 51/0 (Myburgh 40, Swart 7)

    Another big over for Netherlands! This is bellicose batting from Myburgh - as you'd expect. Stand and deliver stuff. Tsotsobe makes the mistake of feeding him outside off stump, and Myburgh laces two boundaries through point before lining up deep midwicket off a slower ball. He picks it well to shovel a towering six in that area, and 15 runs flow from the over. Fifty up for Netherlands!
  • Over 4 - Neth 36/0 (Myburgh 25, Swart 7)

    Well, Dale Steyn's first over is successfully negotiated. He worries the batsmen with his pace, but also gives away four byes when he digs a bouncer in at his own feet. That helps the Dutch take six runs from the over to keep their chase chugging along.
  • Over 3 - Neth 30/0 (Myburgh 24, Swart 6)

    Runs for Netherlands! Myburgh is on the charge. He did this sort of thing against rather more modest Irish bowling earlier in the tournament. Tsotsobe doesn't help himself by wildly changing his lines and length as Myburgh flays over point, long leg, fine leg and mid-off. His final shot only just evaded the mid-off fielder, but 18 runs flow from the over to put pressure on South Africa. I expect we'll see Steyn into the attack now. How will they play him?
  • Over 2 - Neth 12/0 (Swart 6, Myburgh 6)

    Hendricks' first ball slips towards leg stump and Swart clips it neatly to the fine leg boundary. The left-armer tests him with a short ball that is pulled just over a leaping Albie Morkel at midwicket, and Myburgh then attempts to leather just about everything that comes his way. He can't quite connect, however, and Hendricks does well to come back after conceding a boundary first ball.
  • Over 1 - Neth 6/0 (Myburgh 5, Swart 1)

    A muted start from the Dutch openers, with Albie Morkel taking the new ball. Myburgh is off the mark with a one-footed swivel-pull, while Swart nudges a straight ball just wide of midwicket to open his own account. Myburgh ends the over with his first boundary, a spliced drive over point that has enough on it to reach the boundary. There's palpable tension on the field.

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