India vs Australia

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 at Shere Bangla National Stadium - Group 2

Date: 30th Mar 2014 Umpires: H D P K Dharmasena and M Erasmus

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score


159/7 (20.0 Overs)



86 All out (16.2 Overs)

India win by 73 runs

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  • India win by 73 runs

    Indian spinners 7 wickets as Australia collapsed to 86 all out. India tops the table with a healthy net run rate and 4 wins, Australia batted with little motivation, most of their batsmen went out slogging. Good opening spells from Bhuvi and Mohit set the tone for the second innings, while Yuvraj Singh took India to 159 in the first. India win by 73 runs in the end.
  • Over 16.2 - Aus 86/10 (Bollinger 1)

    Ashwin comes back to bowl his last over, WICKET! Ashwin gets 4 for the match. Muirhead tries to cut the spinner but he gets a thick outside edge on it and Dhoni takes the catch to finish the innings. Australia all out for 86 and India win by 73 runs.
  • Over 16 - Aus 86/9 (Muirhead 2, Bollinger 1)

    A couple of runs from the first ball and then WICKET! Mishra picks up his second wicket, Indian spinners doing most of the damage today. Hodge goes out for 13, hitting the ball straight to Jadeja at long-on. He slog sweeps it, and gets a top edge, just like some batsmen that came before him. Muirhead takes a single to give strike to Bollinger. A couple more from the over, the required rate is an impossible 18 per over with one wicket remaining.
  • Over 15 - Aus 81/8 (Muirhead 1, Hodge 11)

    A couple of singles from the start of the over. A big appeal for a run out and Starc could be out here. WICKET! The third umpire is consulted and Starc is out. Raina the fielder, Hodge guides it to Raina and Starc sets off for a non-existent run, he is out as Raina fires the ball in to Dhoni who does the rest. Muirhead walks out to bat. A couple of singles to end the over, the required rate is pushed to 15.8 now.
  • Over 14 - Aus 77/7 (Starc 1, Hodge 9)

    Mishra into his second over, Hodge takes a single. WICKET! Haddin tries to slog Mishra against the turn and Bhuvi takes a good catch at deep square leg. A couple of singles to end the over. Starc is the new batsman.
  • Over 13 - Aus 74/6 (Haddin 6, Hodge 7)

    Jadeja starts his third over, a single to start the over and then Haddin hits the third ball for four down the ground, wide of long-on. Three dots to end the over, the required rate is pushed to 12.28 per over.
  • Over 12 - Aus 69/6 (Haddin 2, Hodge 6)

    Mishra comes into the attack for the first time today, Australia are 6 wickets down already. Five singles from the over.
  • Over 11 - Aus 64/6 (Haddin 0, Hodge 3)

    A single to start the over, then Bailey hits the next ball straight over long-off for a six. WICKET! Jadeja strikes and Australia lose their captian, Bailey tries to swat this one over the leg side, only to find Kohli who takes a good catch. Haddin walks out to bat, a single to end the over. Australia need 96 from 54 balls.
  • Over 10 - Aus 56/5 (Bailey 2, Hodge 1)

    WICKET! Ashwin picks up his third wicket, Maxwell goes for the reverse sweep and misses the ball, the leg stump is disturbed and he is bowled. Hodge walks out to bat. Two runs from the over.
  • Over 9 - Aus 54/4 (Bailey 2, Maxwell 23)

    Jadeja comes into the attack, Bailey takes a single from the first ball to bring Maxwell on strike. Six, Maxwell clears the ropes with ease, hits it over deep midwicket to make it eight from the over.
  • Over 8 - Aus 46/4 (Bailey 1, Maxwell 16)

    Ashwin starts his second over, Maxwell clips the first ball to the leg side for a single. WICKET! Ashwin strikes again, a big wicket for India as Warner top edges it to Rohit at deep midwicket. Bailey walks out to bat. A couple of singles to end the over.
  • Over 7 - Aus 43/3 (Warner 19, Maxwell 14)

    Three singles from the first three balls and Maxwell hits Raina for a six. He gets to the pitch of the ball and hits it over deep midwicket for a six. Six more, this time Maxwell top edges it over fine leg for another six. A single to end the over, 16 runs from it.
  • Over 6 - Aus 27/3 (Warner 17, Maxwell 0)

    Mohit Sharma comes into the attack. WICKET! Mohit cramps Watson for room and he is bowled. Dhoni asks the umpire to check if it was bowled or if the ball deflected from his pads, but replays show it was out, Watson falls with Australia in trouble. Maxwell walks out to bat. A leg bye and Warner then hits the next ball for four, hits it unconvincingly through point. Good over from Mohit.
  • Over 5 - Aus 21/2 (Warner 12, Watson 1)

    Bhuvi starts his third over, WICKET! White comes and goes, Jadeja takes the catch and India get their second wicket. White goes out for a duck, Jadeja takes the catch at mid-off. Watson walks out to bat. A single to end the over.
  • Over 4 - Aus 19/1 (Warner 11, White 0)

    Ashwin comes into the attack for India, first signs of spin. WICKET! Spin brings a wicket for India, Finch tries to slog the tossed up delivery and top edges it to Kohli who takes a skier. Six, Warner hits it straight down the ground for a six, spoils a good over for Ashwin.
  • Over 3 - Aus 13/0 (Warner 5, Finch 6)

    Bhuvi runs in to bowl his second over. Dhoni stands up to the stumps after the first ball. Just a single from the over, good one for India.
  • Over 2 - Aus 12/0 (Warner 5, Finch 5)

    Mohit Sharma to start from the other end, Warner gets off the mark with a couple of runs through extra cover. Warner throws his bat at the next ball and gets a couple through the off side. Six from the over.
  • Over 1 - Aus 6/0 (Warner 0, Finch 4)

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar starts for India with the ball and Warner and Finch comes out to bat for Australia. Four, Finch gets the first runs and the first boundary, a wide ball from Bhuvi and Finch hits it through the off side for four. A leg bye and then a couple of dots, Warner gets off strike with another leg bye. Six from the first over.
  • India 159 for 7 after 20 overs

    India manage to post 159 in their 20 overs after losing wickets at regular intervals. Yuvraj scored 60 and put together a good partnership with Dhoni to take India to a decent score. It could be difficult to defend against a good Australian batting line-up if there is dew today.
  • Over 20 - Ind 159/7 (Ashwin 2, B Kumar 0)

    Watson to bowl the last over, WICKET! Yuvraj goes out, Maxwell takes the catch at long-off and Australia get an important wicket. Jadeja drives it through backward point for a couple of runs. Jadeja runs the ball down to third man for a single. Watson bowls a no ball, Ashwin misses it as he tries to flick it, but he will get a free hit as Watson oversteps. Ashwin swats it away to backward square leg for a couple of runs. WICKET! Jadeja is run out, Ashwin tries to drop and run and then sends Jadeja back. Watson is quick to disturb the stumps. A leg bye to end the innings.

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