Bangladesh vs Hong Kong

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 at Zohur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium - Group A

Date: 20th Mar 2014 Umpires: R J Tucker and P R Reiffel

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score


108 All out (16.3 Overs)


Hong Kong

114/8 (19.4 Overs)

Hong Kong win by 2 wickets

  • Hong Kong win by 2 wickets

    Hong Kong bowled well and they hold their nerve to beat Bangladesh by two wickets in the last over. Good bowling and batting from Shakib, and Bangladesh will go through to the Super 10's based on net run rate, but the associates have played good cricket. Hong Kong win by 2 wickets.
  • Over 20 - HK 114/8 (Amjad 12, N Ahmed 2)

    Razzak to bowl the last over, a single to start the over and Amjad drives it through extra cover for a couple of runs. A couple more runs and Amjad levels the scores, good batting from Amjad. Six, Amjad hits a six from the fourth ball of the over and Hong Kong win by 2 wickets.
  • Over 19 - HK 103/8 (Amjad 2, N Ahmed 1)

    WICKET! A couple of dots and Afzal is bowled by Sabbir Rahman who comes into the attack. He went for the slog, missed the ball and the ball crashed into his stumps. Hong Kong need 6 from the last over.
  • Over 18 - HK 100/7 (Amjad 0, Afzal 0)

    Razzak comes back into the attack and Dar takes a leg bye to start the over. Hong Kong need 10 runs from 15 balls to cause a big upset. WICKET! That's out, Dar falls at a crucial time, Razzak gets the wicket, there could be another twist in this tale.
  • Over 17 - HK 98/6 (Dar 36, Afzal 0)

    Afzal comes out to bat, Reza comes back into the attack and Dar goes for the pull and top edges it through fine leg for four. Six, Dar hits it straight down the ground and for a six, clean hit. Four more, swings his bat and a thick edges flies to third man for four. 15 runs from the over.
  • Over 16 - HK 83/6 (Dar 21)

    Mahmudullah starts his final over. Three singles from three balls and WICKET! Bangladesh keep chipping away at Hong Kong and Nizakat throws his wicket away, he swings it behind square and the substitute fielder takes the catch. Hong Kong need 26 from 24 balls.
  • Over 15 - HK 80/5 (Nizakat Khan 11, Dar 19)

    Rubel comes into the attack, a collision between the batsman and the keeper, this was short and wide from Hossain, Dar got on top of the bounce and cut it behind point. The fielder at third man gets across, dives and prevents the boundary. The batsman was rushing back for the second run, looks like there was contact between the keeper and the batsman. After a short delay, Munir takes a single and Nizakat takes a couple of runs.
  • Over 14 - HK 73/5 (Nizakat Khan 8, Dar 15)

    Bangladesh are through to the Super 10s, a couple of singles, and then Dar top-edges it towards midwicket and they scamper through for a couple of runs. Five runs from the over.
  • Over 13 - HK 68/5 (Nizakat Khan 7, Dar 11)

    A single to start Reza's first over, Dar flicks it through square leg for four. Three singles to end the over, eight runs from it.
  • Over 12 - HK 60/5 (Nizakat Khan 5, Dar 5)

    Four singles from the over, Mahmudullah finishes his second over. Hong Kong need 49 from 48 balls.
  • Over 11 - HK 56/5 (Nizakat Khan 3, Dar 3)

    A single to Dar who drives it to sweeper cover and then Nizakat Khan clips the ball through square leg for a couple of runs. Five runs from the over, Hong Kong need 53 from 54 balls.
  • Over 10 - HK 51/5 (Nizakat Khan 0, Dar 1)

    WICKET! Hong Kong struggling now, Chapman is bowled by Mahmudullah. Chittagong crowd goes berserk, this could mean Bangladesh go through and Nepal don't.
  • Over 9 - HK 50/4 (Chapman 5)

    Hayat comes out to bat with Chapman. Al-Amin starts his third over. Three runs from the over, Hong Kong reach 50. WICKET! Al-Amin picks up a wicket, Hayat edges it to the keeper and Hong Kong lose their 4th.
  • Over 8 - HK 47/3 (Chapman 3)

    WICKET! Shakib starts his last over and gets the crucial wicket. Irfan, who was clubbing everything, just edges it to the keeper. Chapman comes out to bat and takes a couple of runs to get off the mark. WICKET! Shakib strikes with his last ball, Atkinson is out lbw and Hong Kong lose their third wicket.
  • Over 7 - HK 44/1 (Atkinson 7, Ahmed 34)

    Al-Amin comes back into the attack, a single and then six, Irfan clubs this over the midwicket boundary for a six. Eight runs from the over.
  • Over 6 - HK 36/1 (Atkinson 6, Ahmed 27)

    Shakib starts his third over, just a single from the over.
  • Over 5 - HK 35/1 (Atkinson 5, Ahmed 27)

    A single to start the over from Razzak, Irfan clears his front leg and hits it over long-on for a six. Four more, a quicker one from Razzak and chops it past point for four. Four more, Irfan on the attack and he slams Razzak through cover for four.
  • Over 4 - HK 20/1 (Atkinson 4, Ahmed 13)

    Shakib bowls a wide, four singles from the over.
  • Over 3 - HK 16/1 (Atkinson 2, Ahmed 12)

    After just one over from Al-Amin, Razzak comes in to bowl. Atkinson takes a single and Irfan slams it through cover for four. Five runs from the over.
  • Over 2 - HK 11/1 (Atkinson 1, Ahmed 8)

    WICKET! Shakib brought into the attack and picks up a wicket. A stumping and an easy one for Rahim as Barkat comes out of his crease and misses the ball completely. Atkinson walks out to bat.

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