England vs Sri Lanka

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 at Zohur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium - Group 1

Date: 27th Mar 2014 Umpires: R J Tucker and A S Dar

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score


190/4 (19.2 Overs)


Sri Lanka

189/4 (20.0 Overs)

England win by 6 wickets

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  • England win by six wickets

    England's highest ever T20I run-chase. England's highest ever individual score. England's second-biggest T20 partnership. After an atrocious display in the field, Morgan and in particular Hales have somehow, brilliantly, completed Mission: Impossible. Hales hit 70 off his last 27 balls. Bonkers. England stay alive in the competition, Sri Lanka still have work to do to reach the last four.
  • Over 20 - England 190-4 (Hales 116, Bopara 11)

    Hales hammers the second ball of the final over for six over midwicket, and England have one of the most outrageous, unlikely victories you will ever see.
  • Over 19 - England 183-4 (Hales 110, Bopara 10)

    Six more for Hales! Huge swipe over midwicket, and England's target is down to a run a ball. Just two runs from the last three balls of the over, though, and it's seven to win from the last over. Mathews to bowl it.
  • Hales 100

    Hales carves Kulasekara for two through point and then hammers the next ball over the ropes for six to bring up England's first ever T20I century. It's come from 60 balls, with 11 four and four sixes, and has been extraordinary.
  • Over 18 - England 167-4 (Hales 95, Bopara 9)

    Amazing. Malinga's final over begins with two yorkers. They're the first balls Bopara faces. He deflects both of them to the third-man boundary. The third ball is another yorker that misses the off stump by the width of a cigarette paper. Bopara gets a single from the next, before a legside wide takes England ever closer to an outrageous, logic-crushing victory. Hales keeps the strike with a single. Eleven from the over, Malinga bowled out, and England's target is 23 from 12. They've needed 12 an over, give or take, since the ninth over of the innings and have managed it.
  • Over 17 - England 156-4 (Hales 94)

    England need 34 from three overs. Hales needs six runs for the first T20I century by an England batsman. Bopara joins Hales in the middle.
  • WICKET! Buttler c Chandimal b Kulasekara 2

    Maybe it was Kulasekara's overs that were the key. Two wickets in the over as Buttler skies to Chandimal at cover. England are 156-4, with a 152-run partnership in the middle of that. Chaos.
  • WICKET! Morgan c b Kulasekara 57

    Big moment this, and Morgan has to go after pumping Kulasekara down the ground but failing to clear Mathews at long-on.
  • Over 16 - England 151-2 (Hales 92, Morgan 57)

    Key over here as Malinga comes back into the attack. Only three singles from the first four balls of the over, but then Hales gets one away to the midwicket boundary to move into the 90s and Malinga then bowls a high full-toss that's called no-ball. Just a single from the extra ball, but that's an okay over from England's point of view.
  • Over 15 - England 142-2 (Hales 86, Morgan 55)

    England's charge continues! Somehow, inexplicably, they're just about still in this contest as Hales swats Mendis high and handsome over midwicket for six and then repeats the dose two balls later. And then does it again. Incredible clean hitting from Hales against a bowler who has bamboozled so many sides in the past but, curiously, never England. And now Hales ends the over with four more, driving the last ball of the over to the cover fence. Hales goes 6-2-6-6-4 off the last five balls of the over. They might, you know.
  • Over 14 - England 117-2 (Hales 62, Morgan 54)

    Morgan follows Hales to 50 with a thumping reverse-sweep. Superb partnership this. Temptation for England will be to look at the Jayawardene non-dismissal, but they must be honest with themselves and look at their own failings after that decision. They fell apart in the field, and those runs carelessly given away look so costly now. Senanayake bowled out, giving up just 30 runs but taking no wickets.
  • Over 13 - England 108-2 (Hales 59, Morgan 48)

    Hales wins the race to 50, carving Thisara Perera past a diving third-man for four. A couple of singles bring up the hundred partnership as 0-2 becomes 100-2. A full-toss freebie from Perera is cut away for four by Hales. Drop! The English disease is catching. Or not. Anyway, I've confused myself now. Hales thumps a long-hop from Pererar straight to Jayawardene at deep square-leg. He drops the catch, hurts his hand in the process, and sees the ball trickle into the rope for four.
  • Over 12 - England 94-2 (Hales 46, Morgan 43)

    Good over from Senanayake until the last ball, which Morgan flashes to the cover boundary to move to 47. So quick to jump onto the back foot and put that loose ball away. He's batting beautifully, and Hales going along nicely enough as well.
  • Over 11 - England 85-2 (Hales 43, Morgan 41)

    Top shot from Morgan here, slapping Mendis over extra-cover for an 82m six. He's great to watch even when the situation appears as forlorn as this one. He moves into the 40s with a carve over gully after faking to give Mendis the charge.
  • Over 10 - England 72-2 (Hales 41, Morgan 30)

    Morgan and Hales target Mathews. Had to. Pays off as well, Morgan launching six over long-on and then crunching a length ball through cover for four more. Hales gets in on the act with a cover-drive, and the required rate dips below 12.
  • Over 9 - England 56-2 (Hales 36, Morgan 19)

    Better second over from Mendis, just four singles from it. England's required rate now above two runs per ball.
  • Over 8 - England 52-2 (Hales 34, Morgan 17)

    Hales and Morgan knock Senanayake around for five runs. Ideal for the 27th over of an ODI. Not so useful here.
  • Over 7 - England 47-2 (Hales 30, Morgan 16)

    Morgan greets Ajantha Mendis to the attack by reverse-sweeping him for four. Ten runs in all off the over, including a crafty two off the last ball as Morgan deftly clips the ball no more than 25 yards into the legside but into a place where no fielders are to be found.
  • Over 6 - England 37-2 (Hales 27, Morgan 9)

    Another over of yorker-based excellence from Malinga, but the minuscule margins of error highlighted by Hales managing to get one away through midwicket for four and picking up two more for a steer down to third-man.
  • Over 5 - England 31-2 (Hales 21, Morgan 9)

    Senanayake into the attack. Hales cuts him away for two and then gets a single down the ground before Morgan sweeps hard over square-leg for four. That takes him past 1000 T20I runs. Second England player to do so, after He Who Must Not Be Named.

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