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  • Sri Lanka V South Africa

Sri Lanka vs South Africa

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 at Zohur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium - Group 1

Date: 22nd Mar 2014 Umpires: R J Tucker and S Ravi

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Sri Lanka

165/7 (20.0 Overs)


South Africa

160/8 (20.0 Overs)

Sri Lanka win by 5 runs

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  • Thanks for joining our coverage today of this first game in group 1 - there's hardly time to catch your breath, because up next is England against New Zealand. Hold onto your hats for that one! For now, it's been my pleasure to bring you all the action from Chittagong - I'm Gareth Allison. Take care, and bye for now.
  • Well, some excellent death bowling has seen the Sri Lankans take this game, capitalising on their highest score against South Africa in T20I matches. South Africa did well to gain momentum during the chase, but losing the key wickets of AB de Villiers, JP Duminy and Albie Morkel quickly blunted their efforts. They can look back to their sub-standard bowling effort where they bowled far too many wides and gave the Lankans some gift balls. Kusal Perera was outstanding in launching the islanders to a good total, his belligerent 61 setting the tone for Angelo Mathews in the latter half of their dig.
  • Over 20 SA 160/6 (Tahir 8,Morkel 0)

    Run-out, first ball...or is it? The umpire wants to check if Malinga had effected it cleanly, and he has - Steyn gone for a duck at the non-striker's end after Miller declined the single. Six-down for South Africa now, 15 runs from 5 required now. David Miller drives down to long-off, they desperately try for two but he cannot get back in time, despite a despairing dive at the wicket-keeper's end - OUT. Run-out, and the danger-man Miller is the one gone! Sri Lanka's match to lose now, you feel. No run for new man Imran Tahir as he steps back and swats to cover - 14 from 3 now. Two runs as Tahir lofts Malinga straight, over the head of the man running back to chase. No run from the fifth ball, and that, as they say, is pretty much that. With nothing left to lose, Tahir connects well to clout the ball over extra-cover for six, but it's too little too late - Sri Lanka win by five runs!
  • Over 19 SA 151/5 (Miller 18, Steyn 0)

    A yorker first-up, good stuff from Nuwan as Miller can't free his arms to get under it. A single to long-off, and Behardien spots the slower ball as he swings hard - splice of the bat, that won't go the distance and he's caught easily at long-on by Mahela Jayawardene. Advantage Sri Lanka again, and 'Fudge' trudges off for 5. The good news for the Proteas is that the batsmen did cross whilst that ball was airborne, ensuring Miller will face the next delivery. He works one into the leg-side, imploring his new partner Dale Steyn to sprint hard for the second - the fast bowler, recently be-devilled by hamstring issues does extremely well to get back quickly. Great running, that. There's considerable dew about now, as Nuwan has to towel off the ball and just slow the game down a little now. Steyn slashes hard as the bowler puts a slower one fairly wide, nothing but fresh air for the batsman who can't connect from the final ball of the over either. One over left, 15 runs to get. This is T20 cricket folks - tight and tense! South Africa will believe they still have a chance with David Miller facing, but he'll have Lasith Malinga to deal with.
  • The 19th over falls to Nuwan Kulasekara.
  • Over 18 SA 143/5 (Miller 14, Behardien 5)

    Chandimal has thrown the ball to Lasith Malinga, so deadly in the latter overs of an innings. Farhaan does well to clip the ball down to long-on to get his big-hitting partner on-strike. South Africa need boundaries, and Miller obliges by carving one through the covers, evading two fielders to hit the rope - four! Malinga spears it full into Miller's legs, and he digs it out to scramble a run to deep mid-wicket. Behardien does well once more to get off-strike immediately - two more to the Dolphins' Miller as he hits down the ground and retains the strike for the next over with one more single. 19 runs required from 12 balls, with 6 of those guaranteed to be bowled by Captain Yorker, aka Lasith Malinga. Fingernail-shredding time!
  • Over 17 SA 137/5 (Miller 6, Behardien 3)

    A rude welcome for Ajantha - Miller gets off-strike with one to long-on before Albie deposits a full-toss and half-volley for consecutive sixes! Boom! The second one was even bigger than the first, both clearing long-on very easily. He can't repeat the feat a third time though, another full-toss being clobbered to cow-corner where Dinesh Chandimal holds on. How important was that for Sri Lanka! Quick-fire cameo from Albie Morkel, but he's back in the hut for 12 from 4 balls. Do South Africa's chances go back with him? David Miller is still there, and he's certainly capable of carnage - he'll have Farhaan Behardien for company now. Behardien punches away for a run, they want two and it's going to be tight...he's in, well-in, and they nick an overthrow as the ball runs away off the stumps. South Africa need 29 now from 18 balls.
  • Ajantha Mendis to start his final over now.
  • Over 16 SA 120/4 (Miller 4, A Morkel 0)

    Duminy sweeps one away for a single, whilst Miller adds a single squirted into the on-side. JP realises his side desperately needs boundaries. and clouts one long in front of square towards cow-corner - has that got enough on it? No, its falls JUST inside the rope, and that's a great catch by Dilshan right on the fence! Wow, he did extremely well not only to hold on, but to stay inside the bounds of play. Duminy perishes for 39 from 30, heralding the arrival of big-hitting Albie Morkel. Can he do it for South Africa? He's been in wonderful domestic form this season, and this situation is tailor-made for a man of his skills. Two wickets for Senanayake, who finishes his four overs at a cost of only 22 runs as well.
  • Over 15 SA 115/3 (Miller 2, Duminy 36)

    David Miller is out in the middle for South Africa now; he gets a single from the first ball faced, a drive out to deep cover. Mendis does well to keep these two batsmen quiet, limiting them to just five runs from the over. The Proteas need 51 from 30 balls now - is it too tall a task for these two left-handers now?
  • Over 14 SA 110/3 (Miller 0, Duminy 34)

    Backing away, Duminy strokes the ball well through the covers - he'll just get one this time. de Villiers gets cheeky, pretending to move across his stumps and then deftly opening the bat face to tap the ball fine to third-man - two runs. They've taken on the spinners well so far this evening, but even the medium pace of Angelo Mathews gets a bit of tap now as AB smoothly drives past the bowler, beating the man at mid-off for four - wait, the bowler has the last laugh here, does he? Yes, that's OUT! AB ran out and swung hard, thick edge through to Sangakkara behind and Mathews wags his finger. Gone, massive wicket for Sri Lanka! 24 from 16, and that's all we'll have from AB de Villiers tonight. This game is very evenly-poised now - who are you backing to take this one now?
  • Over 13 SA 103/2 (de Villiers 18, Duminy 33)

    Malinga returns, looking to add to his one wicket so far, but he gifts de Villiers a full-toss on his thigh-pad, the batsman gleefully pulling it away behind square for another boundary. The bowler is rattled, and he steers two deliveries past off-stump for a wide both times. That's what a batsman like de Villiers can do, rattle even your most experienced players when he's at the crease. Such a dynamic player, and he's looking to set Chittagong alight here at the tail-end of this chase. South Africa now 63 runs shy, with 8 wickets in hand.
  • Over 12 SA 94/2 (de Villiers 12, Duminy 31)

    Square-cut to the sweeper on the boundary gets AB two runs - he's started brightly as usual. He works a ball to mid-wicket for another double, and gets two more as he skips out to drive Mendis past the stumps. Four runs - oh yes, AB steps out and gives himself room to carve the spinner over cover for a boundary. That only juuuuust bounced before the rope, had six written all over it initially. What a way to announce yourself at the crease!
  • Over 11 SA 83/2 (de Villiers 1, Duminy 31)

    Hashim doesn't want to be left out, and he uses his feet to clear the in-field with a punch to the cover boundary...four more! Wide long-off had no chance to cut it off there. A sweep adds two more to the total, but Amla's tried to loft the bowler again and not middled-it - the ball loops up to Dilshan at cover, and that's out! Hashim has gone for 23, and that's a blow to the Proteas' cause. The plus side for them is that the next man due at the crease is their form batsman, AB de Villiers. He's off the mark lickety-split with a push down to long-on for one run. Nine overs to go.
  • Over 10 SA 75/1 (Amla 17, Duminy 30)

    Ajantha Mendis' turn to bowl has come. Well, Duminy is not hanging back any more and he lofts the spinner straight - one-bounce four, and the fielder running around couldn't parry the ball away. Clearly that wasn't good enough for the batsman, and he clears his front leg, swinging hard to clear the boundary in front of mid-wicket - SIX! Oh yes, this is clean hitting from Jean-Paul, and he's pillaged another 12 from this over to jump-start the South African chase once more.
  • Over 09 SA 63/1 (Amla 16, Duminy 20)

    Four runs to JP Duminy, and that brings up South Africa's fifty - full ball, on-driven well to the long-on fence for the boundary. Thisara gets full again, this time bowling cross-seam and speaing it down leg, where Duminy misses out on the flick shot, hitting his leg and being cut off by the 'keeper. He doesn't miss out on the next one though, getting a ball in the arc and depositing it aerially to long-on once more for four! Great timing, he got hold of that properly did the Cobras' left-hander. Hello hello - what's this now? Cheeky from Duminy as he scoop-flicks the next ball behind him - that's gone all the way! Six runs over the keeper's head! What inventiveness - England's Jos Buttler would have approved of that shot. 16 runs from the over.
  • Over 08 SA 47/1 (Amla 15, Duminy 5)

    The man with the long name, Sachithra Senanayake, is back on to bowl his off-spinners. He's making good use of flight, floating the ball in to try and tempt these two batsmen into miscuing a big shot. Amla and Duminy remain calm, milking five singles from the over - the required rate for South Africa is over 9.5 now.
  • Over 07 SA 42/1 (Amla 13, Duminy 2)

    Thisara Perera to bowl, and he benefits from some extravagant bounce to beat Hashim's flash outside off. The right-hander composes himself to steer one down to a wide third-man for a single. Duminy helps himself in the same area, a shot with a little more flourish nevertheless netting the same result. Bif shout goes up for a catch behind as Amla again wafts at a wider one outside off - not-out says the umpire! Sangakkara was convinced behind the stumps, but its hard to tell from the replays if he was correct. Good bowling from Thisara!
  • Over 06 SA 40/1 (Amla 12, Duminy 1)

    Wristy flick from Hashim Amla buys him a single to mid-wicket - lovely. Mathews wobbles on down the leg-side for the first wide of this innings - we saw quite a few when South Africa had ball in hand today. The bowler angles one into Amla, who moves across and flicks uppishly off his hip over a short-fine-leg fielder for four. Great class from the bearded maestro, he made it look so easy. That marks the end of the power-play, with South Africa sitting on 40/1. Sri Lanka, at this stage, were 51/2.
  • Over 05 SA 32/1 (Amla 7, Duminy 0)

    Amla punches nicely on the up to mid-off for a single, but Malinga summons one of his signature yorkers to Quinton de Kock - OUT! Bowled him, Lasith has struck to get rid of the left-hander for 25 from 18 balls. How many batsmen has he got that way over the years? Delight for the men in blue, and JP Duminy has walked out to the crease at number three with South Africa 32/1. Malinga is keeping the ball up to him, and he defends out the over - a frugal one, too.

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