India vs South Africa

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 at Shere Bangla National Stadium - Semi Final 2

Date: 4th Apr 2014 Umpires: H D P K Dharmasena and I J Gould

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score


176/4 (19.1 Overs)


South Africa

172/4 (20.0 Overs)

India win by 6 wickets

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  • End of innings

    Phew, South Africa simply had no answer to that innings from Virat Kohli. The young Indian batsman was superlative, once again. He started slowly, almost anonymously, but timed his innings to perfection, going through the gears as he put together partnerships of 56 and 34 with Yuvraj and Raina to turn the game decisively in India's favour. One has to question South Africa's decision to open their bowling with Duminy and Morkel, and saving Steyn for the death. Anyway, what's done is done. Congratulations to India, who will face Sri Lanka in the final of the World Twenty20 on Sunday.
  • Over 19.1 - Ind 176/4 (Kohli 72, Dhoni 0)

    There it is! Kohli takes all of one delivery to end the game, picking up a full length ball from Steyn and smashing it to the wide long-on boundary. Game over! India are into the World Twenty20 final.
  • Over 19 - Ind 172/4 (Kohli 68, Dhoni 0)

    Hendricks deceives Raina with a slower ball to have him caught at mid-off, but on either side of the wicket, boundaries take India to the brink. Both batsmen go on the pull, Kohli particularly impressively. He crunches the ball to midwicket for a single to level the scores, and Dhoni then blocks one to give Kohli the opportunity to hit the winning runs.
  • Over 18 - Ind 163/6 (Kohli 63, Raina 17)

    India are cruising towards the final of the World Twenty20, and not even Steyn can stop them now. His first delivery is a wide, and his fourth is flicked to the boundary at cow corner by Virat Kohli's rubbery wrists. Great shot. Not content with that, Kohli walks at the bowler's final delivery and slashes it over point for four more. India need just 10 from two overs, and the match probably won't even go into the final over from Steyn.
  • Over 17 - Ind 150/3 (Kohli 52, Raina 16)

    Runs flow for India! The 150 comes up for them and, barring something miraculous, this match is theirs. Parnell starts well, with a slower-ball bouncer, but his over unravels rather quickly thereafter. Raina smokes the third ball he faces over long leg with a paddled pull, then top edges a cut as Parnell continues with a short-ball attack. When he does finally pitch it up, Raina inside edges a drive down to fine leg for four.
  • Over 16 - Ind 133/3 (Kohli 52, Raina 0)

    WICKET! South Africa have another one! Yuvraj chips Tahir down the ground, aiming for wide long off, but the fielder out there is AB de Villiers, and he absolutely hares in and dives forward to hold onto the catch. Still, though, that's not the wicket that South Africa really need. The man at the other end is batting with ominous fluidity, and goes to his fifty with a monstrous slog-sweep to wide long on. Big finish coming up.
  • Over 15 - Ind 122/2 (Kohli 42, Yuvraj 17)

    Steyn does indeed come back into the attack, and has a good over ruined by a last-ball four off Yuvraj Singh's bat. Steyn steamed in and repeatedly hit a good length, with the fielders in the deep backing him up to keep the batsmen to singles. But his final delivery is a slower ball, pitched right up to the batsman, and with mid-off up Yuvraj chips the ball handsomely down the ground. A great-looking shot. The tension is palpable, but India are on top.
  • Over 14 - Ind 113/2 (Kohli 39, Yuvraj 11)

    Another probing over from Tahir, who is standing up to the batsmen even as they repeatedly come down the wicket at him. Tahir is a little unfortunate to concede a boundary in this over, Yuvraj stepping back and cutting, but edging the ball very fine down to third man. That wasn't intentional. Just to add a little drama, we're hearing that there are storms around Dhaka. It is also, I believe, time for Steyn to come back into the attack - he's got three overs left and will bowl all three on the trot from here.
  • Over 13 - Ind 104/2 (Kohli 36, Yuvraj 5)

    Kohli may well be setting himself up for one of his chasing masterclasses here. He steps back to Hendricks' second delivery, rolling his wrists on a powerful pull to collect four to long leg. The boundary takes some of the pressure off for the remainder of the over, and Kohli boosts the score further with a brace of twos. He's so fast between the wickets, and Yuvraj is doing his best to keep up.
  • Over 12 - Ind 94/2 (Kohli 27, Yuvraj 4)

    Imran Tahir rushes through his second over, and it's another good one. He still doesn't look like flighting the ball much, but responds well to the batsmen's movements to cut out any big shots. The required run rate is creeping up towards 10 ...
  • Over 11 - Ind 89/2 (Kohli 25, Yuvraj 2)

    Kohli has been largely anonymous until this over, content to pick up ones and twos. But Duminy is kept on for a third over and Kohli seizes his chance to go on the attack early, stepping down the pitch and biffing him over long on for six. With that done, both he and Yuvraj go back into accumulation mode.
  • Over 10 - Ind 80/2 (Kohli 17, Yuvraj 1)

    WICKET! Parnell strikes! This is the lift South Africa needed, though perhaps not the wicket they wanted. Rahane is the man to go, charging at a slower bouncer from Parnell, but top-edging his slog to be caught by de Villiers in the deep. But Kohli remains, and it's his wicket that the Proteas are really hunting. If he bats through, India win.
  • Over 9 - Ind 75/1 (Rahane 31, Kohli 14)

    Duminy wheels through his second over, coming round the wicket at the right-handers and cramping them for room. But with the field spread, there's also acres of room in which to place strokes, and the batsmen accumulate singles with ease. Duminy also helps them out with a wide - making it six wides in the innings already from South Africa. A whole extra over.
  • Over 8 - Ind 69/1 (Rahane 28, Kohli 12)

    No doubt chastised after his first over, Albie Morkel is brought on for another. Quinton de Kock comes up to the stumps when Rahane is on strike, the batsman having already shown that he's willing and able to come down the track at the quicks. The batsmen collect eight runs from the over without taking any great risk or targeting the boundary, placing the ball well and challenging the fielders with their running. But they haven't hit a boundary in three overs, and that will please South Africa.
  • Over 7 - Ind 61/1 (Rahane 26, Kohli 6)

    And indeed, Tahir does come on as soon as the field spreads. He doesn't offer much flight in his first over, spearing the ball in and targeting a good length around off stump. There's a hint of grip in the surface, but nothing dramatic and the speculative batsmen collect five singles from the over.
  • Over 6 - Ind 56/1 (Rahane 24, Kohli 3)

    Hendricks is kept on for a second over, and it's another good one. He comes over the wicket and around, mixing up full-pace deliveries with back-of-the-hand slower ones, and even holding a couple of deliveries cross-seamed. With neither batsman able to get the better of him, just four runs come from the over - and one of those is a wide. Now that the Powerplay is finished, the fielding restrictions are removed and we'll surely see Imran Tahir in action soon.
  • Over 5 - Ind 52/1 (Rahane 23, Kohli 1)

    Wayne Parnell comes on, mirroring Hendricks' left-arm pace, but possibly at even greater speed. The over seems to be building into a good battle between bat and ball, with Parnell zipping the ball through at up to 145kph, but Rahane's stroke to end the over is definitive: he steps to leg and flicks his hands gracefully through the line of the ball to pick up a classy six over extra cover. He barely seemed to hit it, but the ball just flew and flew.
  • Over 4 - Ind 41/1 (Rahane 14, Kohli 0)

    WICKET! Relief for South Africa! After the absurdity of the first two over, Faf du Plessis has brought his real bowlers on now, and Beuran Hendricks has broken through for South Africa. He didn't start all that well, and Rahane was able to free his arms and slap a wide, length delivery over extra cover for four. But Hendricks keeps the batsmen guessing with his variations, including a super-slow back-of-the-hand bouncer, and Sharma is undone by one that bounces a little more than he was expecting. His attempted swat down the ground rockets almost straight up into the skies over Mirpur, and du Plessis holds it as it flies back down to earth.
  • Over 3 - Ind 34/0 (Sharma 24, Rahane 8)

    Much of the intensity that's often apparent in the opening exchanges of a chase has now evaporated, making Sharma and Rahane's task against Dale Steyn just a little easier. Steyn starts with a leg-side wide, and Sharma shows his confidence by stepping away to uppercut the world's best fast bowler over third man for six. India are cruising.
  • Over 2 - Ind 23/0 (Sharma 17, Rahane 6)

    Duminy's over was a low-intensity test of the batsman's skills, and Albie Morkel's first effort is similarly friendly. Morkel offers Sharma a short, wide delivery that is crashed past point for four, and then attempts to hurry him with a medium-paced bouncer that is dismissed in front of square for another boundary. I can't see the sense in these tactics from South Africa.

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