Bangladesh vs Nepal

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 at Zohur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium - Group A

Date: 18th Mar 2014 Umpires: R J Tucker and A S Dar

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score


132/2 (15.3 Overs)



126/5 (20.0 Overs)

Bangladesh win by 8 wickets

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  • Bangladesh win by 8 wickets

    Bangladesh chase the target down easily and put on a good performance in front of the home crowd, they win by 8 wickets and top the table in this group. Nepal will reflect on their batting and how they were not able to accelerate at the end and post a big score.
  • Over 15.3 - Ban 132/2 (Shakib 37, Rahman 21)

    Shakib hits the first ball for four, Bangladesh one run away from a win. Six, Shakib finishes it in style, Bangladesh win by 8 wickets and 27 balls to spare.
  • Over 15 - Ban 122/2 (Shakib 27, Rahman 21)

    Bangladesh need 26 runs from 6 overs to win. Gauchan starts his last over, Shakib takes a single from the first ball and then Rahman hits the ball for a six into the stands, smashed it beyond midwicket. Rahman takes a single and Shakib hits it out of the park over midwicket, Bangladesh in a hurry to finish this. Six more, Shakib hits it over midwicket again for six more runs, 20 runs from the over so far. A single to end an expensive over, Bangladesh need 5 to win.
  • Over 14 - Ban 101/2 (Shakib 13, Rahman 14)

    Sagar Pun comes into the attack, Nepal need a good over and possibly a wicket. Three singles after a dot ball, and then another single. A couple of runs to end the over, Rahman works it off the back foot through point.
  • Over 13 - Ban 95/2 (Shakib 11, Rahman 10)

    Five singles from the over, Gauchan bowls a good over under pressure.
  • Over 12 - Ban 90/2 (Shakib 9, Rahman 7)

    Three singles from the over, and then Shakib hits the last ball for a six, nine runs from the over. Bangladesh need 37 more to win.
  • Over 11 - Ban 81/2 (Shakib 2, Rahman 5)

    Gauchan comes back into the attack, Nepal looking for wickets. Anamul hits a four through cover. WICKET! A run out, this is not needed at this point and Anamul is out. The fielder at point does very well to make the run out possible, misunderstanding between the batsmen. Shakib walks out to bat.
  • Over 10 - Ban 75/1 (A Haque 38, Rahman 5)

    Regmi starts his second over, just a couple of singles from it.
  • Over 9 - Ban 73/1 (A Haque 37, Rahman 5)

    Mukhiya starts his second over, Anamul takes a single to bring Rahman on strike. Rahman gets off the mark with a four through mid-on, good shot to start. A single and then Anamul hits a four to end the over, 10 runs from it.
  • Over 8 - Ban 63/1 (A Haque 32, Rahman 0)

    Regmi comes into the attack, he was impressive in the last game against Hong Kong. A couple of singles to start the over, Iqbal comes down the wicket and frees his arms to hit it to long-off for a couple of runs. WICKET! Regmi strikes in his first over, caught at short third man, Iqbal comes down the ground and tries to hit it down the ground, Pun takes the catch from the outside edge. Shabbir Rahman is the new batsman.
  • Over 7 - Ban 59/0 (A Haque 31, Iqbal 27)

    The required rate is below six per over, so Nepal need to take wickets to put pressure on Bangladesh. The power play is now over and the field will spread out. A single to start the over, Mukhiya comes into the attack. Iqbal cuts it and the fielder on the boundary dives full length to save the boundary, just two runs in the end. Three singles to end the over.
  • Over 6 - Ban 53/0 (A Haque 29, Iqbal 23)

    Khadka starts his third over. A couple of singles and then Iqbal hits it over long-on for a six. There is a fielder there but Anamul clears him easily. Four more, Iqbal comes down the ground and hits it through mid-off, 12 runs from the over.
  • Over 5 - Ban 41/0 (A Haque 28, Iqbal 12)

    Shakti Gauchan comes into the attack to bowl some left-arm spin. Three dots to start the over and then Anamul clears the fielder at mid-off and the ball races to the boundary. Four more to end the over, Anamul cuts it in front of point for four.
  • Over 4 - Ban 33/0 (A Haque 20, Iqbal 12)

    Four, Iqbal opens the face of the bat and hits it through point for four. Iqbal finishes the over with a couple more runs, nudges it to fine leg. 8 runs from the over.
  • Over 3 - Ban 25/0 (A Haque 19, Iqbal 6)

    Six, Anamul pulls it over the square leg boundary for six. Kami starts his second over with a six. A couple of dots and then Anamul takes a single and then Iqbal takes a single. Eight runs from the over, Bangladesh need exactly 6 per over from here on in.
  • Over 2 - Ban 17/0 (A Haque 12, Iqbal 5)

    Khadka brings himself on from the other end, Iqbal takes a single from the first ball to bring Haque on strike. Three singles to end the over, Bangladesh 17 for no loss.
  • Over 1 - Ban 13/0 (A Haque 10, Iqbal 3)

    Sompal Kami runs in to bowl the first over, a couple of runs to Iqbal, and then he takes a single to bring Anamul Haque on strike. Six, too short from Kami and Haque hits it over deep square leg for a six. Four more, Anamul cuts it through the off side for four to end the over.
  • Nepal 126 for 5 after 20 overs

    Al-Amin bowls a good final over, but Nepal have done well to get to 126 for 5 after 20 overs. If Nepal bowl well, like they did in the last game, this could be a tricky score to chase down. Bangladesh have the experience to win this, but will they deliver?
  • Over 20 - Nep 126/5 (Bhandari 0)

    Al-Amin to bowl the last over, Binod Bhandari is the new batsman. Vesawkar takes a single to bring Bhandari on strike. Another wide from Al-Amin, these extras may cost them by the end of the night. WICKET! They don't even try to bring Vesawkar on strike and then he is run out from the last ball. Poor cricket in the end from Nepal, but good recovery after losing early wickets.
  • Over 19 - Nep 124/4 (Vesawkar 39)

    Mortaza comes back into the attack, too short and wide from him and Vesawkar slashes the ball wide of third man for four. Then Vesawkar slaps it over midwicket for a couple of runs, fielder at long on cuts it off. A couple of runs and then WICKET! Khadka is bowled and Nepal lose a wicket at a crucial time. One over to go.

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